Not a healthy start to 2019!


Well this is definitely not how I intended to start my January. In bed with flu and a chest infection. All my hopes for a healthy start to this year have been well and truly sneezed away. I had two colds before Christmas and I thought that would be enough but perhaps my immune system was just a little battered and so it knocked me down with another bout. I’ve not felt this poorly for a long time.

The really painful bit was that Ivy and Tilda were off school with colds and Fred had to work, so I had to crawl around the house, practically on my hands and knees to look after them too. I can’t pretend that they didn’t watch back to back episodes of Lego Friends because that’s exactly what they did. A few days later I managed to get myself to the doctors who gave me antibiotics and as I’m writing this I’m hoping they will start taking effect really soon. Weird to be hoping for bacterial rather than viral but hey ho!

So on that note, I didn’t manage to get together my usual full blog together. Thankfully I had already started planning what I would write about before I got sick and taken some of the pictures. So here’s what I managed to bring you this week.

What I’m wearing

Firstly, here are some of my favourite outfits I’ve been wearing lately. As you can see animal print is as big at QVC as it is everywhere else, particularly from Onjenu. Be warned though, it’s flying out the door so fingers crossed we have some left if you like any of these pieces. I love this high necked dress in the most amazing rainbow leopard print, the long sleeves and skirt length is really elegant and current. It’s the rainbow that sets it aside though compared to the sea of brown and black and white we see with animal print. The dress also comes in a geometric print if you don’t like animal print. There is also a jumpsuit and a shorter dress too!

The second more traditional leopard print top is also from Onjenu and is incredibly comfortable and thankfully loose around the tummy area so it doesn’t cling. I’ve teamed it with distressed jeans for a casual look but add leather look leggings and heels and it could be a great outfit for a night out.


The grey embellished jumper is from Fashion by Together, the reason I picked this is that it’s like having instant jewellery attached to your outfit! No need to accessorise at all if you don’t want to. The embellishments give it an added edge and it’s very easy to create an outfit. Simply team with black trousers or leggings or jeans and you’re done.

What I’ve been using in Beauty

This weekend is going to be full on beauty with our two day Beauty event. There will be loads of incredible offers to choose from and all your favourite brands. The extra nice thing is that it will all have reduced P&P to £1.95! If I make it back to work by the weekend then I will happily be presenting one of the Tweak’d by Nature shows which will be the Today’s Special Value on Saturday. It includes the Rise and Shine Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner and Cleansing Volumising Scrub. It’s packed with Moroccan Rhassoul lava clay which aims to give you voluminous, thicker looking hair every time you wash.

I can tell you as someone who has curly hair, my hair was BIG after using it, just how I like it. In fact I would go as far as to say that it gave me back some of the curl I have lost. It doesn’t weigh your hair down after or cover your hair in residue. The most exciting thing about this set for me is the Rise and Shine Cleansing Scrub, it’s so different to anything else I have used before. It’s like a paste and you work it into the root and down sections of hair and as you add more water it becomes a lovely lather. Leave it on for an extra two minutes to achieve even more volume. You can see it on air on Saturday with creator Denis Simioni, but if you want to get ahead of the game then you can get it on our pre-sell.

One more thing to tell you about is the new fragrance line that we have at QVC called Floral Street. We were lucky enough to try out all of the new scents and choose one to wear. I went through every single one to find the one that really was most me and that was Chypre Sublim 50ml Eau De Parfum. I can honestly say hand on heart that I have never had so many people ask me what I am wearing. I have to admit I was very surprised! So now I am wearing it every day, it has citrus top notes and mossy base notes and I love it. There are plenty of others to choose from if that doesn’t sound like your thing, there are much sweeter fragrances and also some more masculine ones too.

What I’ve been Cooking – Teriyaki Salmon and Aubergine

You’ll need for two people –
2 Pieces of Salmon
1 Whole Aubergine
Sweet Chilli Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce
Clear Runny Honey
Sesame Seeds for sprinkling on the aubergine.

Ever since I went to our new local Asian Fusion restaurants I have been wanting to try making Teriyaki Salmon and aubergine for myself at home. It turns out it’s actually really simple. I looked up a few different versions of it and as always ended up making it up a little myself. In a bowl I poured in half a bottle of Teriyaki Sauce, followed by a good squeeze of clear runny honey and a long pour of sweet chilli sauce. The mixture needs to have a nice sticky consistency but can still be poured easily.

I marinated the salmon in half of it and then chopped up the aubergine into smallish chunks and popped that in a bowl and covered in the rest of the sauce. I then took my Circulon Double Griddle, and with a little olive oil turned up the heat to half way and added the salmon and aubergine and all the extra sauce. I turned the salmon over once and kept turning over the aubergine so it didn’t burn. It probably took about 10 minutes to cook and it was delicious!!! I sprinkled sesame seeds over the aubergine and served it with green vegetables. You could obviously have rice but we were trying to be good!

That’s it from me for this week. I’m really hoping I will be back to work really soon but it does seem to be taking a while to shift this chest infection but until then you can keep up with me on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to all of you who have already sent me get well soon messages.

Lots of Love Katy xx


  1. Eileen Chadwick January 24, 2019 at 11:33 am -  Reply

    Hi Katy. Get well soon! Just ordered the Tweak’d by Nature TSV.

    • katy pullinger January 30, 2019 at 2:29 pm -  Reply

      Hi Eileen, have you used your Tweak’d yet? I hope you loved it x

  2. Susan January 24, 2019 at 3:59 pm -  Reply

    Happy new year Katy! Poor you! Appendix last year, flu this year! It’s terrible isn’t it! Very hard to avoid when you have kids or work with them or in hospitals! Fingers crossed you pick up soon. Rest up and don’t be cooking or planning blogs!x

    • Katy PUllinger January 30, 2019 at 2:31 pm -  Reply

      Thanks Susan, feeling so much better now. I do hope January isn’t going to be my monthly dose of illness thats for sure! Hope you are having a good year so far x

  3. Antoinette Browne January 24, 2019 at 4:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi Katy, hope you are feeling much better and the kids also. Lovely blog as usual. Around this time of year. I always take vitamin C. It does help me in the winter months. Best wishes and get better soon. Antoinette

    • Katy PUllinger January 30, 2019 at 2:34 pm -  Reply

      Thanks Antoinette, hope you have managed to avoid this flu that’s going around. I must stock up on Vit C tablets! x

  4. Lisa January 24, 2019 at 7:43 pm -  Reply

    Hi Katy so sorry that you have all succumbed to the dreaded virus but hope you all feel better soon. Spring is on the way. Try taking vitamin c with zinc as well as meta tone tonic as they both boost your immune system. I was recommended to take these by my local pharmacist. Take care and look forwarded to seeing you soon back on QVC x

    • Katy Pullinger January 30, 2019 at 2:36 pm -  Reply

      Hi Lisa, I shall look those things up. I haven’t heard of meta tone tonic before! I’m feeling so much better now. Back to work on Thursday x

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