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Now that spring is well and truly here, it’s time to give your home an airing. Spring cleaning isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do, but here at QVC we make it easy with a wide range of products that will make the process a little smoother. We caught up with a few of our homeware experts to get their top cleaning tips for the home…

IT Works!

Howard Binder from It Works! shares his top tips…

Now that spring is upon us it’s time to consider getting our homes spick and span. I know this can be particularly hard to do for those with busy schedules; however cleaning becomes far more enjoyable and less time consuming with safe and effective products that save you money.

To help kick off the cleaning season I’m delighted to bring my new 11th Anniversary IT Works! Kit to your screens in May. It features 36 of my famous water-activated multi-purpose cleaning blocks in different sizes, and includes our brand new colour-coded Super Blocks and our ever-popular Pick A Size set all for one great price.

It Works Assorted Superblocks

The blocks are perfect for quickly and effectively cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, and getting rid of scuff marks and grass stains on hard floors in no time. My wife loves using the blocks to keep her glass Pyrex dishes clean and for removing greasy blobs off our glass hob. They’re wonderful too for outdoor furniture, brake dust in wheels and caravans and outdoor sports equipment.

It Works! Multi Surface & Window Cleaning System

I’m very excited about my new Multi Surface Cleaning Tool. Quick, fast, convenient and easy with guaranteed results, this unique cleaning system features a bottle, a funnel and cleaning attachment heads, allowing you to clean windows, mirrors, glass and hard surfaces using your favourite cleaning chemical. Clean those hard to reach places with ease, with this clever collection from It Works in three easy steps: spray, wipe and squeegee streak-free and dry all with the twist of your wrist!

It Works Multi Surface & Window Cleaning System  - 803823

It Works! WC Magic Cleaning Foam

With two teenage boys we HATE cleaning toilets! So I developed a superb product that does all the work for you. It Works! WC Magic is a powder that turns into a powerful cleaning foam when water is added, allowing you to clean your toilet without getting your hands wet. Ensure maximum cleanliness and amazing results with this quick and easy solution from It Works.  It so easy with three simple steps: add hot water, a scoop of powder, wait 10 minutes whilst enjoying a cup of tea and flush 2 or 3 times and your toilet is spotless.

IT Works WC Magic Cleaning Foam  - 833543

Happy cleaning and don’t forget to join me on 14th May when I will demonstrate these items on QVC and will be more than happy to answer any questions.
We’ll also be showcasing these innovative Invisible Glass products… here are a few tips from them – look out for Invisible Glass coming soon!

Clean glass and mirrors less often by choosing a formula like Invisible Glass that’s free of soaps, dyes, or foams. These extra additives can leave behind a residue that attracts dust and grime – requiring more cleaning time. Bring your Invisible Glass with Rain Repellent out of the garage and into the bathroom for spot-free shower doors. The water repellent creates a barrier on the glass causing water to run off faster, eliminating water marks and build-up. Clean windows and large mirrors with a top-to-bottom motion. Using a circular movement can create a static charge causing dust and dirt to cling to the surface.

Stoner Invisible Glass II

Streaks on mirrors are usually caused by areas that haven’t been dried completely. To be sure your mirror is streak-free; examine it at a 45 degree angle. See a smudge? Buff it out with a microfiber cloth.

Touchscreen phones and tablets are prime spots for fingerprints but can be tough to clean. Use the Invisible Glass Lens and Screen Wipes to cut through the grime without adding excess water that can damage electronics. Polish delicate crystal with Invisible Glass Wipes. The cloths are gentle so they won’t scratch the surface and they’re soap-free so they won’t leave behind shine-dulling residue. Invisible Glass UK love to hear stories about how you like to use Invisible Glass, so take a look at their Facebook page to find out more!

