Off to the West for fun and a fest!


Hi! Are you feeling good? I hope so. I am because I love this gorgeous summer we are having! My Dyson fan, however, is an absolute life saver on the nights when it’s almost too hot to sleep. It’s an investment but one I’m glad to have made years ago which is still paying off. I especially like the sleep timer. Worth a look if you’re finding the heat unbearable.

I have two bestest best friends. Mandy and Steven. Mand loves the heat whereas Steven can’t bear it. It’s been great catching up with both of them recently. Funnily enough, they still haven’t even met each other so I’ll have to get wheels in motion for a meet up as I know they’d love each other, too.

I took a few days off recently to catch up with Steven in Wales and then my daughter, Chrissie, in Bristol. I adore Wales and, in particular, the Celtic Manor Hotel. No, this isn’t an ad and I’m not getting special favours for writing this, ha ha. I just genuinely really like the place and try to get there when I can if I want to really wind down. Whilst Steven and I talk on the phone almost every single day we only get to catch up in person every few months due to geographic location.

We took time out to spend two days and one night at the Manor together. We had a ball. The sun was shining on us the whole time. We had a gorgeous room overlooking the stunning lush, green grounds. We hung out in the spa, especially the jacuzzi, until we looked like raisins, had lovely food and enjoyed an evening listening to a fantastic musician who played the piano and sang. It was magical. He’s my brother from another mother. Steven, not the musician!

Elemis are the spa brand at the hotel. They even provide all of the in-room toiletries. It all adds to feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. Look at this lovely surprise which was left in the room in the evening!

We rounded off our time together with a trip to Cardiff Bay and the magnificent Bayside Brasserie. I have been there before but this time was the best! Although they don’t have a vegan menu they made me the most wonderful vegan dishes! Sooooo tasty.

We also had the best table in the place (in my opinion) overlooking the bay. We leisurely ‘people watched’ from our vantage point. There was even a wedding party who arrived in the bay via water taxi, which was lovely to see on such a sunny day.

After my farewells to Steven I embarked upon the next leg of my journey. Both of my children, Tom and Chrissie, are singer-songwriters. Don’t ask me where they get it from. They are streets ahead of me, no wait, superhighways ahead of me when it comes to musical talent! Chrissie is currently doing a music degree in Bristol and she has her own band, whom she selected herself, who she regularly gigs with professionally.

Chrissie was invited to perform at a lovely venue in Bath called Moles as part of their 40th anniversary musical festival and I was invited to attend! Take a look at their wall of fame, this was only a small portion of it but, as you can see, some pretty familiar names have played there.

I had the most wonderful few days with her, living like a student in her shared house and enjoying catching up with her and many of her friends, some of whom I’ve known since they were back in school together. Chrissie gave me a warm welcome. Prior to making the decision to go to uni she was working at QVC as a Director’s Assistant. Because they had two Huntleys, our colleagues nicknamed us Chuntley1 and Chuntley2, sometimes Jr and Snr. She had arranged this welcome message on a light box for my arrival! No, we hadn’t been drinking when I took that photo. Those bottles were already there, remember it’s a student house, ha ha!

Chrissie also works part-time at a local Thai restaurant. It’s a family-run business and I got to meet them as Chrissie booked us a table. Oh my goodness! They are just lovely and love her just as much as she loves them! The food was fantastic. Chrissie is also a vegan so she has tried just about every vegan dish on the menu. This was the night of my arrival and was such a lovely evening all round.

The next day was the day of her gig in Bath. We journeyed there en-masse with a big group of her friends. They didn’t seem to mind hanging out with an oldie like me and we had a brilliant night. Here’s a little snippet of one of her songs but bear in mind it’s not professionally shot. It’s just me and my trusty iPhone.

If you do like her sound you can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She’s simply Chrissie Huntley. Don’t feel obliged, this isn’t meant to be a promotional blog. I just love original music myself, so I just thought I’d share in case you like it.

