New Year New Direction? Anything Goes, and films – Wanderlust and The Hobbit!


Anything Goes with Ali and WillThis week –

– New year, new…. What?! Need some self-help?

– Kissing Will – with ‘Anything Goes’, Saturday night’s special

– Alison Young’s origins – how exactly DID she wind up on QVC?

– And film review – the fabulous Paul Rudd in ‘Wanderlust’ and is ‘The Hobbit’ over-rated?

First week of Jan brings a whole new look show to Saturday nights, called Anything Goes – Ali was my new co-host at the weekend – more details below! Plus – from ‘Will I.T.’, in the pic with me and Ali, to ‘will power’ – time for some help?

Me in the poolNew year's Resolutions

OK so how are they going? What are you sticking to? I’m proud to say I’ve been to the pool – three times now! Yay! Lol. And yes, I’ve also of course kept up my usual dog walking – after all, four fat dogs don’t rest! And I have got out my gadgetry once more in the back room. The pilates machine is great, (400044 is one of the best). Jumping up and down becomes rebounding horizontally and all the stresses of the day just drift away… well, ok for a little while anyway!

But if you like me, are short of space, fortunately with just three products stored in a tiny footprint, I can do abs (torso track), bum n legs (leg wizard ) and whole body (body blade – love it!). (Note I said ‘can ’… not ‘do’… ; – ) Just call me Yoda…)

Three gadgetsIf you’re in need of a helping hand, of course there are a whole host of different products on air this time of year. Too many to mention, but do go look online.

Plus I love listening to audio books, the current one being ‘Deep Truth’ by Gregg Madden, a scientist who makes you think. (Despite being a pretty poor narrator of his own stuff! Lol).

In fact, I thought about this week’s blog topic, and decided that before I get back to business with the Anything Goes update below, I’d dwell a while on a subject that’s been on my mind – literally. And very pertinent for this time of year.


Wayne dyerMind over matter – how important IS it? Your attitude? Your glass half full/empty ratio? Your ability to focus on what you want to happen in your life? In your body? What a big topic!

And one that some people just can’t seem to get their heads round (no pun intended!) BUT more and more scientific studies prove without doubt that emotions do have an impact on our bodies and the world around us. I read the New Scientist! Hehe!  

Anyway, considering how many lovely people regularly ask me about stuff like this, eg in some of your nice xmas card messages, I thought I’d list a few of the most memorable works I’ve found useful.

NONE of them will be a miracle, nor do it all for you automatically, but one or two might – just might – help. And if January is a really rubbish time of year for you, they might be just the ticket! And if you love January, and you’re completely sorted out yourself, let me know if YOU have any recommendations too!

As you may know, Wayne Dyer (above) has been my biggest influence and features heavily in my collection, so anything by him is good! And it was fab meeting him when he guested on QVC UK three years ago. Here’s a vintage clip for you – one of the first I posted after I returned to QVC!


I have quite a collection of self-help and motivational stuff at home, as you can imagine, so here are just a few of my favourites. Most are available online, including on audio book (my recommendation if you’re rubbish at getting through books!) –

– Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life , is an excellent starting point for anyone new to the concept of self-help, especially if you’ve been through it and want a helping hand.  

-Wayne Dyer – Your Erroneous Zones (yes really – erroneous, you read it right! Lol) is super – one of his early works, all about unlearning rules to do with other people’s impact on your life. And to be honest, almost anything from Wayne, including Getting in Balance, Manifest Your Destiny and Excuses Begone.

– Deepak Chopra – Magical Mind, Magical Body – for some fascinating science and even a bit of quantum physics to do with healing!

– Bernie Siegal – Prescriptions For Living – this and so many more from him, like Love, Medicine and Miracles regarding the power of beliefs in healing the body. (

– ‘Conversations With God’ ¬– Neale Donald Walsch – a fabulously enlightening approach from this trilogy of books which help to deal with the big issues, eg losing loved ones, in a philosophical way (rather than religious – shame about the title). A must-read (or listen).

– And for troublesome kids – ‘How to talk so kids will listen, and listen so kids will talk’ by Faber and Mazlish – this tape was – in around 1998 – a totally pivotal book for me – and mine!

icky Hansen and Shawn GoodmanAnd if it’s weight loss, apart from all of our wonderful products, of course! – if you can get it, second hand on the net maybe (we used to sell it here ages ago)

– try the ‘Seven Secrets of Slim People’ by Vicky Hansen and Shawn Goodman.

(or you can search for my own ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ – haha!) So there you go! Anything you’d like to recommend too? Would love to hear your thoughts! And good luck with it – whatever ‘it’ is for you! Lol! Now where’s that rebounder… ?!


Kissing WillAnything Goes

Last Saturday night (5th) at 8pm, AND Anything Goes – our new extravaganza for the weekend – was off and running to a great start! And apart from a cacophony of noise when too many guests came on to sample Jilly Jones’ Easiyo alcoholic smoothies (!) it seemed to go very well!