Stoner Invisible Glass I

Mrs Gleam’s

Mrs Gleam’s is not just a fantastic cleaning brand, there are real people behind it that have worked hard to overcome cleaning issues around the home and provide products that are simple to use without causing damage to skin, surfaces and children whilst giving an amazing clean finish. They’ve shared some great cleaning tips too…

Carpet and upholstery

Carpet and Upholstery cleaner is a product you need to own but never want to have to use! You know the feeling, that glass of red wine is all over the cream carpet and the stain is spreading! Mrs Gleam’s has developed a bleach-free carpet cleaner that is safe on wool too.

Blot blot blot, this is the first thing you need to do with kitchen paper. Then spray with Mrs Gleam’s Carpet and Upholstery cleaner. The foam should cover the stain – leave for 30 seconds then blot again. You will see the red wine stain disappear!

For old stains, apply a little water and agitate to bring the stain back to life. Treat it in the same way as a fresh stain – you may need to repeat a few times.

We need to mention wee! For those with beloved little toddlers and pets, these accidents are going to happen. Mrs Gleam’s cleaner is great for cleaning this up too.

Crayon on the wall? Spray a little carpet cleaner on some white foam cleaning pads and wipe away!

Mrs Gleam


We all love a clean sparkly oven, but who actually enjoys cleaning the oven? The longer you leave it, the worse it is, the grease and burnt-on carbon builds up until something has to be done, some many go to the extreme of buying a new oven, but we have a much better solution that will save you money too.

The reason most people don’t clean the oven is that it involves some sort of bio military operation -gloves, face mask, full house ventilation, newspaper all over the floor, kids out the house! We wanted to create something that was safe and hassle-free so you could avoid all the above – this Oven Rack and Complete Oven duo is ideal!

Mrs Gleam’s Oven Rack Cleaner comes with a reusable bag and a bottle of cleaning fluid with three applications in. You don’t need gloves, there’s no harsh smell, no need for ventilation and if you spill any on the floor it isn’t going to eat away at it. As well as oven racks, you can clean aluminium cooker hood filters in the bag! For all the part of the oven and hob you can’t remove, we provide Mrs Gleam’s Complete Oven Cleaner.

Mrs Gleam Oven Rack Cleaner & Complete Oven Clean Duo Set  804063

Kitchen cleaner and degreaser

When you buy an antibacterial cleaning product, you probably do what most others do, spray and then wipe away and feel happy that your kitchen surfaces are germ free. Actually, the majority of antibacterial cleaning products need to be left for 5 to 15 minutes before they kill the germs! Surprised? Check the label on yours now and see for yourself.

Mrs Gleam’s has been developed to combat a whole host of issues including this. It kills germs in just 30 seconds! This is perfect when handling raw meat as a quick spray afterwards and E.coli salmonella and many more bacteria are gone leaving your kitchen safe. But it does so much more:

When grease splatters appear after frying food, simply spray, leave for 30 seconds and the grease wipes off easily helping your hob to look as good as new. It doesn’t leave a residue, so is perfect for cleaning the work surfaces before preparing food as the food does not absorb harsh chemicals and yucky tastes! Grease builds up in all places in the kitchen, including cooker hoods. Mrs Gleam’s kitchen cleaner is safe on all surfaces including aluminium, so you can clean your cooker hood easily without damaging or tarnishing.

Who knows what every surfaces is made of in the kitchen? Chrome, aluminium, steel, wood, marble, stone, granite, plastic… Mrs Gleam’s Kitchen cleaner is safe to use on them all without damaging and without the need for specialist cleaners.

Tune in throughout this month for more from our experts, and in the meantime, browse our Home & Kitchen department.


  1. Sarah June 2, 2015 at 11:12 pm -  Reply

    What a great article full of practical information. It’s always a pleasure to come across with such a blog. As being in the cleaning business, cleaning tips always come handy. Keep up the good work. You are satisfying many users. Thank you

  2. bancro August 4, 2015 at 7:43 am -  Reply

    Thanks for sharing. Mix one part rubbing alcohol with two parts water and rub the solution onto grass stains. Spray or dab the solution onto the grass stain, leaving it on for up to five minutes (for tougher stains) before rinsing it off and/or putting the garment into the washing machine.

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