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One of the many reasons I look forward to my holiday breaks is so that I can really get stuck into a good read! Yes, I love a bit of sun, snorkeling, food and good company, but I spend literally hours every day on the sun lounger, liberally covered in Ultrasun, wearing my reading glasses and JP fitover sunglasses, and my Amazon Kindle in its book-like cover, artfully balanced betwixt fingers and thumb!

My holiday reading and, more importantly, my hand luggage has been totally revitalised by my purchase of an Amazon Kindle a few years ago.

Prior to this inspired purchase, I would queue in airport bookstores, rummage around trying to find my boarding pass to complete my purchase of two,ย or if I was lucky, three chunky paperbacks, stretching every stitch in the seam of my trusty bag as I rammed the zip closed. Now, I carry the barely perceivable weight of the Kindle and, with it, hundreds of e-books. Better still, I can download a book from a choice of millions from the Kindle store anytime I wish, as long as I have Wi-Fi access. When travelling, a local bar or hotel will usually suffice.

Gone are the days of buying a used, well-thumbed, sun lotion-tainted paperback at an inflated price from a rotating display.

Once, when the children were quite young, I was asked by the check-in clerk to remove some items from my hand luggage and put them into my checked baggage, as it was too heavy – not in the slightest embarrassing, squatting in a packed airport check-in area with half the other travellers looking at you in barely disguised disdain, as you try not to expose the contents of your suitcase, praying you don’t unzip your suitcase too much and risking a parachute ripcord moment as your wife’s smalls fly across the polished floor. Whilst other half nervously wonder if they face the same fate! Now there’s always room in my hand luggage – that’s an embarrassment even I can only face once.

Although I don’t spend much time thinking about retirement just yet – (my boss is probably thinking of my retirement a lot :)) on the odd occasion I do give it some thought, I like to think I’ll find more time to read more novels, take even more photos and possibly just possibly write a book. Whether anyone reads it is another matter – it’s one of those boxes I’ve created in my mind that need ticking – there are others, but for the time being I’d better keep those to myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

My ‘out of holiday’ reading primarily consists of work and personal emails and of course specs and blueprints on the many QVC products I get to present throughout the year.

However, when I do read a book or more likely my Amazon Kindle before going to bed, I can often get through quite a few pages or sometimes even chapters (depending on how good a page turner I’m reading) before that overpowering and lovely fuzzy feeling of impending sleep. This is in contrast to my trusty iPad, with it’s stunning retina display giving off bright light which stimulates rather than relaxes my brain.

The Kindle requires a light source, as would a paper book, and can easily be read in bright sunlight as well; turning the pages is quicker and easier than turning a paper page, and if I don’t know a word, I can look it up and get a definition – this is especially useful for me as I love reading historical novels, particularly ones centred around The Roman Empire, Medieval Knights, Saxon or Mongol Warriors. I particularly like stories that are based around historic figures, where the author has fleshed out often sketchy facts about individuals and given them a ‘real’ personality. Such authors include S.J.A Turney, Simon Scarrow, Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwell and David Gilman. I think I’ve also read all of Wilbur Smith’s novels and basically love any action-themed story. I like strong characters and if I don’t feel an affinity with leading characters early on, I’ll rarely carry on reading a book – I need to care about the characters.

Also as a gadget man, I own a lot of technical items that have quite large user guides etc. and I can store all of them on my Kindle as PDF’s (portable document files) and it’s even possible to store them in the cloud for download and viewing on other devices!

If you think you’d like to try a Kindle for the first time or perhaps you know someone else who might like to then I invite you to join myself and technology expert guest Lee Hohbein at midnight on Wednesday, for Thursday’s Amazon Kindle Today’s Special Value (TSV). We’ll be offering the 6″ 7th Generation WiFi Edition with the glare-free touchscreen together with the added extra of a Kindle branded USB Charger. This Kindle offers the Pearl e-Paper technology, which is like reading a printed page! You don’t need a computer to browse and download thousands of books, just a WiFi connection. We’ll also have a dedicated case that not only protects the screen but allows you to hold the Kindle as you would a book.

There are loads of features we’ll be discussing and if you have any questions, Lee and I would love to hear from you! Tweet me @dalefranklinTV or text 80QVC.

The next day, Peony and their delightful co-founder Julie Bates do us the honour of another exquisite TSV with their Seasonal Bouquet, complete in florist’s cellophane and a beautiful designer gift bag. The spring display features stunning faux hydrangeas and roses.

There is the benefit of an Auto Delivery option – I always encourage customers to go the Auto Delivery route as you can always cancel out at any point, including returning your original bouquet within 30 days! However, you can’t get into the Auto Delivery program after the TSV day has passed. If you like the vase pictured, it’s also available on the day separately.

Peony flower displays are created on the beautiful Ruckley Estate in Shropshire and are the only faux flower brand worldwide that are recognised by The Royal Horticultural Society for their botanical excellence – Horticultural praise surely doesn’t get much better than that! Join Julie and I in The Lunchtime Show and at 4pm this Friday.

Until next time stay well-read and botanically excellent..!

Dale x


  1. linda p February 21, 2017 at 7:43 am -  Reply

    hi dale i do personally like holding a book and feeling the paper as i turn the pages-and by the way you are NOT retiring ever!! we all love you x

    • Dale Franklin March 14, 2017 at 8:50 pm -  Reply

      Hi Linda sorry for my late reply – I think I’d drive my family mad if I retired just yet ! Dale x

  2. Beverley bradshaw February 25, 2017 at 8:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Dale. I want to pick your brain. When veronese was on qvc on a regular basis the byzantine bracelet was always on. There was another that was a classic and i cant remember the name of.it. it was flat and smooth but not a herringbone. It bugging me and i remember you doing shows with jannetta. Can you remember . I liked veronese very much but sadly its being replaced it seems!!!! Thanks Dale x

    • Dale Franklin March 14, 2017 at 8:54 pm -  Reply

      Sorry too for late reply Beverley – I wonder if it was the “Omega” ? Dale x

  3. martin forbes March 6, 2017 at 9:10 am -  Reply

    hi dale hope you and family are well i am not bad
    i have just enjoyed 2lazy weeks off work doing nothing but being lazy and chilling out back to work tomorrow tuesday never mind 2weeks holiday end opf may 1weeks september nice to have 5 weeks holidays paid and spread about sad new of ali ks ex husband passing away

  4. Dale Franklin March 14, 2017 at 8:56 pm -  Reply

    Hi Martin – Good to hear you’re getting those regular breaks in – apologies for replying late also !
    Cheers Dale.

  5. Chantel Briody May 6, 2017 at 9:01 pm -  Reply

    Hi Dale. I don’t watch as much these days. Hope you are well and your gorgeous dogs. I’ve not got another dog, yet. Still recovering from a bone infection and slowly making progress. I never want you to retire. Your sense of humour makes me laugh. Love from Rio

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