Our two hour special has been launched by popular demand from people who missed Saturday Night Gifts. Well one of your fave moments last week apparently was this one with Will doing the tweets etc, having just spoken to Ali and me using the big telly to link between us – and it was too much for me to resist as we stayed in Will’s shot behind him! Hehe!

It was great fun – best of luck to Dale, back on air this Saturday (12th), with lovely Anne, and – yes, you’ve been warned! – Debbie Greenwood doing the interactive role reading tweets etc! So make sure you send her some on the night! (@DebGreenwoodQVC) .

Bose will be our new Saturday Today’s Special value bargain, plus there’ll be lots more unusual features, including ‘Be the Producer’ where you (one lucky viewer calling in on the night) will choose what product is next! Whenever there’s not a special event day, we’ll have this show on Saturday nights for Spring time, so do join in!

Blooper/ On Air highlight

Had a great Laura Geller show with Alison Young – as the guest! Just like the old days. Ever wondered though, how the lovely – and very knowledgeable – and bossy (!! haha) – Alison, came to be on QVC? Well in the early days, she was our lifeline when she started guesting our beauty shows. So surprise surprise, she and I got to do a bit of reminiscing – including her story about how she actually came to be on air . It was a fun show and fab to be on once more with Alison – like riding a horse, er, falling off a bike, er, you know what I mean!


Now – question of the week – leave me a comment below at the bottom of the blog to tell me – Do you remember those early shows with Alison Young being the beauty guest? What’s your favourite memory?


-Fructose makes the news! Another helping hand in cutting down/giving up – you can now blame the sugar for making you put on weight – not your own will power!

But you needn’t be a martyr! There are some fab fructose/ sucrose replacements! Here’s a super Brownies recipe from lovely @marlenewt, more on

Fructose Brownie recipe

And a lovely facebook pic doing the rounds this week was this little one from my regular, Michelle Roberts. How heartwarming – and what a lovely shot! Bless the little chap’s heart!I’ve featured a lot of doggies, so about time we had a baby turtle! Lol.

– Ohhhh how proud a mummy I am! Family news this week is that my lovely son Brad and fiancée Kari sent out this great idea – a ‘save the date’ card – a pre-invitation invitation, to their wedding in October this year! Oh gosh it’ll come so fast!


Brad and Kari









-I can’t go cos I’m working, but on 21st Jan, Donny and Marie are apparently in town! Just thought I’d let you know! I am going to see Gary Barlow at the Hammersmith Apollo on Wed 16th though! Yay!

– This made picture of tigger made me smile – nuff said! Lol!

Donny and Marie  Tigger

– And finally, here is a clip of Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling pretending to be QVC presenters – very funny!


Footnotes watch

– oooooo it was a bit of indulgence for me this week – watching one of my favourite actors Paul Rudd, with Jennifer Aniston, on DVD ‘Wanderlust’! Really, really enjoyed this tale of escaping the rat race, specially the joke from Alan Alda in the diner – eating steak, with a funny line about macrobiotic food! Lol! But mainly just cos I love Paul Rudd. Although the mirror scene (search it on youtube – gross!) nearly put me off for life! Haha! Still, it got a nice rounded 8 out of ten from me!


Review 2- The Hobbit . And I must say, WATCHING The Hobbit on a preview screening disc with a pal, at home, I was thankful for the fast forward button which allows you to watch all the many many chase/fight/escape scenes at double time – with FF sound. I liked a lot of it – (I’d been read Tolkien’s book when I was at middle school – by Mr Adams at Morden Farm Middle if memory serves me right!). And I also love Martin Freeman, so I really wanted it to be good! But he seemed to be less enchanting than usual in this role – almost like he was ‘doing’ being Bilbo Baggins, rather than just ‘being’ him. Know what I mean?

BUT still worth a view if you liked Lord of the Rings, and considering how well it’s doing worldwide, they won’t be worried about a few picky people’s opinions I’m sure! So – been thinking ‘bout this one – probably 7.5 out of ten. Gains some for the effects and one liners (‘it’s less of a sword – more of a paper opener really’). Loses a bit tho, for some of the overlong scenes, which seem to be there as a result of a straight transferal of the book to the big screen, not allowing for the subtleties needed for a really good film script. IMO! What’s yours?


Decleor TSVQVC

As mentioned above, look out for the next Anything Goes with lots of madness and mayhem on Saturday night at 8pm. Then it’s a Decleor Sunday! Join me and Fiona at 4pm on Sun 13th incl the amazing value Today’s Special.

Then next week I have two midnight launches – Tuesday night is a fab new HP all in one printer, then on Thursday at midnight, the launch of the new Slim n Lift Today’s Special Value – since I’m a lover of their Aire shorts, I can’t wait!

As promised, I said during Fashion Day that I would remind you on my next blog of the address to write to for such things as 'why don't QVC do men's clothing!' which was tweeted this week. It's this- They're very helpful!

Best wishes – don’t forget to leave me a comment below. Have a great week!

Come back next week, when I’ll be giving you a sneaky preview of the next Liz Earle TSV, as well as the lowdown on Gary Barlow in concert, Cirque du Soleil, plus a certain facebook funny about Booba the Shih Tzu and his Yellow Shoes…

Luv debs X

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Reminder – question of the week – Do you remember those early shows with Alison Young being the beauty guest? What’s your favourite memory?


