Old pals, choosing wedding hats, and a freebie steamy eBook – if you’re quick!


Debbie trying on a hatThis week –
- Ab Fab Am Dram with old thespian pals
- Happy 20th Birthday to QVC!
- Shopping for Wedding Hats – it’s next Friday!
- Riwisi book slot including a steamy freebie eBook
- More from Pirate the Tripawd Kitten
- And my first Saturday Night Gifts show – and Matt Goss is on!

Me shopping for wedding hats last week – grow up? Me? Never..!



Oooo – October just around the corner! EEEEEK! Does it surprise you that NEXT WEEK it’s 1st October and QVC’s long awaited 20th anniversary?

I always find at this time each year that I start thinking I’ve got tons of time before… the ‘C’ word (Christmas! Lol)… yet suddenly it’s November – and time then completely runs away with me until 25th December.

So, this year I’m starting early – having bought my first xmas pressies the other day, I am determined to get my cards sent off by the beginning of December – or at least by the last second-class-posting-day – or maybe the first-class-posting-day – or, oh rats I’ll have to hand-deliver them again… you get the idea!

Must plan it tightly this year as the launch date of my next novel, on Amazon, is the last weekend in November too. Gonna be busy, eh?!

Debbie Flint and tomatoAnd whilst I’m still currently picking the remaining end-of-the-summer blackberries (just), I plucked the final tomato from the shrivelling vine in the greenhouse yesterday – not that there were that many this summer, but what there were, were very tasty!

Did you have much luck in the garden? Leave me a comment below to tell me more.




Am dram castAs you’ll see in the pic, I went to see some of my beloved am-dram (amateur dramatics) this week – 'The History Boys', by YOUtheatre, at Epsom Playhouse.

Old acting pal Bob Hamilton (he of many an am dram production – musicals and plays – over the last 30 years!) played the lead role Hector, and was excellent! Kevin Sargent, my other mate from my acting days, and I were very impressed.

Equally as impressive was a young actor called Jonathan Ford who played Dakin – the Dominic Cooper role if you saw the original. Very good indeed.

Debbie, Kev and BobWe all acted together initially in the Merton Youth Theatre many moons ago, then the Young Shakespeare Company at the Old Vic.






Young ShakespeariansIn fact, here’s a pic of us circa 31 years ago – OMG! – Kev in the background and Bob opposite me with Jane Purcell – we’re all in touch via Facebook now – which is kinda cool.

The other guy with me and next to Jane isn’t on Facebook though – he’s called Mark Bannister and he played Lysander opposite my Hermia.

He’s also standing next to Jane in the other pic below – the one of me shaking hands with probably the most famous person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting properly and talking to.

Debbie Flint meets Elizabeth TaylorAnd very lovely Elizabeth Taylor was, too. She took time out to visit us at the theatre.

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever been introduced to?

We all thought Mark would be famous at one point – he did become an actor for a while, in 'Casualty', 'Eastenders' and so on. Haven’t seen him for years though. If you know him, tell him to get in touch! (he does kitchens now, I think.)

We’re planning another little get-together at some point, to reminisce. I loved acting – kind of – but found I only had one expression – ‘slightly quizzical’ – so my acting career whilst a student was short-lived! Good job really, I much prefer presenting. BUT I would love to be in an am-dram production at some stage.

My ideal would be the musical 'City of Angels' – the detective one – about a screenwriter… (funny it should be about that, and it’s my favourite eh? Lol.) But the only role I could play now would be the older Cougar woman Elora Kingsley, who seduces the detective – or tries to. Fab songs, too.

Here’s some of the best. One day. Maybe. 

Which play or musical would you want to be in, and which character would you be?

Debbie, Lin and NickyAs you can see from the top pic, we were playing silly blighters a little bit in the Westfield shopping centre last weekend, whilst looking for a suitable hat to go with my wedding outfit which Antthony our lovely designer has created for me (one of our regular designs, adjusted for length and colour – loooovely!).

Had a good laugh, then got down to the serious business of what on earth the mother of the groom should wear on her head! After all, it isn’t every day your boy gets married and Friday 4th October is nearly upon us.




