Once in a blue moon


Julia's flowers from AliI'm sure you've all heard the saying 'once in a blue moon' but until today I never knew what it was. Thanks to the internet I now know that it is when we have a full moon twice in the same month and, you guessed it, this fairly rare occurrence happens today!

The last one was in March 2010 and the next one won't be until July 2015 so let's hope there won't be too much cloud cover so that we can actually see it, although apparently it will not be blue in colour! 

Incidentally if you have a contract to sign you should do it during the waxing of the moon for the contents of the contract to flourish, which is why I signed my latest one yesterday… my boss thinks I'm slightly potty! (only slightly I hear you ask?).

The moon will start waning from tomorrow so we should use the time before the next new moon to sort things out and throw away what we no longer need. Talking of 'once in a blue moon', that's approximately how long it is since Ali K came to my house for dinner and a 'sleepover'. We have been trying to sort it for ages but with all of Ali's health issues over the last couple of years and our shift patterns it has been very difficult to make a date.

We put that right on Wednesday of this week when she arrived at mine just as I had finished baking my partner Chris' coffee and walnut birthday cake, which was on Thursday. She had bought a beautiful bunch of flowers for me, a bottle of wine for us all to share and a box of champagne truffles for Chris' birthday.

Just before she arrived my phone rang and it was Ali saying, "I think I'm outside your house now". I looked out of the window but I couldn't see her, so I went outside and I could see her car on the other side of the green. I felt like an air traffic controller guiding her in to land!!

My daughter Sophie came round to join us for dinner of lasagne, followed by tiramisu, and then we 'encouraged' Ali to join twitter, which she did with Sophie's help! You can find her @alikqvc. Amid all the chat and the laughter we also managed to catch some of the opening ceremony of the Paralympics… wasn't Beverley Knight incredible! It was so good to spend time with Ali out of work, and hopefully we will do it again before the next, aforementioned, blue moon.

Speaking of work, I have a very busy few days with some great shows. Today's 'Fashion on Friday' features EMU – I had to wear mine last night it was so cold! Then tomorrow we have a really great TSV from Elemis, including a full size of the new Pro Intense Lift Effect and a rather special Papaya Enzyme Peel. There's also Kim & Co fashion, Laura Geller make-up and interior designer Kelly Hoppen, and that only takes me up to Tuesday!!!

I'll tell you more about the upcoming Gem Day in a special blog early next week.

Have a great weekend.

Love Julia xx


  1. PAULA JOY WILLIAMS September 1, 2012 at 7:27 pm -  Reply

    hope you are all well . decided to STAY HOME N DO CHARITY WORK. Darren n I are having blessings throughout the year and hope to travel to friends. Dads been unwell with his sister’s anniverary the same day as Princess Diana. Mum’s bbirthday anniversary on 13 Sept n 911. Kids are all ready for new term.
    If you want me to help with QVC charities let me know. You me local first. Gone through early menopause. lots of love

  2. Eleanor September 3, 2012 at 12:12 pm -  Reply

    Hi Juli,
    Watched the ELemis show and wanted to recommend the Elemis neck and bust treatmnet. I have used this for just over a year ago and it has been a great success. As a lady in my earlier 50’s, I had noticed my neck becoming wrinkly but this hs really helped. I saw how you got in trouble for using 3 pumps!! I use this product 3 times a week but have to use 5 pumps but I do have a large bust being a G cup. I;m sure Keely would be havng kittens if she knew that!!
    Also, ordered some EMU boots from an earlier show of yours.
    Hope ou are well.

  3. Eleanor September 3, 2012 at 12:14 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    Apologies for spelling on earlier post. I should of proof read my message!! Hope your blog isn’t like Twitter with the spelling and grammer police!!

  4. Jean Pugh September 4, 2012 at 8:10 am -  Reply

    Hi Julie,
    Yes I often hear people say once in a blue moon, never quite sure what it meant, interesting. Have seen the full moon this month, lovely to see and I like to watch it after that as it shrinks back down to different shapes. It sounds as if you had a good time with Ali, she is looking so well now after all she has gone through, bless her. Yes I watched the Emu show, did not buy any as I have several pairs and they dont seem to wear out, I love their slippers so cosy. Yes I did get the Elemis TSV, love Elemis. Great to see Kim & Co back, love her clothes. My HP laptop I purchased from QVC about four/five years ago died on me last week, luckily the harddrive was okay as I had a lot of photo’s on there, have them on the click free as well. I am now having to use my work computer for everything, not sure whether to purchase another laptop or go for Apple i pod, maybe QVC will have one on soon, will keep watching out for one.
    Love Jean X