  1. Nigel January 14, 2013 at 4:24 pm -  Reply

    Debs – Snowbound today but thinking of spring so wondered if you ever thought of interviewing Liz Earle about her views on healthy eating/living whilst helping with the lambing on her organic farm( u seemed to enjoy it last Easter!).
    Look f’ward to a clip of ‘Snowwoman and the Snowpogs’!!,Nige:))

  2. Cheryl January 14, 2013 at 8:31 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Looking you going to see Mr Gary Barlow!! I’m lucky enough to be going to see Donny and Marie in Liverpool on 2nd Feb — my 32nd anniversary of starting in the NHS!!! Where has that time gone? I cant wait! I still cant believe my parents left behind my Osmonds lampshade when they moved
    Love Brad’s and Kari’s save the date card. I hope you’ve got your tissues and waterproof mascara sorted for October
    love Cheryl xx

  3. Nova Merridale January 15, 2013 at 1:40 pm -  Reply

    Debs, I remember Paul Lavers and Steve ?? (Wife was a pharmaceutical person, he did stuff on Richard & Judy’s show). I remember you demonstrating everything as ‘capacious’!! Greg and Max and Glynn Christian in the kitchen and Katy John…she used to be recorded singing, to air on Christmas Day when there were no live broadcasts!! I’ve loved QVC from the start and still love it to this day. You’re all like friends in our homes!! X

  4. Jill Dowding-Walker January 17, 2013 at 11:45 pm -  Reply

    Hi Deb, lovely blog!
    I love your taste in books – have read (or listened) to most of those on my never ending quest for personal enlightenment too! The ones I have not, thank you for sharing, so I can catch up with them at some point!
    Agree with you re The Hobbit, but I think they did a good job considering Lord of The Rings is a hard act to follow when Hobbit should have been first! And I rather liked Kili (aka Aidan Turner)…shave him, scrub him and send him to my room please! The film gets an 8; Kili gets 9!!!
    I also saw Les Mis this week and as a lover of stage musicals I wondered how I would take it, but it did catch my imagination and heart from the very opening scene – just as much as the stage version 20 years ago! Also a 9.
    My first memory of Alison Young? I feel like I have always known her it has been that long! I remember she used to say ‘luxurious’ a lot and was very serious at first. That soon gave way to fits of the giggles to the point of crying, with me laughing along at home just as hard! The first time I had to ask her advice was when my toddler (now 13) fell and cut open her brow. It was healing, but leaving a very obvious red scar, so I asked Alison what I should use to alleviate scarring. She advised me to use Bio Oil and Decleor Prolagene Gel. My beautiful daughter now has the faintest invisible mark thanks to that wonderful advice. I told Alison about that when I met her at the Beauty Bash last year.
    I remember fun and games with Alison squirting George Carroll hair cream at you over a model sitting on the bed! Also remember Steve Whatley, Paul Lavers, Kara Tritton and Rob…
    Will I see you at this year’s Beauty Bash? After that I have a date with Donny Osmond (his sister, a few other friends…) in Birmingham! I do hope the roads are kept free from ice and snow next week as I am travelling up and down the country then!
    Hope you manage okay with all the snow that is forecast for this coming weekend! Your dogs and my Nesta will love it though! Stay safe!
    Love, Jill x

  5. debs f January 20, 2013 at 7:45 pm -  Reply

    Nige – well there’s a liz Earle TSV next weekend so you never know! Yes the sheep are back in the next door field so i may get a repeat of last year’s experience in early April!
    Currently looking at a white out outside the window, but so far it’s only been snowball ‘fetch’ with the pogs!
    I think we’re ALL thinking of Spring, now the snow’s hit! 🙂
    best wishes

  6. debs f January 20, 2013 at 8:02 pm -  Reply

    CHeryl – I know! I’ll be taking a box of tissues to brad’s wedding just in case! lol!
    Oh am so happy for you going to see Donny and Marie – they’re so good – when we saw them in Vegas few years ago, Donny had a sore throat and Marie was adlibbing covering for him – hilarious! Would so go again if i had the chance!
    thanks for commenting! Come back again!

  7. debs f January 20, 2013 at 8:04 pm -  Reply

    Nova – (lovely name btw!) – wow all those names from the past! Katy is the only one I never heard from after she left – I do wonder how she’s doing nowadays! Her daughter must be about 13 now?
    Glad you’re finding us good to watch! So nice of you to comment – I do hope you do so again in the future!
    best wishes for 2013!

  8. debs f January 20, 2013 at 8:11 pm -  Reply

    Jill – yes I bet NEsta’s loving it as much as my pooch’s are – specially Daisy! I just posted a link to them playing in the snow on my next week’s blog that’s just gone up!
    Oh you going to see Donny and Marie too! See other comment below – enjoy! Such showmen!
    Lovely memories of those early days when Ali Young used to behave herself! hehe! How times change! lol!
    big hugs for a safe week’s journeys for you!

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