How a nightly tipple affects sleep, and super sneaky peeks!


Well it looks like our sleeping may be affected by a regular tipple – see below for some Sleep Council info. Plus this week – a big Easter weekend of family fun. But first…

This weekend’s deals on QVC

Here’s the link to our Today’s Special Value offer, a fabulous keyhole Kim & Co jumpsuit – click here to see and buy! Another winner from lovely Kim.

Tonight at midnight Marie Francoise Wolff and I bring you the latest Kipling offering – here she is with four of them – also comes in a dark navy spot/stripe combo – it’s the Airaz large tote which expands! It’s our TSV on Saturday but Click here to buy it now with the early bird order link!

Plus on Sunday – time to get bronzed and spruce up your white bits as they go on show, with the latest #TSV from Laura Geller and co – the Tahitian Glow Baked Body Frosting bronzer is a must-have as far as I’m concerned; and I am looking forward to my Sunday night show with the Bring on the Bronze Collection – assuming there are any left!

By the way if you can, go see my Facebook page, where I will put all the new links for early bird links as they happen – see link below – it’s a public page so you don’t have to be on Facebook to read it – but if you are, ‘like’ the page (it’s not my main one, it’s specifically for all things QVC so it’s called Debbie Flint QVC Chat!)

Easter Family Fun

Had a wonderful catch up down in Devon with family at the weekend – what did you do? First a gathering for lunch on Good Friday at mum’s in Banstead with brothers and their families, plus some nieces. Then six came to stay with me in Devon for a couple of days – which made a lovely change! I went into ‘host’ mode at first, but by the third day I was relaxing and we all went to the Half Moon pub opposite which did a super Easter Monday dinner for us. My mum loved seeing my Uncle Jeffrey – and Auntie Christine, and they chatted away non-stop, mostly about old times and people they knew. We also did quite a lot more on the family tree on – we are filling in some gaps now! Hoping to add more pics of ancestors too – it’s very fulfilling! Have you done yours?

Weather was rubbish though for a couple of the walks – including this one with sis and her man and the dogs. The Torridge was near to breaking its banks but didn’t quite reach the road, thank goodness. What a difference a week makes – wish the forecast for this weekend was what we’d had last week! It was so nice to have them down though. I just wish I’d got more sleep…

How do you help yourself drop off to sleep?

@TheSleepCouncil: “More people are turning to alcohol before bedtime. But while alcohol may help you fall asleep quicker, it also leads to a more disrupted night (including reducing REM sleep), and can have long-term counter effects”

Last week I read an interesting tweet from the Sleep Council – they said that more and more people are turning to alcohol before bedtime – 25% of us in 2017, versus just 16% four years ago. But while alcohol may help you fall asleep quicker, it also leads to a more disrupted night (including reducing valuable REM sleep), and can have long-term counter effects. Funny ‘cos I’ve never been a drinker – it just makes me tired. BUT last spring when I began hosting all the retreats, we had ‘wine o clock’ at 6pm, which writers like. And I started partaking. But then I found I was waking more and not sleeping well! Which hit home as I’ve always slept soundly – once I let myself drop off of course. So when I saw this post I just had to relay it. What’s your experience?

Here’s our range of ‘sleep better’ products – from mattresses to sleep sprays. Sleep is the best thing for reparation as well, as I know to my own cost. So let’s make a pact – more sleep this year, ok?


Lolly’s bump

My lovely daughter’s bump is progressing isn’t it? You can just about see it, here she is mucking about out at a garden centre over Easter – love her to bits. Baby arrives September! I see Blake Katherine on Sunday – she’s nearly three months now! Yay!

Fish Eye

I’ve been experimenting with a fish eye attachment for my iPhone and took this pic of one of our bedrooms last week – does it work? Or does the perspective just make you feel a bit sick? Lol!

Baby Blake

Awwwww – just awwww!

Book of the Week

A thrilling psychological drama from Clare Macintosh called ‘Let me Lie’ – this week my book blog reviews the latest tense novel from top author Clare – with a twist at the start as well as at the end! I really enjoyed this one, especially the relationship with the detective and his wife – you’ll see what I mean if you read it. It’s the No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller and I’m not surprised why. Well done Clare.

Facebook Vlog of the Week

Was one about the Torridge – long time since I’d done a video blog out and about down by the river in our village of Sheepwash in Devon, so go to my Facebook page to watch it! I do lots – including behind the scenes ones just before a show, like the one previewing that night’s Kim & Co jumpsuit TSV – so do check out my Facebook page!

Ordeal of Innocence

With one of my faves, Bill Nighy. Another whodunit, with style and panache and an impact only Bill Nighy can have, as the 1950s father mourning the death of his wife, as it’s revealed the son who later died, did NOT kill her after all, so who did? The new wife, former secretary? One of the many adopted children, now grown up, who obviously hated the mother? OOOO Agatha Christie intrigue! On catch up – and well worth following via iPlayer!

Next Week’s Highlights

Monday – a lovely Denim & Co pack of two lace cuff detail tops – very affordable!

Tuesday – Vionics return – yay! With the built-in orthotics, this time it’s an adjustable strap sandal called the ‘Misa’.

Wednesday – Beauty Bioscience Go Pro Tool with two replacement heads and five Prep Pads – sounds intriguing!

Thursday – Ecoegg bring us a wonderful 120 cycles dishwasher egg – goodness, if this works as well as their washing machine egg, I’m in! We do around 2-3 washes a day down in Devon when guests are in!

Friday – And on Friday a lovely Diamonique three row tennis friendship bracelet in Sterling silver, at a superb price.

Next week – I’m really excited about attending my pal AJ Pearce’s book launch for Dear Mrs Bird which comes out this week – and another get together with my granddaughter Blake – can’t wait!

Also I’ll be launching the Elemis Today’s Special Value on Friday (13th) at midnight, which I can’t wait for – it’s got an amazing new night product from the Pro-Collagen range – it’ll fly out!

Have a lovely week!

Best wishes



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  1. marie April 6, 2018 at 4:04 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie interesting blog as usual. Intetesting read about alchol but I find it makes no difference to my sleep pattern
    If I drink or not.
    I am usually a good sleeper perhaps I’m lucky! x

  2. Susan April 6, 2018 at 10:44 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Happy belated Easter. It was a wash out wasn’t it! Glad you’re feeling better. I’m wondering is Blake always going to get Blake Catherine or is she just Blake? How fast 3 months has gone. Hopefully it all goes ok for lolly. She doesn’t mine you sharing?
    Hope you have a nice weekend. Sleep well!x

  3. Suzi Lubi April 7, 2018 at 8:54 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie. The fish eye lense is probably fairly standard “these days” meaning folk are used to how it looks . However, I am not a fan myself. I think the distortion bigs up the room too much meaning they are smaller than they appear. But I am a traditionalist and luddite so maybe not your target audience lol I think using more than one photo or a 360¤ video is better.
    Best wishes xx

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