The final hatSo, to go with my Lulu Guinness bag and white/crystal shoes, I’ve chosen this hat – I LOVE it! Well this time next week, it’ll be here!

So just for next week, there’ll be an extra addition to my blog on the Monday (7th), to mark the special occasion.

Can’t wait – he’s got it all organised, has my son Brad, being a project manager, and all. The only thing I need to do is give a few lifts in my car and turn up and enjoy it! Will be fab. More soon!





Still to come…. Freebie steamy eBook… Dale’s a good sport with mascara!… & Downton’s back!


Judge me by my coverThe Italian is Named!
Last week I told you I was writing a scene in my new book (the prequel to my first novel) which featured a hot Italian guy and asked you what he should be called?

Thanks to all of you who told me your thoughts – here, on Facebook, and on Twitter – and I have to say, against my initial judgements I’m going to go with the majority vote – Alessandro!





Hot italian guyLady G, eat your heart out – in MY novel, he’s going to be an Italian God (or is it a Roman one?) (and does it matter which he is? He’ll be gorgeous! ).

The scene is in a luxury hotel after he’s taken our heroine for a drive in his Ferrari, somewhere in the beautiful hillside of Tuscany… Maybe he’d look a bit like this…



 'Hawaiian Prize' (working title) will be out end of November, with a Facebook launch party on Thursday 28th – shared with my writing pals – more news soon!


Book of the Week – 'Resisting Nick'
Resisting NickWell, I promised you a steamy freebie and there were a fair few volunteered to me when I asked for suggestions this week online.

I almost chose 'Dating a Cougar' but after comparing the reviews it was just beaten by Kris Pearson’s novel from October 2012, currently free on Amazon, and riding high in the charts.

'Resisting Nick (Wicked in Wellington)'  is about a hot boss with a troubled past and his temporary PA who arrives at his fitness club. See what you think and let me know!

P.S. – I loved the ‘warning’ at the bottom of the write up – must add one of those to my own steamy novel Hawaiian Affair! My equivalent would be – ‘warning, contains sex in luxury cruisers, hotel rooms and under waterfalls!’ hehe!

And thanks so much to the latest reviewers on Amazon – it’s reached 70 out of 79 five stars now!


**Countdown – Hawaiian Affair paperback – PG Version – 3 WEEKS (MID OCT)

**Countdown – Hawaiian Prize – paperback and eBook – one version – 7 WEEKS (end Nov)

And over on my website, the book focus continues. On RiWiSi GO-LARGE –
- More writing tips for self-publishers
- And a reminder of the facebook launch party date at the end of November!
- Click here to go to RiWiSi page on Debbieflint.com



It’s got to be this clip of Dale being ‘game’ when he tried Revitalash on his first Saturday Night gifts show, last week at 8pm – he’s a good sport that’s for sure!

 [Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page]


Debbie Flint in newsroomWent to see pal LJ Rich at her work at BBC Click this week, was very interesting – here’s me in front of the famous newsroom! Had a lovely dinner and put the world to rights – I always feel better when I’ve caught up with my lovely OOMBFF!




Debbie Greenwood Julian Ballantyne










- Talking of good friends, I just want to wish all round good guys Debbie G and Julian the best for their new ventures, as you may have seen the announcements on their blogs. Big hugs to both! (stay in touch with Deb and Julian on Twitter).


 - Lots of info about food and health in the press again this week, including a big article about that YouTube sensation I mentioned ages ago – Sugar the Bitter Truth – it’s now got 3.8m views!

Well, the Queen of Macro-Miracles, Marlene Watson Tara has added another excellent video – this time how to make your own fermented pickles for cheap home made but effective pro-biotics.

She’s so fabulous, and helps so many people – I’m trying to persuade her to write a book about some of the amazing success stories she’s made happen over the years! Her website marlenewatsontara.com tells you more, so check it out if you have any health worries you think diet might help. Go here for more info from Marlene about intestinal flora & gut health.


Pirate the cat with a mousePirate the Tripawd Kitten – update two – Last week we heard why little Pirate, the three pawed cat, lost his paw and his family.

