‘One Man, Two Guvnors’ – Crazy good theatre!


Debbie with monkeyThis week –

– One Man, Two Guvnors, One Mum, One Son – terrific theatre!

– Sign up for the secret code to access the steamy download of Chapter 20 Hawaiian Escape!

– And some fab Valentine’s Day fodder for the romantics out there – or Women-Scorned info if you’re not!

– Plus highlights, bloopers and sneaky peeks from the week ahead on QVC!


STOP PRESS – here’s my Valentine – Flint the Charlie Bear ‘Bearhouse’ Monkey! Item 702724 if you want to buy him, if he’s still available after this week’s launch with Simon (see below).

And don’t forget Friday (14th) is Customer Favourites all day on QVC! Check out our TV Guide to see your fave shows!

Debbie and BradThis week, I treated my lovely boy to a theatre and dinner 'mummy and Bradley night'. LOVE those!

We chose 'One Man, Two Guvnors' and, I have to say, it was one of the most refreshing, hilarious shows I’ve ever seen! The funniest since we saw 'The 39 Steps' and since Goody and I saw Dame Edna in Wimbledon Panto.

It’s based on the story of one servant and two masters, and includes a skiffle band, sixties settings, a Welsh conman, and a whole host of the most amazing performances. James Cordon’s not in it anymore but the guy who is is fab. I can see why it’s an award winner!

Do go and see it if you can! We were well chuffed! And we got great Debbie and Brad 2seats from the Leicester Square ticket booth – the official one owned by the theatres (it’s opposite Capital Radio entrance).

We have a very similar sense of the ridiculous, Bradley and I, so we were chuckling away throughout, including at some incredibly funny banter with the audience, panto-style.

Highly, highly recommended – a good 9/10 – and if you know my scoring system, you’ll know that’s high!


[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page


Radio daysAs mentioned last week, I went to a brilliant book marketing seminar on Saturday, run by Joanna Penn and Penny Courtney – full info on this week’s RiWiSi Go Large on my website here.

And during the day, which was really powerful by the way, we wandered up the road and found ‘Radio Days’ in Lower Marsh, just opposite the Old Vic near Waterloo.

It’s a charming little vintage store with items ranging back to the 1930s and tons of clothing too, very handy since I’m currently researching the 1920s and 1930s for two of my story Radio days 2ideas. I bought myself some ancient magazines – and one is as old as me, from May 1962. I hope I’m not yellow round the edges tho! Hehe!

More info about the shop here and this is a little look round their clothes department. Listen to the wonderful music too! I think I must have been alive back then!

(Maybe I’ll find out in May when I go to see Brian Weiss and his past lives seminar! Love that stuff!)




I'm the girl sayingOf course lots of us/you will be celebrating Friday 14th with a cheeky little Valentine’s gift or two, and I think us single girls should be no exception!

I asked the question this week on my Facebook page about what would be a good pampering treat for us singles? The answers came through thick and fast including the obvious bath, Yankee Candles, foot spa, buying yourself flowers, or a gift you’ve always wanted.

I particularly liked Jacqueline Thomson’s post – “Throw a vintage afternoon tea with bubbly, Glenn Miller music, red lippy, victory rolls and retro dress is a must. I am throwing one next month!” she says! She’d love Radio Days too then, right?!

Personally, I’m on air Friday night, so join me 7pm and 9pm with beauty, including the Perfect Formula Nail TSV – if it lasts! Then I’m off on Saturday so am planning either another film-fest at the local cinema (I saw three in one day last time!), or a super pampering day off from writing my next steamy novel, and an indulgent massage or pedi! Maybe I’ll give in and do more writing! Will fill you in next week.


What would YOUR suggestion be? Or what DID you do on Friday? Do you celebrate it? Or do you not believe in it?! Leave me a comment below!




Considering the date, this week, I couldn’t resist these little treats for you!

Valentine's day– The Valentine’s Surprise – originally written for QVC readers – is going to be free on Amazon.

It’s the short story of finding your Sir Galahad, no matter what age you are it’s never too late! If you’ve read it and loved it, I would really appreciate your kind review on Amazon or Goodreads! Click here to find it – the freebie runs from Saturday 15th until Wednesday 19th.

