A New Challenge for this Year


It’s January so that means a temporary list of New Year’s aims which end up being forgotten by February and making you feel depressed, right?!


This time, it’s different. This time, amongst other things, (listed below) my Facebook gang and I are aiming to make lifestyle changes across this next twelve months – yes you heard that right, a full year to achieve our goals. See my ‘New Year’s Challenges’ blog at the bottom of this condensed version of my usual weekly round-up, and don’t forget to let me know yours!

First – what to watch out for this week, and some funnies from New Year!



Early Bird Friday Webchat Alert – Studio 10’s Grace joins me tonight (8th, 9pm on air) for the ‘Friday Night Beauty’show, so she’s popping by onto our own QVC UK Facebook page for a Q&A about make-up, as I resume my Friday 6pm chats are just for the rest of January. She’ll be telling us about the superb Studio 10 contouring palette. Enter my Facebook chat competition for your chance to win one by leaving a comment during the 6-7pm chat – go here this evening – for the benefit of early birds!

Grace Fodor2


Studio 10 perfector Or if not, go here to watch Grace’s demo on-air. This clever coloured palette conceals and corrects and is great value.



Book of the week – ‘World Without End’ by Ken Follett – OMG what a saga! And over 45 HOURS of fabulous entertainment on audiobook. Go to my regular book blog to see why I loved it. Click here to see my Read it Write it Sell it blog.

Debbie Flint's book of the week


Free short story from me! My new twist in my short story ‘A Clever Stunt’ is going to be a freebie imminently on Choc lit subscriber database! Treats are sent out to those on their list. To get on it now, email info@choc-lit.com with the subject heading ‘Treat’ to sign up for all Treats not just this one. Squeeeee! Let me know what you think!

Lost in TV need you – be on ‘The Code’ – this TV company are looking for contestants for a brand new series of ‘The Code’ – click here to enter – new year, new you, new TiFFT’s*? (See below, by the way, about my plans for some spectacular TiFFT’s in 2016!)

BLOOPER – A little taster of how we saw in the New Year on air, with Charlie, Miceal, model Sharon, and a little helping of unconventional mayhem!

And this was the moment we saw in the new year, in case you missed it! Click here

Facebook Funny – saw this and it made me smile – look what some ‘wag’ has placed in a strategic position on this statue – funneeee! Course we had the rechargeable Pursonic epilator on my Back to You last week, (Item number) 401005.

Facebook funny


Back to You Update – New Year’s Day was super! Had Derek the Labrador puppy from Medical Detection Dogs in the studio with me! Just look at him and his cuteness! Go below in the New Year’s blog to see what happened when we went to the MDD HQ too.

 Bruce Fiona and Me


Glynis Barber’s ‘In-Sync Diet Book and Yoga DVD‘ featured on the New Year’s Day show, as did Bruce, with Bodyblade, helping to kick off a month of #qvcwellbeing, with a super competition you can enter on QCommunity here.

And of course every Monday throughout January my well being show ‘Back To You’ is back and it will be on at 8pm till 9pm each week till the 25th  January! On Monday 4th we had some super fitness ideas too – the Urban rebounder being one of my favourites and lots of totally unfit people told me they bought it, get yours here.

And don’t forget my weekly website Back to You blog – revisiting various well-being topics with fascinating links and updates on how you can join our support network! Click here.

WATCH – Joy – Went with Bodyblade Bruce, to see the current movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper about a shopping telly heroine. Yes really! Well, for anyone who likes QVC it gives a super early insight into how things were in the US in the first year – I actually visited QVC US when they still had that revolving stage and the call centre in front of the studio part. Around 1994 I think! It follows the early steps of Joy Mangano, whom many of us worked with in first few years of QVC before she went to the competitor HSN in the US, and how she brought her inventions to shopping telly. She is lovely, very industrious and super conscientious.

It was excellent and all the performances were fabulous, although maybe it would have been even better had the part not been played totally straight in the way Jennifer Lawrence played it – it could have been played with a bit more comic pathos. J-Law did just look a bit depressed and downtrodden quite often even tho’ there were laughs around her with her funny family etc. But the fact that it was about my world made it fascinating. Oh and it has Bradley Cooper! Bruce came out with a clenched stomach as it was even closer to his world! Worth a watch and I’ll probably see it again. Eight out of ten.


AND – my lounge after 12th night! What’s yours like? Tiffany lights help of course, as do the clever little Bethlehem battery operated wire lights. My subscribers to my email newsletter got their exclusive first, with a trip around my lounge! Go here to subscribe and to see it on my home page:www.debbieflint.com



Highlights this week on QVC –

  • Tonight (Friday 8th midnight) Magniflex topper tsv launch join me and Stefano for the Merino wool and cotton mattress topper!



