New sheets, scents and skin!


Crisp, fresh and white… two things spring to mind when using those three words, one is SNOW (and we don’t want to be discussing that at this stage in the game do we now?!) and the other is bed linen.
I’ve realised for some time that mine was looking decidedly lacklustre, even when its freshly laundered having gaily wafted on the line for the day, absorbing sunshine and fresh air and even with hot hygiene washes and whitening wash powders… no longer the whitest of whites! I cannot believe the difference in the picture of the whites below… it could be an advert couldn’t it! So the time has come to say farewell and invest in some newness!

Bed linen

Et voila…


As we know, the bed is one of the most important and nurturing of objects in our homes, we must adorn it with thought and bear in mind the hours one spends in it, one should invest.

Well, luckily for us all the invest word is null and void as Northern Nights has 20% off all bedding for October, so still plenty of time to freshen things up in the bedroom, so to speak! And whilst we are at it, how’s the guest room looking or the kids rooms! With sets and single items aplenty on our website, I wish you happy perusing!

Now, do you sleep in anything? Oh goodness, that’s a helluva question! And do not answer… though Miss Monroe was reputedly famed for just a spritz of a certain perfume beneath her sheets. Talking of perfume I have a wonderful show coming up this weekend where you can find your next bed partner (the perfume variety of course… what were you thinking I was implying).

I am loving trying out two of the new perfumes in The Merchant of Venice collection. I have written before about the exquisite range and the superb Florian Bernollin who will educate us during the show. I know from previous shows we have done just how much his knowledge is appreciated, so, if you are looking for something special and different or perhaps to kick off your gift giving then I urge you to try and join us at 5pm on Saturday 20th where we will showcase favourites, men’s fragrance and new scents from the range.


Special mention must be made of the amazing fragrance Fantasia and its incredible bottle from Anna Sui, the New York fashion designer. Maddie thought it beautiful and it certainly is and captures the sensational blend within this fragrance perfectly. I couldn’t believe the detail and intricacies that make up the magical unicorn and if you love beautiful things as well as beautiful smells then you will be in heaven. For me it has a sweet start with a dry down that provides warmth. It’s sweet, gourmand and decadent for sure. The sweet pink pomelo is blended with undertones of spicy pink pepper to create a complex and vibrant mix and the floral bouquet base is offset by undertones of golden cypress and Himalayan cedar wood, giving Fantasia its warm, almost smoky, woody finish, it is exciting and distinctive, just like the beautifully designed bottle.

Suave Petals

The Suave Petals fragrance was also an instant joy and I am liberally spraying myself, I keep getting the surprise which often comes with a new fragrance where you catch it as the day or evening unfolds and it has developed, the dry down as they call it is like a whispered echo reminding us of the delicious summer days we had. It’s ever changing as your body provides the warmth to open and unlock the stages. From nectarine and white rose through a fruity floral and sensual journey, it is smooth, classy and sensual. Pure genius and again pure beauty as the bottle is made from such stunning colours of glass. Do join us for what I promise will be a lovely show.

A little meander through our boots selection at QVC threw up a few lovelies… I’m so enjoying my Moda in Pelle little numbers and the camel coloured tall boots from Marc Fisher caught my eye, beautiful, soft and soooo my cup of tea.

It really is a season to enjoy footwear I think and if the heels are rather a struggle and believe me I am most grateful to get to the floor after being in such vertiginous heels for a few hours, then perhaps these beauties from Vionic will fit the bill because they hold a secret within..!

Vionic boots

The wonderful inbuilt orthotic which assists your foot back to its rightful position is a joy and there is a lightweight flexible sole and a nice heel height you can cope with for scooting around but still having some heel. My slippers are from Vionic and it really feels lovely after a day out to be supported and comfy in the house too.

The boots are available in all the right colours to complement the fashion at the moment and will without a doubt look great with any outfit from jeans to dresses.

Oh and the not so secret, secret is… they will be our featured Today’s Special Value on Thursday 25th, so all that secret stuff inside for a fabulous one day only offer!

I promised to try and upload the video I did of the Gatineau mask the other day… it makes me laugh so much watching it back. I was not feeling super well, as you can see, but the excitement was evident! Not my most beautiful piece to camera… but heh… keeping it real!

So this is the super-sized brilliant exfoliating mask, one part of the awesome Big Deal which is available Sunday 21st at midnight, so technically the 22nd, for one week at a super price. It’s amazing skincare combining science and technology for astounding results. I’ve grown into Gatineau over the years and as I’ve matured it’s become a go-to range for me that’s for sure.

I will have to send Michaela and Andrew this blog as they challenged me to do the all in one peel off… challenge accepted, challenge completed!

A busy weekend ahead for me with live hours on QVC and on QVC Style this Saturday and Sunday and a friend’s 50th to celebrate, luckily half term is just around the corner… a moment to pause… who am I trying to kid??!!!!!

Keep on sparkling all of you, and stay healthy,
Much love,

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