(Nb. it’s for Amazon Kindle – if you don’t have a Kindle, you can get a Kindle app for a smartphone, tablet, or even your laptop.)



HA 20th chapter– Plus, the new steamy chapter – 'Hawaiian Escape Extra – Helen and Allesandro in Tuscany' – is going to be available as a free download from my website too!

You just have to sign up for the regular newsletter on my home page to hear how to get it. Everyone signing up this week will be sent the secret code and link to get the PDF version of Steamy Chapter 20! (Beware – adult content! Lol) Don’t forget to sign up!

– P.S My hero’s name in this steamy chapter is Allesandro – as voted for by you lot and facebookers last year! And ironically, I just read this week that a guy called Allesandro in Italy dated E L James, author of '50 Shades', and reckons it’s based on him… well, some of it! How timely! Read more here.

Plus – don’t forget there will be tons of romance themed freebies on Amazon this weekend too!


Well, continuing our regular segment to tie in with our Back to You QVC Facebook group, supporting January’s series on QVC, here’s some interesting info about hydration.

There are so many myths about this, compounded by some experts being out of date with the latest research. I worked in the health food industry for a few years when I was away from QVC in the early 2000’s and found it was one of the biggest topics people get wrong.

For instance, did you know that fruit juice is a no-no, weight-loss wise, and definitely shouldn’t be counted as one of your five a day? Yes really. You only have to watch ‘Sugar the Bitter Truth’ on YouTube, presented by world authority Dr Robert Lustig, or top news show 'Sixty Minutes: Is Sugar Toxic?’ (only 15 mins long) to see why. The Express highlighted the problem again recently, click here for more.

Can’t lose weight? Hit a plateau? Could be all the fruit juice.


WaterAnyway, how do you get properly hydrated? One of the key things in Freedom Eating, in my semi-autobiographical weight loss book 'Till the Fat Lady Slims', is making sure you’re not confusing hunger for thirst.

Water is far and away the best thing to hydrate with – or herbal teas, and other non-sugar, non-aspartame drinks, so says the latest findings.



Cleveland ClinicThe best way to tell is, of course colour of your pee. I recommend having a look at this Daily Mail online guide. Then you know what to aim for! I can drink a good half to three quarters of a litre of water if mine isn’t light enough, and correct my ‘problem’ – especially after a long time in the studio under hot lights – and get the reassuring colour change.

So do consider aiming to get to that lighter yellow colour as often as you can – and keep an eye out on the people you love too. Click here to see the article.






More Back to You on www.debbieflint.com – over on the Back to You page on my website this week’s Monday Update includes more health tips and fab info, including dodgy sweeteners and news of how to get the mini version of 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' free – the shorter eBook will be going up as a freebie next week. Click here to go read.

(Plus, for those who don’t know, on my website’s Back to You blog page – there are six weeks’ worth of Monday updates for you to read, from January and Feb, including links to all of the shows.)

Keep in touch. If you’re not doing the challenge, do still join ‘Back to You QVC’ group, on Facebook now with over 670 members – we’re a very supportive bunch, and you’ll be in good company!


Still to come…what authors really earn… guess which vac is a tsv soon…and a top romantic comedy to watch!




Book heartRiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!

What are your favourite romantic reads? Anything from years gone by? Anything current? What’s really knocked your socks off? In particular, which have really feisty, adorable, admirable, inspirational heroines? Leave me a comment below.




Book of the Week – plus see above for free Valentine’s books!

Be My ValentineBe My Valentine – Harper Impulse Short Story Collection – Easy one to choose for this week – and three wonderful authors contributing to a little anthology of short stories with the valentine’s love theme! Only 99p – treat yourself by clicking here.

Romna Awards – Shortlist Announced
And yet more about romance writing, with the news from the RNA – the Romantic Novelists’ Association – of the shortlist for this year’s RONA awards. See details on Margaret James' blog, here.

Exciting news, and some great names of new writers to add to your own list of authors if you’re looking for new books to read!