  • Saturday night (9th midnight) Bose TSV launch me again with the Bose IV Wave system plus inner ear headphones offer – looks great!


  • Yankee Candle.  One show only type offer (!) Sunday 11pm – don’t miss it with Rosa and Miceal
  • Back to You Monday, 8pm – and do some ‘second screening’ and take part in Twitter and Facebook chats at the same time! Bruce has a regular bodyblade one, for instance! More about where to go to join in, is on my website here.
  • Honora – 10pm Wednesday (13th) – join Ralph and me for a one show only type deal!
  • Kipling TSV bag all day Friday next week – sneaky peek! Under £40 – super offer.– see Will’s super preview.


  • And a Laura Geller Today’s Special Value just around the corner, around £30 and the Trend Collection – stand by Geller Girls – on Saturday 16th. Plus as you’ll know from the TV guide, on the Sunday after it’s another super offer from Dyson – considering the cordless vac before Christmas broke all records, let’s see how this one does, through the day Sunday 17th.


Have a lovely week! Read on for my New Year’s Challenges blog and comment below to tell me yours.

Big hugs



Ps keep in touch with me on social media via twitter @debbieflint, via Facebook on my official page here, and via my website www.debbieflint.com (subscribe for newsletter with exclusive video updates!)


  1. 20lb in 2016

See what I did there?! Twenty pounds in 2016 – looks the same, so I thought, why not? So many people end up heavier year on year I figured let’s see if we can be lower after a year of lifestyle change rather than just quick fix diets that fail. OK so twenty pounds is fine for many of us, but it’s fine to set your own target – for others it’s less, or may be more. For others still, it’ll be a non-scales-victory (NSV) which will motivate them to stick to the lifestyle change – eg ‘to fit into those jeans from my twenties,’ or … ‘to drink only three glasses of wine a week.’ Or… ‘to do those 10,000 steps a day using fitbit.’ Or how about, given Bruce’s visit last weekend, ‘to bodyblade and do the supersix three times a week.’ Or … leg master, urban rebounder, pilates machine, walking, etc etc. You get the idea.

If you’d like to join me, and be part of all this, do one of two things –

  • Register your intent to join in by telling me a bit about you and your situation below in a comment on this blog.
  • And/Or come over to the public event attached to my official Facebook page – 20lb in 2016 Facebook Event and register your interest clicking ‘going’ and maybe an introductory post.
  • Before pics are optional but nice, ready for those ‘after’s’ in a year.
  • There’s already a post you can access which has a poll – take part to help show who’s doing what!
  1. My own Focus

Ok so I’ve got a lot of writing deadlines for my books this year – so my intention is to DO THEM! From a short story via Choc Lit (soon) to book 3 in my weight loss series (Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – out end of January in the usual online places, eBook for Kindle or paperback. Cover reveal next week!)

And then the really important follow up to my steamy romance ‘Take a Chance on Me’, has to be submitted by mid February – I’ve booked a week off already to ensure I meet the deadline, in order that it be out via Choc Lit early Summer. THEN it’s full steam ahead for ‘French or Dutch’ – I have some exciting deadlines I can’t talk about at the moment, but I’ll keep you informed as I go.

social debbie

SO – although I love spending time on social media, given how busy I was at the end of 2015 with a hectic diary full of exciting events and ‘do’s’ I will be limiting myself a bit more so my writing time is devoted to getting the deadlines done. That’s a big promise to myself because last year I spent a lot of my energies sorting out social media in one way or another, and this year it will be different. I promise… myself!


  1. TiFFTs – Keep Doing New Things and Have some Super Holidays!

The last few years I’ve been using up my leave by attending lots of writing holidays, work holidays (China) plus my house move etc. WELL this year all that will change. I intend visiting some new places – tons I haven’t seen yet – New York for instance! Going there with Patrick Quacker I hope, and will maybe see Laura Geller, Renee or other fab pals. Iceland – my friend Gill and I hope to go there. India – maybe this will be the year I go with my writing pal Alix. And another cruise – definitely! Plus a hol with my family possibly to Serbia – never been there either. Plus I want to keep up with the horse riding and get better.

*TiFFT’s And do some more ‘TiFFT’s’ – Try it For the First Time club events. Did some fab ones last year – including the Great Wall of China, indoor skydiving, proper horse riding, helicopter flying, becoming an proper charity fundraiser, and seeing my book in proper bookshops like WHSmith-Travel and Harrods.

Why don’t you do some too? Even simple things? The more we push back the barriers, the better, IMO. And my follow up novel to TACOM is going to be called ‘The Try it For the First Time Club’ too – with a super adventure about Sadie’s daredevil sister Helen and her search for her real dad and finding her true love. Busy year ahead!