Well, he is currently staying with loving foster-parents Yvette and her family, being looked after until they decide whether he needs an operation on his little stump. As you can see in this pic, he started to walk and was just as playful as any normal kitten.

BUT he didn’t know how to be a cat – he didn’t have anyone to copy so his development was slower, for instance, he didn’t know how to use the litter tray and didn’t want to eat or drink from a bowl.

So, the vet recommended a little friend about five weeks old, he was put with another little kitten (who is three weeks older but small for his age) and within three days Pirate was eating from a bowl and using the tray. Although, he still struggles to drink water, tending to stick his whole face in it and then sneeze! But he and friend Mikro are getting along fine!

NEXT WEEK – how will he cope with stairs!?  


IPad mini - 504040– As promised, here’s the link about the new iOS 7 update, which if you have iPad or iPhone you’ll be updating soon. It’s a bit different – but as Lee Hohbein our IT expert says, it’s a lot more convenient in many ways. How? Why?

Go here to read the article and watch an excellent video about iOS 7 which was circulating on Facebook this week – hope it helps you understand the differences and why it’s worth accepting the update!




Facebook Funny FACEBOOK FUNNY -  are you old enough to remember doing this when you were younger? It’s been raising a smile on Facebook this week – but I’ve got another memory too.

Do you recall tapping the black rests at the top, to bypass a dial-phone-padlock, which parents used to prevent high phone bills? You could tap out the numbers, bit like morse code – hah! Anyone else remember doing it?!

It made me smile thinking about the time my kids saw one of these phones and said to me ‘but how do you actually make the phone call?’ Things we take for granted eh! In the same bracket as ‘what’s an LP mummy…’ lol!



It’s back! Long awaited and just as fab – 'Downton Abbey' bold has returned! You’ll need to watch it on catch up TV, if you missed episode one on Sunday. It was a bumper one, with the aftermath of the xmas special accident -  the shocking death of Matthew in a car accident means the estate's only heir is now the baby George.

Lord Grantham will likely take over the managing of the estate once more and that could spell the end of modernization reforms. On the other hand Branson now has a role managing the estate and he is still a revolutionary at heart and will continue to fight for Matthew's reforms.

Have you enjoyed it so far? Let me know below! Sunday nights – but watch it on catch up TV!


Honora necklace, earrings, bracelet set TSV - 609222For those who adore Honora – you’ll be spotting a few of us wearing this gorgeous set from Ralph, coming on Thursday next week – the day before Brad’s wedding. I’m considering wearing this jewellery on the day!








If you love your coffee, I’ve spotted a very enticing TSV machine being lined up from one of the major brands in coffee, mid October! 


L'Occitane almond TSV- A fab L’Occitane Today’s Special Value on Saturday (28th) – great value for Almond lovers!







- It’s my first Saturday Night Show, and appearing will be Matt Goss! Whoop! It’s a recording from his visit earlier in the week (I don’t get to meet him) but if it’s anything like his performance in Vegas which I saw in 2010 it’ll be amazing!

Clogau watch - 608555


Also next week, our 1st October 20th Anniversary! Join me as I kick it all off on the Monday night with a beautiful Clogau watch Today’s Special Value (short-lived, so get in early!)








Maxine from Bibi Bijoux Lee HohbeinALSO I’ll be on the grand finale at 11pm Tuesday. It’ll be a day full of your favourite faces and well known bargains, so join us if you can!







Will GowingPlus, some exciting programming coming up on Thursday from Alison and Will – live from the USA! Visit the Alison's blog to find out more about what Alison's got in store for beauty fans.








Next week – more from Pirate the Tripawd Kitten, and a lunch, a wedding reception and a meeting about a man..! Join me to find out more next Friday! Have a fab week – and don’t forget to leave me a message!