Writing a book?
As promised, there’s tons more info about two really fascinating subjects over on my expanded weekly blog on my website, RiWiSi-Go-Large. Read more on www.debbieflint.co.uk, including, for self-publishers –

– The most amazing report – what do authors really earn from Amazon and big publishers? And what the bestsellers really sell from eBooks – such amazing statistics – do go read!

– And a fascinating insight into marketing your book – some of the highlights from Saturday’s Joanna Penn marketing seminar in London – hope they help if you’re struggling to make sales or don’t know where to start!

– And why self-publishing may be perfect for non-fiction as well as other interesting links.

To read all about it on RiWiSi Go Large go here! And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter, then you’ll be in time to be emailed the secret link to the free steamy chapter download!



Prestigio smartphone - 504749Sneaky Peek! If you’re in need of a new smartphone, maybe one you can download the kindle app onto, join us on Saturday 22nd for a fab new Prestigio model – it’s the Today’s Special Value so it’ll be amazing!







Not a Lot of People Know This Did you realise how pro-active QVC is on so many levels? Well, a keen marketing writer this week published QVC’s top 8 lessons on how businesses can use social media and the internet – fab article – find out why this journalist is so impressed with us! Click here.

THIS WEEK ON QVC – Exciting shows this weekend! Abi with an Archos tablet TSV on Saturday, and it’s an Elemis Sunday – here’s Will Gowing with Alison telling more about what’s in store. 


– Plus, this week look out for Sunday’s midnight Ronni Nicole TSV dress with me, and I’m also launching the pretty Bethlehem Light on Wednesday night too. Then on Thursday Renee is back, tune in at 9pm when she's with me.

Ronni Nicole TSV Bethlehem Lights TSV










QVC Replay/Blooper – Simon Biagi with Will from Charlie Bears, launching the brand new Bearhouse ‘Flint Monkey’! Was a funny moment – Flint sits on Simon’s knee – I thought he’d never ask! Hehe!


And here's a little clip of Jill Franks stealing Chloe's Green Seasons show (and the Green Seasons stock!)


Nate BagleyAwesome Initiative Since romance was in the air this week, here’s a lovely little report for you. Nate Bagley was a student who quit his job and spent a year interviewing couples in love – this is the best advice he learned!

He’s also set up @loveumentary on twitter – go follow! Something for all of us there I think, and I particularly love the ‘seek to understand’ bit. Click here to read.



Women ScornedFemale Fury Factor! And just to keep the balance, it was ‘International Women Scorned’ day on Feb 13th this week! Trust Jo and the girls on women-scorned day to provide a levelling contrast! An antidote to Valentine’s schmaltz! Lol.






UpworthyUpworthy – Weighty or Whimsical? Following the marketing course I went on this week, I have been viewing articles in a different light. I found a piece about ‘Upworthy.com’ – an incredible site made up of purely viral videos carefully edited to provide maximum impact. Now, these guys know a thing or two about headlines! Have you heard of it before?

Founded in March 2012, by 2013 the top 100 posts were viewed over 315m times. Here’s one of the videos, about how the map of the world has been wrong for 500 years, along with the West Wing clip that featured it, and you’ll understand one of the reasons why I end up writing these blogs till 5am every Thursday night! Lol! (to be precise, 6.30am this time!) More about Upworthy’s world domination – well almost – here.


Stars in Their Eyes was repeated again last week! Had tons of people tweeting me during a show to let me know! Lol! It was in 1991 when I worked for SSVC TV, and Leslie Crowther was the host (second series). As I always say – I sounded like Sheena Easton but I looked like Eartha Kitt! Here are the before and afters in case you were curious! And if you find the whole show on YouTube, let me know the link?!












Wile E CoyoteFacebook Funny Very much doing the rounds on Facebook this week – Beep beep! Wile E. Coyote takes the train to finally catch up with The Road Runner as a clever artist transforms commuters into cartoon characters. No wonder it went viral! Click here for more.







Well it just had to be, didn’t it?! And what’s your fave romantic movie? I have sooooo many I couldn’t possibly list them all here – from the 1930s 'Brief Encounter' through to 'Sleepless in Seattle', 'Pretty Woman' (natch), 'Up Close and Personal', 'Groundhog Day', right up to this year’s 'Last Vegas'.