  1. MDD – the Big Push and regular ‘pup-dates’!

But don’t worry – I’ll still have time for my charity! I promise I will keep up with the regular ‘puppy updates’ or ‘pup-dates!’ Lovely Derek the little darling doggy and the latest trainee detection dog, who I named after my dad having raised enough funds to do so, came into QVC for New Year’s Day Back to You show. Here’s the latest ‘pup-date’ about where he’s at with his training at the moment –


And if you love little Derek and what he stands for, as much as I do, think about spending a fiver a month on a regular donation to help Medical Detection Dogs keep going. You’ll get a cuddly toy puppy in return if it’s ten! Go here.

Part of my role as ambassador means spreading the word and going to some super functions. One will be Crufts, one will be at Speaker’s House and one will be a posh event held by a member of the nobility in London (can’t say who just yet!) And more. There are big plans afoot for a drive this year to bring MDD even more public awareness and I’m committed to make this happen and love visiting the HQ in Milton Keynes.

The work they do is stupendous, and I can tell you it’s the first step towards a real feel-good feeling if you know you’re helping others in such a tangible way. Being involved has made a massive difference to me and how I feel about the things that are bugging me in my own life. Believe me, it’s a leveller when you meet or read about others whose lives can’t be lived in a ‘normal’ way, whilst you have all your faculties and no real problems. It helps to keep one’s priorities right, for sure.

On Wednesday morning this week, I went to see the HQ along with a couple of good pals, to officially present the £5,037 raised online from 508 donations. Here’s part of what happened –


And we discussed some amazing fundraisers for 2016 – six events round the country with a vintage fashion theme… watch this space! And subscribe to my website email newsletter to be the first to know. (Also for exclusive videos – this week’s includes my lounge after 12th night!)

  1. Get more Balance. As I said when Charlie asked me on our funny New Year’s show, this year I want to fill in the little segments of my life that are a bit vacant at the moment or not as full as they should be. More meditation, for instance. Continue to do daily affirmations and visualisations – they haven’t let me down yet, in a life during which I’ve achieved nearly everything I set out to do (except regarding men! Lol!) My charity work and all the superb feedback I get from all the support I give people on Facebook and Twitter really helps me stay balanced. Specifically, it helps me not be bothered by some of the unpleasantness that goes on elsewhere on social media – as we say, if in doubt, block, ban or just be aware that their bitterness defines them not you. ‘Be independent of the good and bad opinion of others’ said the late, great Wayne Dyer and that’s a motto everyone can benefit from – ‘cos it works!

Debbie's book

If you’ve ever wondered about my recommendations for further reading, to find out more about some of the self-help and motivational books I swear by, click here. We have 60,000 thoughts every day, and 95% of them are the same as yesterday, so doing something different helps to change that. I’m a great believer in learning. And that what you believe will be true for you. So change what you believe, if it’s holding you back.

Life is good, I’m happy and content and nothing can get in the way of this being another great year. If it’s anything like last year I’ll be well away!

What’s your plan?



Ps *TiFFT = try it for the first time club

Pps keep in touch with me via Twitter, @debbieflint and via my Facebook page – search DebbieFlintQVC (page) or go here.

Go to my own website for full info about my novel writing, my Read it Write it Sell it blog and my Back to You show blog and well-being info, plus ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ weight loss book and also my charity for which I’m delighted to be an ambassador, Medical Detection Dogs, just go via my website, www.debbieflint.com

OR do leave me a comment below – just state your email address (not shown), a name, and comment!


  1. Viv Oconnell January 8, 2016 at 4:45 pm -  Reply

    I lost just under 5 stone in 2015 and have 20 pounds left to get to my target. So I am up for joining you on your 20pounds in 2016 challenge.

  2. Lesley January 8, 2016 at 8:32 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, yeah Tiffany Lamps certainly help brighten things up after Christmas, are QVC still going to be selling them doesnt seem to be any on anymore.

  3. Gill Graham January 9, 2016 at 8:50 pm -  Reply

    Well after another year of ups and downs . Mainly heart health worries and the ongoing support needed by my widowed daughter and grandson 2016 beckons like a lovely blank page. I am determined to keep striving to keep fit, slim and positive.
    As a very enthusiastic dog lover ( have 3 old labbies) am very supportive of MDD .
    So my challenges are to lose the 8lbs I have gained due to cake

  4. Janie January 10, 2016 at 7:18 pm -  Reply

    Loving the reading list xx

  5. debs f January 12, 2016 at 2:28 am -  Reply

    hey all – Viv well done missus! keep at it!
    janie – it took long enough! hehe! Seriously, was fun – just got to keeep to it.
    lesley – i know ! hope they’ll return
    Gill – big hugs for your tough challenges but you sound positive. MDD is such a fab charity too, glad you’re a supporter as well!
    hugs all x

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