Best wishes

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  1. martin forbes September 27, 2013 at 7:20 pm -  Reply

    Hi debs hope you have agood day at brad your sons wedding wher ei sjulian and debbie off 23 are you allowed to sayhappy 2oth bday for tuesday 1st october iwill be watching requested the day off work

  2. martin forbes September 28, 2013 at 6:37 pm -  Reply

    enjoy your sons brads wedding hope lauren is well dont get to drunk happy 20th bday on tuesday qvc

  3. Nigel September 29, 2013 at 12:29 am -  Reply

    My best year ever for outdoor toms(Sweet Million) and courgettes(Defender),both still picking, runners blown to smithereens and indoor plum toms few and far between but tasty.
    That ‘final tom’ photo so reminds me of the ‘My Last Rolo’ adverts – Patch(I think!) is saying “If you love me enough then…….” lol.
    BTW did you see T&M launch the new ‘TomTato’ grafted plant last week (cherry toms on top/pots down below) – wonder if it will be appearing on a Richard Jackson in the spring.
    Have a great day Friday, Nige:))

  4. Nigel September 29, 2013 at 12:34 am -  Reply

    or even on a Richard Jackson show !!(oops)

  5. Christina September 29, 2013 at 12:41 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, Thanks for your usual entertaining blog. Also thanks for mentioning Julian and Debbie. I find it curious that no one else seems to have mentioned their leaving. Particularly Julian who has been around since almost the beginning as has Julia. I suppose they may not have wanted a `fuss` made but viewers may have wanted to show their appreciation. It seems to be the done thing particularly in tele shopping people come and go without any reference to the audience, when you spend so much time asking us to trust you buy into the `club/family` feels rather cynical to me. Just a comment from me no need for you to comment.

  6. Lynn Connolly-Brown September 29, 2013 at 8:12 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie luv your blog. I saw you one time when I went to see a phsycic! can’t remember who it was though.
    Debbie could you do me a favour when you do fashion (coats especially) could you ask how many inches extra you need for winter clothes please also just extra inches needed in general.I love it when you do the fashion shows as you give us all of the information we need and ask questions the normal woman would ask. The reason I ask is that I was poorly and put on maybe 2 dress sizes so no idea now what size clothes to get from the fashion shows.
    I love watching you on QVC you cheer me up no end, carry on the really good work and I hope the wedding goes fantastically and you have a lovely time. You will look lovely I am sure as the proud mother of the groom, love the hat by the way.

  7. martin forbes September 29, 2013 at 12:06 pm -  Reply

    hi debs happy 2oth bday qvc on tuesday hope your sons brads wedding goes welll hope your dughter lauren is well as well.

  8. Anita September 29, 2013 at 12:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    TiFFT for September: went to Marrakech for my birthday!
    Have a fabulous time at the wedding.
    My best wishes to you all for a fantastic day.
    Anita x

  9. Mo Whitelaw September 29, 2013 at 11:46 pm -  Reply

    Hey Debs, interesting as usual, even though I follow you on Facebook I didnt know Brad was getting married 4th October – oh how proud you will be on the day. Enjoy the big day hun.
    Mo x

  10. alison court September 30, 2013 at 3:02 pm -  Reply

    I was wondering where Debbie and Julian were. I hope they are both well and successful in their new ventures whatever they are.

  11. Dolores Mcshane September 30, 2013 at 3:14 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,love reading your blogs always funny and interesting,just want to say have a wonderful wedding day I have three sons and not one of them are showing any interest in getting married so I would love to hear how your sons wedding day turns out.Hope the sun shines and everything is perfect,love Dolores.x

  12. suzanne way September 30, 2013 at 3:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, yet again I have enjoyed your blog.
    My fruit and veg from my garden has been a little disappointing this year although kevin dad has kept me supplied from his allotment.
    Love the hat and cannot wait to see the whole outfit at the wedding.
    will be checking out the free books on amazon.
    Take care and have a fab day on the 4th xx

  13. Ann Billings September 30, 2013 at 4:06 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Debbie a full and varied updated Blog as per usual…
    I have been a customer of QVC since you started and have also been upset when your presenters just disappear of our screens…
    There have been several over the years and I do think we get attached to certain presenters like yourself, who I follow on Facebook…
    The worse one leaving for me was Rob who you visited in America this year I think or last year, time goes by so quickly….I was devastated when he left as he was so funny and I always looked forward to seeing him….
    Also when I saw you on another shopping channel before coming back to QVCuk I was shocked as I wondered why you were there and then shortly after seeing you on that show; Julia announced you were coming back to QVCuk which I was thrilled about……
    The funniest QVCuk programme I have watched recently was ‘Weird Fish’, presented by Jackie Kabler and she was explaining that the top had 4 pockets and as she was demonstrating the inside pocket her hand kept peeping out the side of the actual outside pocket lining, so funny…..
    Have a fabulous wedding and keep the headwear simple and effective….x 🙂 Ann x