Bridget Jones has to of course be right up there, right? (Especially pertinent to me as I’m writing the ‘Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter’ lol!).

BUT my pick of the crop is a film I’ve loved for many years, and a go-to movie if I’m feeling like explaining to a new person in my life what makes me tick: 'Roxanne', starring Steve Martin and Darryl Hannah. If you’ve never seen it before do give it a go! A fab 9/10 for me! Well, it is an all-time favourite!



NEXT WEEK – it’s the countdown to my annual leave! I’ve booked myself a lovely spa break and a trip to see my writing pal in Devon. Hope the weather's not too bad – fingers crossed eh?! And – who are TheTwelve?! Find out next week if you love thrillers! Have a great week!



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  1. Sharon harvey February 14, 2014 at 8:11 pm -  Reply

    Whoop whoop! Fantastic blog! So interesting!glad you had fun at the theatre,
    Favourite romantic movie? Gotta be THE NOTEBOOK

  2. Daisybelle O’Hara February 17, 2014 at 11:42 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, just wanted to say I love watching your shows on QVC. Your shows are so informative and interactive with the viewers. I love watching your fashion shows and you really reiterate the sizes, whether to go up or down in size and even asking customers for size feedback. It is so good for me as I am a size 8 and QVC really does not cater a lot for smaller sizes. I keep asking for Kim & Co in x-small but alas nothing yet. Also Debbie would love more warmer sweaters or tops for winter times or different fabrics in clothing. Thanks Debs and once again for your shows as you really present on behalf of the customer.

  3. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 17, 2014 at 1:48 pm -  Reply

    Sharon –
    Not seen that one yet! But daughter loved it, so must do at some stage! X
    Hugs as ever

  4. Michelle Elliott February 17, 2014 at 2:37 pm -  Reply

    Favourite Romantic movie:
    what only the one???!!! 😉 I have two films (at least!!) – Heartbreakers and Serendipity

  5. Lynne Sneddon February 17, 2014 at 2:39 pm -  Reply

    My favourite romantic novel is P.S I love you, it is much better then the film version of it

  6. Julie Anne February 17, 2014 at 3:15 pm -  Reply

    Another fab blog Debs – don’t know how on earth you find the time to write it! You give us so much info, plus tips, facts, fun & bloopers – really great reading x As for my favourite romantic film, it has to be “Love Actually” as I love all the different characters and famous actors/actresses, the fact that it’s set at Xmas, and finally because they all have happy endings. Could watch it again & again. I just need a nice man to watch it with now ha ha! Anyway must dash, but thanks again for making all of us QVC viewers so happy in many ways x

  7. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 18, 2014 at 2:17 pm -  Reply

    Daisy belle-
    Aw and u sooo much hon! It’s a pet project of mine to help people choose right. Nothing more frustrating than returns eh.
    Will pass on ur though. But do also email customer_careuk@qvc.com and ask them to fwd to the buyer?
    Thanks for regularly reading my blog! X

  8. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 18, 2014 at 2:18 pm -  Reply

    Michelle –
    Oh yes, serendipity! That’s one of mine too. I loooove the early John cusack!
    Never watched heartbreakers? Will watch out for it.

  9. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 18, 2014 at 2:19 pm -  Reply

    Lynne –
    Yes, they often are! If any of mine are ever made into films, I hope they’ll be closer to the original! X

  10. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 18, 2014 at 2:21 pm -  Reply

    Julie Anne –
    Hah, you n me both hon! If u find a nice romantic man – a good one this time! – let me know if he has an older brother! Hehe!
    Ps in Ansa, I stay up till stoopid-o’clock on a Thursday night! Lol x

  11. Jacqueline Thomson February 20, 2014 at 3:12 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie. Great informative blog as usual. My favourite author is Anita shreive. Her books are romantic in an obscure fashion. My favourite books she has written are: The Pilots wife, Body surfing, Fortunes rocks and Last time they met. You might like the last one…..it is set at a writers convention!!!!

  12. joyce pate April 23, 2014 at 1:24 pm -  Reply

    You were asking how to pronounce Bolero well this is from the Oxford English Dictionary it’s pronounced Bo-La-Ro.

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