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Perfected skin and a flawless looking complexion is the greatest make-up wish. It is very rare that anyone has this skin type naturally and often if they have they are a professional model or just very lucky. Everyone suffers from foundation breakdown which is caused by the texture of your skin breaking through and showing pores and wrinkles, and exacerbated with any skin type or condition such as oil or dehydration affecting the texture of your complexion product.

Many of these issues can be miraculously improved with this December’s Product of the Month. The bareMinerals Mineral Veil Matte Glow offers many pro-artist make-up problem solvers. Firstly, Mineral Veil in itself, when used as a finishing product, blurs the look of the skin and hides the look of open pores and wrinkles. As this is the matte formula, you also have the ability to, if you have an oily skin or are prone to perspiration (which incidentally, it’s also great to apply after exercise when you are applying make-up after the gym etc.) use this underneath your foundation to help absorb moisture as well. Because it is the glow formula, not a shine, it gives your skin an ant-fatigued, healthy, modern look.

It’s perfect for the gifting season. It comes beautifully packaged in its own make-up magic box so it’s great to share as a make-up must have.  All ages would benefit from it, from the young who can buff it on to naked skin to give confidence even at school without a make-up look, the ‘on trend’ make-up fashionistas who adore any perfecting pro-artist product (which this is), and the skin prone to lines and wrinkles can instantly be made to look younger. Cleverly, this product, when used on top of make-up, actually makes you look less made up.208471.v.0034

One of my favourite tricks with this product is to solve the problem of mascara not setting and causing black marks on the skin. My top tip is to buff this over the lids before applying mascara. This can be whether you wear make-up or eye base or not, and the purpose is to absorb any excess oils on the skin and lashes, which can be the remnants of your eye cream, or an oily cleanser or eye makeup remover, or the natural moisture in your skin, that if left on the eyes and lashes cause your shadows, liners and mascaras to smudge.

It’s a brush application – you can use an existing brush that you may already have at home. The larger and fluffier the brush the better and remember, with your brushes, if they don’t feel fluffy and silky, they need washing. If they are synthetic brushes, wash with your shampoo as you know you are not allergic to it, and if they are natural brushes use your shampoo again but sometimes apply a little bit of conditioner if needs be. Squeeze out the excess water with a towel and then stand them in a mug near a radiator or in the airing cupboard to dry naturally.

This glamorous large dressing table size will become addictive to use because your skin will look instantly more perfected and you will give that satisfied look to yourself in the mirror where you feel pleased about how your complexion looks, not how your make-up shows up your problems or mistakes. As bareMinerals are complexion masters with many different textures of foundation, feel confident that this clever product can be used right the way through onto either naked skin, tinted moisturisers, BB and CC creams, foundations and concealers of cream, powder and baked formulas.

One shade does fit all as this is a product that is not designed to impart a colour and as such has no colour pigments. The slight peach tone is there as a brightening complexion boost that gives a glow and amplifies your natural skin tone, taking away dullness. It is perfect during these winter months as this means, if you don’t wish to use bronzer for example (though it works perfectly well on top of bronzer), this on your natural skin tone acts as a winter complexion booster.

It’s genuinely simple to use, you can’t mess it up and it still amazes me today, even though I’ve been familiar with these types of products for decades. When you put this on the skin looks better – not more made up.

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  1. Magda December 2, 2015 at 9:42 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison I’m 38, I have some wrinkles around eyes and on forehead I would like to try Perricone range but I really don’t know where to start. At the moment I’m using Judith Williams vitamin c range. Another thing which I curious about is Perricone makeup. I big fan of bareMinerals, and I’m not sure if no foundation foundation serum will cover my broken capillaries on cheeks and dark spot around my eye. Thank you for your help Magda

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