Christmas in July

Read our winning magical Christmas stories!


All the way back in April we asked you to share your magical Christmas moments for a chance to see them feature as a part of QVC’s 2016 Christmas campaign.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to enter and share your magical moments with us. We’ve had hundreds of entries and it was very difficult to pick just five winners.

Congratulations to Amreen from Norwich, Angela Taylor from Yorkshire, Janet Laurence from Kent, Trisha from Kelty and Rosie Shields from Tunbridge Wells, who have all won themselves £100 of QCredit!

Read their winning stories below;


It was 1999, when I was seven years old, that our house was broken into and our presents were stolen three days before Christmas. At seven you’re not as in tune to emotions bar your own, so I can only remember how devastated I felt, like it was the end of the world.
Our family, friends and neighbours heard about what had happened and quickly set about making plans. Our next door neighbours assigned themselves cooks, our friends set about trying to replace presents and my aunts and uncles and their families decided to cancel their christmas day plans to spend it with us.
My eyes had never seen such a feast, three roast birds, upteen side dishes, the most glorious desserts. My mums friend, a policeman, took me and my little brother for a spin in the policecar and let us switch the siren on for a bit, which meant I forgot all about the Furby (they were all the rage back then) i’d lost. And our house was full to the brim! With around 40 guests all trying to squeeze into a 2 up and 2 down at one point. It was actually magical.


Angela Taylor

My earliest magical memory of Christmas was when l was a small child with my two older brothers, we always helped with the Christmas tree, we each chose our favourite bauble and hung it in pride of place, l loved to stare into the fairy lights, my parents would put two blow up reindeers infront of the tree, me & my brother used to climb on them and ride them around the lounge!! (Until one popped)! on Christmas eve instead of a bedtime story we would sing away in a manger & we three kings. Then in the early hours of the morning around 4.30am l would wake up and shout has he been yet? My brothers would come rushing into my room saying lets go see…..My eldest brother would make me and my middle brother wait on a specific stairs step!! Then he would peep round the door and shout Yes he’s been… santa has been. Oh l can still feel the excitement well up in me now as l think about it. I literally could smell Christmas as a child….and still can!

Janet Laurence

I am retired now and the only true white Christmas in London was in 1970.

At the beginning of November my young three year old daughter and I had given up thoughts of snow for Christmas, as the weather was so warm. Then suddenly late afternoon on Christmas Eve, the wind turned really cold. My daughter, who was already excited said “Mummy, I can feel Christmas coming!”

It was funny really as I could feel it as well. The air had that special snow-like chill.

That evening, my daughter who was tucked snug in her bed, the first glimmering snowflakes started to fall. Two friends arrived. Christmas was here. By the time they left, the snow was falling thick and fast and was settling heavily on the ground. The street, normally grey and busy, became a beautiful and quiet Christmas wonderland in the matter of a couple of hours. I will never forget that magical Christmas Eve.

About 5am the next morning I heard shrieks coming from my daughter’s bedroom. “Mummy, mummy, Santa’s been and he’s brought all the snow!” She exclaimed with a real and genuine excitement.

She stood there gaping and ran around the flat gasping at the sight of the south London rooftops sparkling in the early morning sunlight. That truly was the most memorable, wonderful Christmas ever.


Every Christmas my brother and I were asked to choose three of our toys which were in good condition and Dad took us to the local children’s home to leave the toys for those less fortunate. Only then could we know that Santa would visit us. The house was filled with the smell of home cooking and baking and the tree was lit with nursery rhyme lights. We were lucky with our loving parents and happy home and the lessons learnt by visiting the childrens home has stayed with me for over 60 years.

Rosie Shields

The most magical moment of Christmastime for me was seeing my children in the Nativity play at school. I have fond memories of my 4 year old dressed as Mary swinging The Baby Jesus upside down by the toe, whilst banging His head on the floor in time to Away in a Manger! The costume malfunctions and watching the beaming, smiling faces of the children on the stage whilst listening to the loud, out of tune singing!

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