Nicknames, jaws, and lack of sleep???


Hi everyone,

Well even I can’t pull that little lot in the title together into some kind of coherent storyline, and it’s me that’s doing the writing!!!! So please do bear with me!

Firstly nicknames – have you got one? Did you ever have one? Did you love it/hate it?

Growing up I never had a nickname. Sometimes your first name is altered and a kind of nickname emerges, but there’s not much scope I suppose with the name ‘Anne’!! That being said, my husband Danny (who rarely calls me Anne), was the first to call me anything other than my real name. ‘Dodge’!!! I mean what on earth is that all about? He can’t even tell me why he’s given me that name, but I am assured that it’s not because of anything particularly “dodgy” about me. Strange. And over the years of course the kids don’t even bat an eye anymore. He never calls me that when he’s speaking to anyone else about me (then it’s ‘Annie’).

I don’t know what’s worse ‘Dodge’ or ‘Dangerous’, my nickname here at QVC!! Personally I think some people just a love a bit of alliteration… hence why more than one of the team here refers to me as ‘Dangerous Dawson’!!! Again, nothing particularly dangerous about me, but hey ho!!

“Nowt stranger than folk,” as they say!!

Moving swiftly on, and the next two issues do go hand in hand I suppose.

My lack of sleep was due to a reunion which took place last weekend. I had a total of 19 hours sleep over five nights!! Met up with some fab friends in Spain. Loads of us were there but in the photo I’ve included it’s just me and my friend the lovely Birgit!! Look at the weather!! We were on the beach, with temperatures soaring into the 80s (showing my age here). What a shocker coming back to this awful weather in the UK?

Anne and friendNow if you think it was the wild living that kept us up all night, you’d be wrong!!! Tea and chocolate biscuits until 5am catching up – it was fantastic! I haven’t laughed as much in ages (and I actually laugh quite a lot).

The shark? Absolutely no idea. It was outside where we were staying, randomly positioned in the tree!! Talking of random, it’s a little bit like this blog actually, which in turn can be a little bit like my life at times… all good, although always keeping room for the bizarre!!

Shark in treeHope you’re all well and have enjoyed our recent fashion event. I spent a small fortune. Loved my EMU TSV and the Join Clothes I snapped up too!! Maybe if Danny sees the bank statement he may well want to swap to calling me ‘Dangerous’ too!!

Take care you lovely lot.

Speak soon,

Anne x


  1. Susan October 15, 2014 at 7:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Annie, well I do love that name and as as Danny calls you it, well why should we not?! I am very envious of your lovely girly hol to Spain! I haven’t been away to the sun in I don’t know how long and it looks amazing! And so do you and Birgit by thw way! Anne you’re so glam! Sort of rhymes that doesn’t it?! Were these your girly friends from your French living days? Birgit is a lovely name isn’t it. Can imagine you had a lot of laughs!! And yes you do laugh a lot already! I hope your lovely Sophie is doing well by the way? Lots of love, Susan x

  2. Anne dawson October 20, 2014 at 12:27 pm -  Reply

    Hey Susan! Lovely to hear from you. And yes feel free to call me Annie 🙂
    Little Sophie is doing extremely well thank you. The happy family moved house on her birthday, the 1st October. I simply cannot believe she’s one!!
    The years are just flying by!
    You need to plan a holiday in the sun Susan. It’s such a tonic. Hope you get one soon.
    Stay in touch.
    Anne x

  3. Lara November 5, 2014 at 8:32 pm -  Reply

    Hi Anne
    Thought you looked fab on the Liz Earle show on Sat 25th October. What were you wearing?
    It was navy with short wide sleeves and wide neck.
    Loved the Taxco earring which I have bought.

  4. Anne dawson November 7, 2014 at 11:07 am -  Reply

    Oh Lara!! You are way too kind with your lovely compliments!!
    The top was from qvc “east” range!! I love it! It covers a multitude of sins if you get my drift!! 😉

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