  14. Sandra Gregory September 30, 2013 at 5:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, I really love reading your blogs, they are so informative and a great read. The ios7 infor was really good to fresh, thank you.
    I hope everything goes very well for your Som’s wedding and you all have a fantastic time. I look forward to seeing the photos!
    Love Sandra xxx

  15. zoe September 30, 2013 at 6:08 pm -  Reply

    i thought u had said blog announcement from julian and debbie, all goes to show good as qvc are its just a job like any other, guess there sales were not as good, we viewers do notice when faces change.
    Hope faces stay familiar

  16. Anne Rand September 30, 2013 at 6:08 pm -  Reply

    PS. Forgot to mention I am avidly watching Downton as a good friend is in some of the dancing scenes, possibly next week….hoping she hasn’t been edited out!!!

  17. Margot October 1, 2013 at 11:28 pm -  Reply

    A very entertaining blog as usual. It was my daughters wedding in August and it was a wonderful day but went so quickly. It all feels a little surreal looking back. There were lots of things I had forgotten until looking at the photos (over 700!) brought it all back. So make sure you get lots of photos taken, the problem is now which ones to choose for an album.
    Have a wonderful day, your outfit sounds lovely. I found the hat the most difficult thing to choose. Very best wishes to the bride and groom.
    Take care, Love, Margot.

  18. Wendy Cole October 2, 2013 at 10:06 am -  Reply

    Have a lovely wedding, I’m sure you will look stunning. Missed Julian’s blog now it’s gone so hope he does well.
    Veg didn’t do well in our garden this year but loads of pears and flowers . Really enjoyed summer this year though. Best wishes x

  19. Lin Brereton October 2, 2013 at 11:58 am -  Reply

    Your hat looks like my kind of hat! Cannot wait to see the whole outfit. Have a lovely day Debbie – our son got married first too. Our daughter a year later – so watch out! Interested to hear what happened about that meeting too. Enjoy yourself lovely lady.

  20. susanne fitzpatrick October 2, 2013 at 7:48 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    How’s this for name-dropping ….? HM The Queen opened Phase 3 of our local shopping centre in November 1983 (third phase I think it was) and it happened to be on my birthday. We all went from work to line up in the crowd and as HM passed us, my friend piped up “Ma’am – it’s Susanne’s birthday today” and HM said, “Oh, a Scorpio like my son?” (it’s Prince Charles’s birthday the day after mine) – I could have died. I can’t remember what I said, but I went as red as the proverbial beetroot and she was so lovely. I am reminded of this event every time I visit our Town Centre because there’s a ruddy great plaque on the wall to commemorate my embarrassing moment.
    Good luck for the wedding – I’m sure you’ll shed a few tears but what a lovely occasion for you and your wider family. Hope the weather stays nice for you all – what a lucky man he is having such a lovely Mum.
    All good wishes

  21. Luca October 3, 2013 at 2:36 pm -  Reply

    Wow! How does it feel looking at those old photos?

  22. debbs f October 7, 2013 at 11:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi Martin – yes, lovey day ta! If I have any more news other than what I already put on my previous blogs about lovely Debbie G and Julian, I will say. But they are on twitter and facebook – do contact them.
    Glad you enjoyed the 20th anni programming!

  23. debbs f October 7, 2013 at 11:51 pm -  Reply

    Nige –
    hi hon!
    Well a tom-tato doesn’t surprise me = they’re both from same nightshade family aren’t they? And spud shoots and tomato shoots always look so alike eh!
    Just had my last runners – apart from about five or six measly ones – if the cold spell happens this Wednesday I guess they and so many other plants are done for!

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