  5. Carole cooper September 4, 2012 at 4:37 pm -  Reply

    Hello Julia glad you had a nice lunch with Alison, just watching her now on nails ink hour she is beautiful and what a fantastic figure she looks very well. It’s not long now for you closing ceromony bet you cant wait, we have done very well again I think we are second on medal table. Have we any news when your book will be?. Looking forward to beauty day on Sunday more money. Take care Carole Wigan x

  6. martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen September 4, 2012 at 7:26 pm -  Reply

    hi julia .hope you have settled in to your new house and to the new qvc building.bet it was nice to have alsion keenan round to your house for a chat .how is sophie and daniel .hope they are well.how is sophie settling in to her flat

  7. Kathryn Sheehan September 4, 2012 at 9:10 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    Back from Spain a few days now, just in time for the nice weather here. I think i remember you saying before you were going to sell your house in Spain,about the time we were looking for ours i think,i expect the money will come in handy for the house you want to buy anyway.No the Euro isn’t great, but we said we will stay for a couple of years, then we have another plan.!!!
    Wedding only 2 and half weeks away, getting excited, our wedding rings have arrived,and i pick my dress up next week.Can’t wait to see it again.If i can fathom out how to put a photo on here later on i will. We are having a couple of days in Devon after the reception, then a 2 week Honeymoon at “Sharks Bay”(hopefully no sharks) on the Red Sea Coast, in October. Bye for now.
    Love Kathy x

  8. julia roberts September 7, 2012 at 9:30 am -  Reply

    Hello Paula
    Hope you and Darren enjoy your travels. Sorry to hear that your Dad has not been too good – a lot of highly emotional events happening all at once for him – give him my best wishes.
    Well done you opting to do some charity work …….. I think the helpers at the Olympics and Paralympics proved just how invaluable people who give their time for free are.
    We have our annual Breast Cancer Care event coming up on the 17th October and I’m delighted to be hosting it this year with Dale.
    much love
    Julia x

  9. julia roberts September 7, 2012 at 9:35 am -  Reply

    Hi Eleanor
    So pleased you have seen the same great results I have with the Elemis Neck and Bust Treatment. Keeley was funny telling me off so goodness knows what she would say to you! I only use 1 pump in the evening for my neck, but 3 ( or sometimes 4 ) when I’ve showered so I can do the whole area!!!!
    Love my Emus ….. I bet we’ll be getting a lot of wear out of them once this warm spell passes
    much love
    Julia xx
    P.S. Don’t worry about the spelling – I’m always making mistakes!

  10. julia roberts September 7, 2012 at 9:41 am -  Reply

    Hello Jean
    I love to see the moon whatever phase it is in but I think my favourites are the full moon and the slimline crescent of the new moon. I Pad’s are brilliant but I think you may still want to have a lap top …. I am not keen on doing a lot of ‘typing’ on the touchscreen of the I Pad.
    You’ll have to let me know what you think of the new Lift Effect Moisturiser from Elemis. I am taking Keeley’s advice ( for once ) and using it morning and night for two weeks – I must say it makes my skin feel ‘firmer’!
    speak soon
    Julia x

  11. julia roberts September 7, 2012 at 9:51 am -  Reply

    Hi Carole
    I agree Ali looked really great on the Nails Inc show – really liked her dress. She came for dinner and then stayed over so we had lots of time for catching up!
    I think we are currently third in the medal table but we have already passed a hundred medals – fantastic achievement from all the athletes.
    I am just in discussions now but my book should be available early November …. I hope you will like it if you decide to buy it.
    Enjoy Beauty Day
    much love
    Julia x

  12. julia roberts September 7, 2012 at 9:54 am -  Reply

    Hi Martin
    Yes it was good to spend time with Ali and to see her laughing! Daniel is busy now the new football season has started and is really enjoying his role at the Crystal Palace Academy coaching the football stars of the future.
    Sophie is still busy in her job and loves the independence her own flat gives her ….. although she comes round for dinner at least once a week!
    Hope you are well
    Julia x

  13. julia roberts September 7, 2012 at 9:59 am -  Reply

    Hi Kathy
    You obviously brought the good weather back with you! It was a relief in the end to sell the house in Spain, much as I loved it as a bolt hole, but managing it long distance was not worth the stress! I will miss the lovely pool though, still at least it inspired the book!
    I can’t believe your wedding is now so close – how time flies! I hope it all goes to plan and if you can’t work out how to put a picture on here ( don’t ask me, I’ve no idea! ) send me one in the post! Hope you have a shark free honeymoon too.
    speak soon
    Julia x

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