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Get ready to razzle-dazzle, sparkle and shine – it's Gem Week! We have four hours of gem shows throughout the week starting from the Tuesday August 20th, plus we have the launch of Blue Amber at 3pm on August 18th.

We'll be showcasing a treasure trove of precious gems and rare finds from around the world incuding Morganite, Moonstone, Blue Amber, Tanzanite and many more. We know you love gems as much as we do, so to get a sneaky peek at what's in store, we asked a few of our jewellery guests to tell us a little more…. 

Kate BaxterKate Baxter- Morganite guest
Because the colour of morganite is so delicate, my advice when buying is 'the bigger the better'! 

I LOVE the 2.1ct morganite and diamond ring (below). Morganites go really well with diamonds, I often combine them in my engagement ring designs, particularly with rose gold, as the three shades really complement each other and white diamonds seem even brighter against the blush pink of the morganite.

It's actually not as girly as it sounds, all these pinks and roses! It's simply a really easy, flattering shade to wear, particularly on darker skins or brunettes. And rose gold is just that little bit more unusual than a yellow or white gold, I find, and people always comment on it.

Morganite ring 608097



Sarah Louise BuckleSarah Louise Buckle – Moonstone guest
Hi! My name is Sarah-Lou and I've been with QVC as a jewellery guest for about a year and a half now. Before this I have worked with gemstone jewellery for many years and with pretty much every gemstone available! From affordable but beautiful stones in silver through to AAAA Tanzanite, Paraiba Tourmaline and Certified Diamonds. I have helped customers choose their perfect loose stone to have set into the jewellery of their dreams and hopefully introduced lots of people to new unusual stones to add to their collection.

What I love about my shows here at QVC is the way we can make it possible to build a fabulous collection of exotic stones without breaking the bank! There is nothing nicer than getting a compliment on your jewellery, or getting your hands on something that you've never seen on the high street!
Moonstone ring 606670I am looking forward to the Moonstone show on Monday at 6pm, we have lots of stylish and very wearable designs set into highly polished sterling silver. I love this bezel set ring, the moonstone is a fascinating gem and really comes to life when worn, a truly a magical play of light. It works well with so many different outfits, great to wear with neutrals during the day and striking against navy and black for the evening.

My pick of the hour is a stunning solitaire ring. There is a good size stone in the centre so you can really see the character of the moonstone and a nice comfortable setting, with no prongs or claws, making it very comfortable to show off every day!


Marzena LesMarzena Les – Amber guest

Baltic amber is a gift that Mother Nature has prepared for us forty million years ago. Among hundreds of gems you may know only three of them are of plant origin – amber, jet and diamonds.

Amber is organic so it may contain some pieces of ancient fauna or flora. You never know what you can discover in your Baltic Amber jewellery piece!

To carve cameos we are selecting the purest stones, only 20% of all amber stones are pure enough to carve them. This ring is not only superb quality genuine amber but each stone was carved for you by the hands of our artists. Only the most skilled artists are able to carve cameos. The artist must have great imagination because he carves the stone from behind so he doesn’t see the effect of his job. It takes years to learn how to carve cameos, and this amazing rose-design ring is a Carved amber rose 605668perfect example!

We are excited to launch a stunning collection of unusual blue amber which has been achieved by our long time work with the raw material to bring the gorgeous blue colour out.

Be sure to keep an eye out for something you have probably never seen before. This stunning blue amber ring has been inspired by the Garden of Eden and hand-carved by an artisan, it features a romantic humming bird flying around paradise flowers. It will be perfect to inject individuality to your look.

There is no other gem that is so mystical and adorable as amber. Amber has been appreciated for thousands of years. Before people have discovered amber as a jewellery stone they used it as an amulet. The Ancients believed amber attracts luck and it wards off evil. 
Let’s discover the secret of Baltic amber together at 3pm and 9pm on August 18th and at 4pm on the 19th August.


Laurie WickwireLaurie Wickwire - Tanzanite guest
Oh, the mesmerising and elusive Tanzanite. I say mesmerising, because the Tanzanite is more than a single colour. It is a magical hidden lagoon of blues, purples and magenta shades just waiting to be gazed upon. I say elusive, because this stone managed to stay hidden from man until 1967. 

Whilst the magical Tanzanite is considered a relative newcomer to the world of gems, this marvel of a stone has quickly scaled the ranks, to becoming one of the top four bestselling coloured gemstones in the market today.

I so enjoy and appreciate when I view a Premiere Tanzanite stone, still such a pure delight to my eyes. Chatting with Holly Valance (Mrs Nick Candy) she shared her excitement with me about a recent loose tanzanite stone she had purchased.  The thrill of deciding how to set such a beautiful stone, what to craft to produce the most enjoyable piece of jewellery for an individual is a fun and personal part of any 'jewellery journey'.
QVC's fantastic Gem Day, scheduled for 23 August will showcase a wonderful selection of Premiere Tanzanites, and I am so excited to be presenting this hour of delights. I know of few shops that hold such a diverse and in-depth selection as you will find presented during the Premiere Tanzanite Hour.

Tanzanite earrings 605606 Tanzanite ring 605541My eyes were quickly drawn to my favourite item (ok favourite two tems!) of the hour.  I really love the tanzanite earrings surrounded by white brilliant cut diamonds, they are so art deco or Great Gatsby inspired…..gorgeous! I am also hugely in love with the emerald cut Tanzanite and diamond ring, again with that Great Gatsby look and flair…..really beautiful.

I wonder what your favourite selection will be? I look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy the show! All the best, Laurie Wickwire x

Be sure to tune in on the 20th August to see new the stunning assortment of gems and much more!

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  1. Kentbabe August 19, 2013 at 11:35 am -  Reply

    I love amber, and wish there was more available set into gold rather than silver.

  2. wendy August 20, 2013 at 2:46 pm -  Reply

    hi. agree with previous comment. could we have amber set in gold please?

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