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Toby in the snowThanks as always for your comments – as some of you have noticed I managed to infect myself somehow with a very nasty and (at the time of writing) unidentified gastric nasty! I am very much on the mend and appeared back on-air yesterday (Thursday). I've been told at work that I haven't yet got that sparkle back in my eye (whatever that means) but I am feeling 300% better than at the same time last week.

As I write, (Thursday evening) the snow is falling heavily outside (well heavy for the Home Counties!). When it snows in Surrey it brings the child out in almost everyone, myself included, and as Michael MckIntyre so accurately said, 'You open the curtains in the morning and shout "Narnia"!!'

It's only frozen rain, so what's the big deal? But it's so much more than frozen rain – it's quite magical, well at least it is at the beginning! After the initial 'Narnia' moment it can get a little annoying, as we try to get to work or get the kids to school or do the weekly shop. I'm also aware that Surrey isn't exactly the Arctic and for many reading this in more northerly counties, snow to them may not be so romantic and can cause real problems in their day to day lives – if you are one of those I speak of I hope you are all safe and warm.

Toby's snowy pawsToby of course loves the cold, and with a coat like his why wouldn't he? As he's a of a breed of sheepdogs from originally from Scotland I can only assume that the snow up there is of the 'wetter' variety. Here's why – the snow that fell at home last weekend and is falling right now seems to be 'wetter'.

The 'dryer' powder snow we had last year gathers in hundreds of balls of compacted ice under his feet and hangs off his legs until he literally can't move – I've included this photo of this from last year, in which my daughter Ali and her friends came to his recue – together with a contrasting photo from last weekend (at the top of this post) – although clearly not as deep, I think you can see which type of snow he's most comfortable in. If my theory is wrong and Scottish snow tends to be 'dryer' then Beardies wouldn't have been very quick herding the sheep!

At midnight this Sunday (into Monday) I'll be metaphorically taking us on a voyage away from the icy wastes of Britain to the warm inviting islands of the South Seas, and in particular Tahiti! Join our lovely luxury gems expert Laurie Wickwire and the Old Silver Fox and discover an unbelievable Tahitian Pearl necklace Today's Special Value – when you see it I'm sure you'll think it's going to be at least twice it's asking price – well that's honestly what I thought when our senior gems buyer asked my opinion this week!

Tahitian Pearl 45cm Strand NecklaceWe are offering this 45cm string of 9-10mm baroque Tahitian pearls with a choice of white or yellow 14 carat gold clasps – and at an unbelievable price! One of our suppliers had some excess stock from an American customer and our buyers were quick to spot the amazing opportunity for our own customers – therefore once the stock has gone – it's gone! I'm glad I can give followers of the BOTF an early head's up – if you love the natural beauty of Tahitian pearls, don't miss midnight Sunday!

Until next time,

Dale x


  1. Marian Bolton February 14, 2012 at 9:28 pm -  Reply

    Phew, it’s been a busy day Daleo ……… opening all my cards!!! Yes, THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE on Valentines Day! Can’t remember getting one from you though??! Did you write it in Fr’englaise??!! That’s it, it’ll be LOST IN TRANSLATION!! OK, enough film themes for Gail. How are you chicken? Speaking of which, I went to my Ma’s for Sunday dinner Gail. She laid on a dale’icious roast chicken. I said, “Ma, get off of that chicken”!!
    Back to your blog then Daleo. Good job you’re ‘on the mend’. Much more of having no one to play with and I would surely go ’round the bend’! Of course, some might say I got there ages ago!!
    And take no notice of them lot at work. ‘No sparkle in your eyes’ indeed! They haven’t got a clue what they’re on about gorgeous. I was chatting to Will at the Beauty Bash about the new Morning Show competition. Remember that first one where they asked for the top two things you’d buy for your garden? I was listening to all the answers people were giving in that first week cos I was still off work. But then I went back to work and didn’t hear the correct (questionable!) answers. Anyhow, Will enlightened me ….. ‘plants and a garden gnome”! WHAT??!! Plants, yeah but A GARDEN GNOME!! I tell ya, I don’t know about Narnia but that lot are definitely from La La Land!!!
    As for the blooming weather, well, it’s snow joke is it Daleo! Whilst you were opening your curtains amd shouting “Narnia”, I was opening mine and immediately shutting them again!!
    Love the piccies of Toby dog.
    PS. That Charlie Bear …… is it called Dale’icious?!

  2. Lynne Porter February 17, 2012 at 10:34 am -  Reply

    Your theory is correct Dale. Take it from this Glasgwegian, Scottish snow is definitely wetter! It makes such a change to hear reports of all that snow down your way while the last week or two up here has been gloriously sunny and filled with frosty bright winter mornings. It’s usually the other way round! We are almost smug! Enjoy Narnia!

  3. Lynne Porter February 17, 2012 at 10:35 am -  Reply

    P.S. Doesnt’t Toby look magnificent in his winter coat!

  4. Dale Franklin February 22, 2012 at 11:35 am -  Reply

    Hi all ! Thanks to Marian for her usual hilarious comments – what a wordsmith you are ! Lynne, thanks for confirming my suspicions ! Lang may yer lum reek ! If that’s wrong Lynne – blame Anne Dawson! Dale xx

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