One of Chrissie’s friends had won a luxury paddling pool at bingo and invited us round the next day for a pool party. Obviously, that term is rather glamourising the reality of the situation, ha ha! Again, a large group of friends joined in. I was really impressed with how organised and grown up they all are.

They all mucked in to create a BBQ, Chrissie made some fab vegan dishes including a chunky red onion guacamole and flat mushrooms with olive oil, garlic and rosemary. These were cooked on the barbecue and were soooo good!

I’m always sad to say goodbye but, luckily, Chrissie was back home a couple of days later as she has taken on some extra shifts at QVC now uni’s done for summer. It feels great having her back home, sharing my clothes, shoes and make-up and generally being brilliant company. I do feel very blessed to have such close relationships with Tom and Chrissie. They truly are who I live for.

I have another exciting event this evening. I’ll be attending the UK Jewellery awards with previous ‘Brand of the Year’ and ‘Bridal Collection of the Year’ award winners, Clogau. I can never express the pride I have at being asked to design pieces with their design team for QVC. Last week I launched my Primrose Collection on QVC with the ever-dapper Graham Stock. He’ll also be in attendance at the awards. I’m keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for them this year. I’ll tell you how it goes next week!

You can view my Primrose Collection here in the links below:

Speaking of jewellery, this Saturday we will be featuring an entire day dedicated to jewellery at QVC. As one of the UK’s top jewellery retailers we are proud to have some pretty huge brands, such as Clogau, Links of London and Lola Rose, as well as the more quirky like One Button and Butler & Wilson. There’s the classical, I’m thinking of Honora, through to contemporary, Pilgrim is a favourite of mine.

I’ll be joining you for an hour of Lola Rose with designer, Nikki Gerwitz, at 8pm. At 9pm we will be going for all our glamour and decadence with the designs of Michelle Mone and her stunning collection for Diamonique. Finally, after way too much time without seeing him, I’ll be hosting the Jewellery Day Finale at 11pm with the lovely Mark Walker. He is an expert of the highest order. He really knows his stuff but he also has a cracking sense of humour which is right up my street.

To get ready for my close-ups, especially on earring shots, I’ll be ensuring my facial hair is kept in check with one of the coolest and most affordable hair removal solutions I’ve ever seen! It’s from Finishing Touch. It’s a no mess, no cuts, no pain system you can use on the go. You don’t even need to worry about replacement batteries as it’s rechargeable! Fantastic!

Well, I’ll leave you with that image of me talking my hirsuteness and wish you a very happy week. Thanks so much for reading my blogs and commenting. I’m a bit behind in my replies but, trust me, I do read every one and I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness.

Facebook: Catherine Huntley TV
Twitter: @TheHuntley
Instagram: @catherine_huntley

Lots of love,
Catherine xx


  1. Steven July 4, 2018 at 11:29 am -  Reply

    This seems so long ago already but thank you for making the journey for us to spend some special time together, miss you everyday (even though we talk on the phone as you said)

    Love you, so glad you spent some quality time with the gorgeous Chrissie ❤️❤️

    Until the next time ??

  2. Antoinette July 5, 2018 at 6:10 pm -  Reply

    Hi Catherine, hope you are keeping well. You are always so happy and I am happy you had a good time with your children and you friend. You are a very inspirational young woman. And I always read your blogs. Keep it the good work. God bless you. Antoinette

  3. Jan July 6, 2018 at 11:10 am -  Reply

    Love reading your blogs. I Enjoy your enthusiasm for Wales, as I am ofcourse Welsh but unfortunately not a Welsh speaker. Have you ever been to Fishguard, not much in town, but beautiful walks and ofcourse the port where you can take a Ferry over to Ireland.

  4. Gee July 6, 2018 at 10:46 pm -  Reply

    What a lovely blog post Catherine! Your daughter is a great singer, a natural performer 🙂 I always enjoy reading your little stories, you make me smile presenting too, especially when things go a little wrong, you are so funny! 😀
    Gee x

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