New use for phone boxes and sneak peaks!


Have you got anything like this near you in your town or village? How lovely is it? Re-using and sharing the love by passing on some wonderful books. Most of the ones in our little Sheepwash village telephone box are in good condition and the locals keep an eye on what needs to be replaced or removed if it gets too damp. They are constantly being replenished, including when I first moved here and put quite a few really good ones in there!

We were discussing with other authors, at dinner, whether it is a good idea though – as it makes an impact on authors’ earnings if people share books and don’t buy them. After all, authors actually earn money from libraries, I don’t know if you realise that – not much, but they do. However, the really good point was made that if you discover an author and you are really pleased with their book, it means you will go and seek out more of the same. That happens a lot with me, I am regularly going back for more books from an author I discover and find I really love their work. Don’t you agree? Four instance, Jackie Kabler, whose latest book is my book of the week below.

Anyway I was looking after a lot of people this week and had not much time to breathe, or go anywhere – I did not even go to the market with my friend Alix.

I did cook some wicked meals however, including kedgeree, a first for me! Plus on Wednesdays as usual we had a lovely big cake table. My contribution this week was flapjacks, and the home-made banana bread was amazing. (Ahem, by neighbour and chief helper-pixie Linda!) I’m getting much better at this stuff though! I even made some guacamole. Even if I did put too many tomatoes in and it looked a bit brown… 🙂 Lol.

I must admit I still prefer someone else cooking the food, though. Last week Jilly and I took a break from work in between her shift and after mine, to pay a visit to a shopping centre where we had a lovely supper. It’s not often I get to go out and chew the fat with my old pal; in the old days, especially when I was away from QVC, we would regularly meet up, with our children. They are all grown up or nearly grown up now, so it was lovely to have a catch up!

This weekend’s highlights

Guess what, both of these Today’s Special Values are available to buy now! The weekend kicked off with a wonderful MarlaWynne stripe maxi dress which sold out early!

Saturday – go here to see and buy the latest Amazon tablet offer – the Fire 10 inch tablet with 32GB SD card and case voucher; looking forward to doing this one with my ‘telly husband’ Lee Hohbein including at 7pm.

Sunday – yes, you’ve guessed it, Go here to see and buy the wonderful new Liz Earle four-piece  Refresh & Revitalise Superskin Collection including a huge value Superskin moisturiser and tons of amazing Cleanse & Polish!

This week on Twitter, one of the posts doing the rounds, was a challenge to list five things you could talk about for half an hour. I listed Cleanse & Polish! Honestly I think I could! I have been using it since it first came to QVC almost 24 years ago. If anyone has skin problems in your family, I would say try this cleanser, it really is amazing for almost every skin type. And how great to get it at a Today’s Special Value offer! So don’t miss out! Hoping to have one hour with lovely Caroline on Sunday afternoon at 5pm!

The other four were also QVC products, on my QVC Twitter anyway. Bodyblade, Amazon Alexa, Australian Body Care, and my Sealy mattress. What are yours? On my own Twitter I put fish oils, the microbiome, my dogs charity, plus self-publishing and audiobooks! And I wonder why I am single… Ha! PS no I don’t really wonder at all…. 🙂

Big Deals old and New

This week’s Big Deals – ending Sunday

BarePro Powder Foundation Kit available in four interest-free instalments

Lulu Guinness Large Nylon Weekend Holdall available in two interest-free instalments

Ecozone Ecoball 1000 Washes laundry kit

Go here to see and buy them all now.

Next week’s Big Deals – starting Sunday/Monday at midnight

Vitalmaxx Body & Skin Brush with five interchangeable heads

Elemis The Power of Peptide four-piece Collection – available in two interest-free instalments

8.00 carat gemstone octagon cocktail ring rhodium plated sterling silver


Beauty deals still online – Just in case you missed them, go here to have a lovely look at some of the beauty deals still available and all available in four interest-free instalments online. Snap them up while you can! I got the nail file set from aurally, and the Revitalash duo. Wish they were still available, I would’ve bought more.

Top dress

Oh my goodness I love this dress so much! And lots of people have asked about it. It is the Coco Bianco, cold shoulder, fit and flare, I just hope they do some more 🙂 I’m in a medium and it’s quite stretchy 🙂

Funny pic of the week

Oh my goodness, never be in a rush to clear your bedroom too quickly – so that another guest can stay there for a few nights – if it means that you do your make-up too quickly! Funniest thing however was that having stabbed myself in the eye and looked like the Clockwork Orange, I posted it on social media and got a funny response. People said it didn’t look like me look like a ventriloquist dummy! And yes it did.

