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One jet washer to rule them all


If you have followed my blogs you will know that I have been waging war against the algae growth on my aged roof. The 100 year old clay tiles are lovely but very porous, and prone to huge algal and lichen growth.

It’s a bit of a problem as the greenery holds the moisture and the clay tiles are beginning to delaminate and break apart.

I have had very effective results with Wet & Forget, and although the growth has been arrested, the dead moss still clings to the tiles and therefore acts as a reservoir for the moisture.

So when I saw Tommy Cross’ demonstration of the Wolf Telescopic Sky Reacher Lance, I was intrigued as it seemed to be my only solution to rid my roof of the old greenery, so that the Wet & Forget could keep it clean.

The Wolf Telescopic Sky Reacher Lance is due to be a Big Deal starting on 6th August, and I managed to get a hold of one to give it a proper test with a challenging task.

 Assembling the system was really easy and took about 10 minutes in total. I would say that you need a bit of space to connect the lance together (as it’s 4m long!) and it’s important to take care to insert each piece gently so as not to damage the plastic lugs. Once assembled the lance can be shortened and adjusted very easily and you can lock in place at the desired size with little effort.

As you can see from the old picture the roof was in pretty bad shape before the Wet & Forget, but even afterwards, the old dead growth can be clearly seen, still clinging on. The 4m long reach of the Wolf Telescopic Sky Reacher Lance allowed me to properly jet wash lower parts of the roof without a ladder.

The top of the roof is about 4m from the gutter so I did need a ladder to get to it, but it allowed a thorough clean that no other jet washer would have been able to do. What was amazing was that even at a 4m reach that lance was incredibly light, as it’s jet force acts to make it hover above the surface you are cleaning.

I found if I got the angles right, I could hold it with just one hand! It also has an angled nozzle that allows you to jet wash at just the right angle (as if you were doing it at your feet on the patio).

I did have be a bit careful in places where the roof was a bit delicate, but luckily the lance has variable pressure control at the handle , so it was easy to adjust when needed.

When I did the jet washing the weather was amazing and gloriously hot and sunny. This was lovely but I was careful to make sure I didn’t get fried while doing the work, and covered up well with Ultrasun. As it was just mostly my face that was appearing over the top of the gutter I made sure my fizog was well protected with my Ultrasun Face SPF 30.

The lance is supplied with a special click and connect nozzles to make changing far simpler than most other washers in the market and being fitted with 6m of high pressure hose, which neatly coils onto a built in hose reel for ease of storage, it was so much better at remaining tangle free.

It does have a built in detergent container for ease of application, but as all my work was high pressure I didn’t need to use this. It is fitted with 5m of power cable enabling a total reach from power socket to lance of 11m. So although I did need an extension cable to reach the end of my roof, it would do the whole patio without needing one.

It seemed pretty conservative on water usage too (only 5.5 litres per minute) and with a built in motor stop/start facility, it saves on both energy and water but has a really powerful jet pressure and with the angled nozzle, delivered it exactly where I needed it. For those of you who like all the specification details, here they are:

Massive 165BAR (2450psi) jet water pressure and 2.2Kw (3HP) motor

Great range of accessories including:
– High-pressure lance
– Vario nozzle
– Turbo nozzle
– Angled nozzle
– Detergent nozzle
– Car and window brush
– Patio cleaner

The lance enables the average height person to reach up to 6m, and includes a 5m drain cleaning attachment – ideal for every householder to not only clean their car, patio, drive, block paving, decking, guttering, roofs, conservatories and caravans, but now drains and rainwater pipes too.

This could save you a few pounds, as the average call out charge for an emergency plumber would make your eyes water. With the Wolf Telescopic Sky Reacher Lance you are a DIY person in control! I tried it out on a drain that blocks fairly regularly and it was clear that it is an easier solution in comparison to getting the drain rods out.

So when my roof was nice and clean (and for a 100 year old roof it really was clean) I thought I should treat it with my favourite biocide: the Wet & Forget Rapid 2 Litre Bottle with Sniper Nozzle. Their new sniper nozzle allowed me to treat the whole roof, without the ladder, in about 10 minutes. It’s absorbed by the porous surface and prevents the regrowth of algae, moss and lichens for up to six months. I love this stuff!

News of my Wolf blasting travelled fast and lots of people found they had similar difficult to reach areas. Kathy Taylor was first off the mark with a conservatory roof that was just not easy to get at. Well, as you can the transformation was remarkable and Kathy said: ‘it worked a treat’.

I was nearly sitting back, like a Cheshire cat, thinking I was done, but it occurred to me that I should try to seal the porosity of the tiles to help prevent the problems and also perhaps even help the energy efficiency of the roof.

I looked up some products on the internet and realised I could have to part with several hundred pounds. Then I remembered Tom Shepherd’s Supaseal, and called him to check if it would be suitable. It was and the Supaseal is much more cost effective than most of the competition. It was really easy to apply, undiluted, using an ordinary garden sprayer – I did have a long extension to help me reach the top (as can be seen from the pictures). The treatment should last at least a year.

With all that done my roof now looks like new and the rain showers off really effectively, and I am absolutely sure that it will stay clear for a long time to come.

You can try out the Wolf telescopic sky reacher system as a Big Deal until 12th August and give it a thorough testing with our 30 day money back guarantee.

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  1. Teresa Karasavvas August 7, 2018 at 7:34 am -  Reply

    Well done Simon, an amazing job with your roof and your home is beautiful.


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