My dad n my daughter

Circa 1991, my little Lauren was only about two, and my dad, the year before he died, was giving her lovely cuddles. Just look at lolly’s little mouth. Now imagine shorter light ginger hair and bright blue eyes, and you have little Phoebe! Their mouths are absolutely identical! My six month old granddaughter is doing very well, she is laughing, enjoying weaning, and the other day she said ‘mum mum mum mum mum! ‘It’s so lovely to see Lauren’s reaction to her beautiful little baby girl. Blake is also having fun – away in New Orleans, including collecting lots of necklaces from the jazz festival, like the ones we had when we were out there in February. And also splashing around in fountains and looking at animals and birds and enjoying the music with a dance or two. Loving the videos from my son too. Wonderful times.

Boomerang Cubii

Have a look at this seated elliptical strider, one of my guests was making full use of it this week! It is highly reviewed, and can be used to sitting down, and I bought one after I presented it last week. It is still available go here to find it. It is a great idea if you are seated a lot, as we are when we are writing our books, or if you cannot stand very easily or need to start carefully with a new exercise routine. Great idea.

Book of the week

As mentioned above, it is Jackie Kabler’s new book, and I cannot wait to get it on audiobook! I loved that this week she tweeted how happy she was that it was doing well in the online charts, and I could not be more happy for her. It’s a new direction as her other books have been more cosy crime. This one is a bit more of a thriller. ‘Am I Guilty’ – check it out!


It’s got to be Avengers Endgame, hasn’t it? Having seen Infinity War, obviously this part two movie is a must-watch! I do need to see Captain Marvel, the recent one, first though, I believe? If I get time to go this weekend, that’s what I will be off to see. Also next week it looks like we’ll be seeing Tolkien – another biopic – fab!

Vlog of the week

Over on my Facebook page, I had a ‘kedgeree-ish’ kind of question… go here to see it and look out for the updates I post with links to special deals. Other social media links are all below, do follow!


Monday – Bank holiday Monday has an Ultrasun four-piece Total Protection Kit, choice of Family or Glamour!

Tuesday – Amanda Holden is back with her BundleBerry set of two faux succulents in ceramic pots with metal holders! Look out for the early bird link over the weekend.

Wednesday – a superb new bag from Amanda Wakeley, the Roberts, with studs!

Thursday – Kim is back with Kim & Co silky linen look cardigan and sleeveless top set, really good pricing for Kim.

Friday – then James Reed is here with his three-piece Sleep Mask Tan with Retinol Collection, look out for the link mid-week.

Next week on the blog – it is my birthday week! And it will be a short QVC shift for me, after my birthday on the 10th, only working Saturday and Sunday. My mum is taking me out on Friday, friends are taking me out in Devon on Thursday, then I hope to see some of my siblings on the weekend. It will be a busy one. Enjoy yours!

Best wishes

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  1. Dee Sedgwick May 3, 2019 at 6:38 pm -  Reply

    Hello lovely Debbie, This is not rhetorical but where do you and most of your QVC colleagues find the time to do so many things! Do you have secrete Elves’ extra hours after we mortals have done all we can and gone off to bed. I sometimes say, when there is a sinkful – and beyond – of washing up, “perhaps the Elves will come and do it by the morning” (They never do, although – to be fair – I don’t usually leave it !
    Yes, I too have the magical ‘phone box book shop where I live in Gisleham, in Suffolk.
    Lovely to read your stories each week.
    Love and all good wishes Dee Sedgwick

  2. sarah jones May 3, 2019 at 9:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    It is also my birthday on the 10th have a lovely day.

  3. Gloria James May 4, 2019 at 10:24 am -  Reply

    Enjoy your birthday, Have a great day

  4. Margaret Rees May 6, 2019 at 11:45 am -  Reply

    Happy Birthday Debbie my birthday is on the 10th too but I will be 79 I have a party on Saturday with the family.I hope you have a lovely time with your family we are well blest to have them.Xx

  5. Ruth May 24, 2019 at 12:21 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Love reading you blog each week, I think the phone boxes that have the books in them are lovely, it gives people a chance to read a book that might not be able to afford to buy books or to get to a library as so many have now closed.most of the books are old if not very old and the charity shops don’t want them so they go to recycle ,I think if someone can have a good read and maybe replace it with another book that’s good. I think it can bring lonely people together as they may meet another person that they can chat too, and that’s always good.

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