New beauty for September – part two


Nail IncI hope you're enjoying all the fab beauty we have on offer in September. We have some more great products lined up for you over the next few weeks!

Nails Inc Fibre Optic Collection

Nails Inc are at the forefront of British fashion and are continually being seen in the fashion features of top glossy magazines where journalists depend upon their current and forward thinking advice for what’s on trend.

Their new collection launching 19th September, includes strands of fibre-optic effect varnishes which come in different colours or fibres. The Mayfair Mews colour celebrates the midnight shades of purples, blues and blacks but with a fibre-optic glow that, when it catches the light gives an almost lava lamp effect.

Chelsea Passage features gold and metallic fibres which almost seem to dance in the light with luminous brightness. The cool shade of Hampstead Court celebrates the platinum and cooler tones of white gold with more blue and lilac fibre optic tones.

You can be so inventive with these Nails Inc varnishes. Paint over the top of a contrasting nail colour for either a full manicure or a ring finger, little finger for some accent. The newer trends are also to paint at either the base or the tip of the nail and fade out so that you get an artwork look.

Also, because of these fibres you can create more texture by using your brush stroke in different directions to give different designs. This means that you can apply them in a subtle, elegant manner with slight accent on top of classic shades or full drama and artistry for the creative amongst you for a show-stopping finish.

For the practical amongst you, textures painted onto the nails like these are great on day four, five or six, when your manicure is starting to look tired or a crack or chip has appeared. You can disguise and create a whole new fashion look by painting these on top as a quick fix.

Philosophy Full of Promise Eye duoPhilosophy Full of Promise Eye Duo
This is a new product launch for QVC and for Philosophy UK. Continuing on their concept of two-fold answers to difficult skincare problems – instead of trying to make one product with all the ingredients in it and not necessarily getting the results that we want to see on our skin at home – they have cleverly created two separate formulas so each product is full strength and dedicated to the single problem-solving ingredients.

This Eye Duo has one formula for the eyelid to improve the appearance and work on the ageing problem of crepiness, slackness and dehydration and a second formula to work underneath the eye where lines, slackness and ageing occur but often with puffiness and darkness.

Philosophy took the best ingredients and focused on these two different types of ageing that appear on this small area of skin, and can now give targeted results by using two separate formulas.

Philosophy have always worked with a world renowned team of dermatologists and leading scientists who are specialists in different areas of skin and skin problems so that each formula is always to the highest cosmetic standards using up to date ingredients and research. By combining the two products together in one applicator it makes it easy for you to remember to treat each area separately at home so that you can get a more targeted result.

I think this will be a favourite in older age groups, probably more the 40s, 50s plus because the upper eye-lid doesn’t go normally in the first signs of ageing except, be warned, if you are in your 30s and it has gone – then it is almost definitely to do with excessive lifestyle, for example: sunbathing, smoking, drinking, weight fluctuations or possibly due to significant illness. If any of these describe you then yes, you could use it at an earlier age.

Organic PharmacyOrganic Pharmacy
QVC were instrumental in recognising this new trend and concept when Margo, the co-founder of Organic Pharmacy was a guest with us many years ago. Since then, her London base has grown to several consulting and treatment rooms and has even reached Beverley Hills where celebrities and professionals flock to her Organic Pharmacy store.

There they can get top advice and consultations with a modern and complete approach to the age-old issue of the search for quality ingredients. We are looking forward to offering a complete consultation through QVC that you will be able to experience in your own home for the first time.

After extensive training, Margo is not just the head and co-founder of Organic Pharmacy but also a leading point of knowledge as a homeopathic pharmacist. The Organic Pharmacy offers a comprehensive approach to self-help beauty in both their skincare ingredients, working on topical application for face, body and hair, but also we are very excited about the opportunity of sharing with you the secrets of Margot’s homeopathic pharmaceutical knowledge and experience with the use of her supplement approach, from the inside.

Favourite products are definitely going to be all about the ingredients. You can smell the purity and the activity of the key ingredients used in the correct concentrations in each product. The manuka, rose, jasmine, classic combinations of marigold and comfrey – but with modern day solutions of organic ingredients in a top-to-toe, inside and out approach.

Margot and her husband Franco are often the secret behind many a stressed celebrity, pop star or London professional who seek out their consultations because of the complete antidote they offer to the stresses of modern day life, and we are very excited to bring this complete new level of service and information to QVC on 27th September, and to enable everyone in the UK to learn about this self-help approach. 

Ali X

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  1. Caroline September 17, 2013 at 9:48 am -  Reply

    Hi, I was wondering if QVC will be bringing Tarte Cosmetics they are a available on QVC in the Usa . Check out all the UK youtuber who rave about this line .

  2. jaswin Kaur September 17, 2013 at 5:38 pm -  Reply

    Hi. I really like using SBC collagen cleanser. Should I be using a toner afterwards, and if so does SBC have something suitable for a mature skin.

  3. Karen September 17, 2013 at 11:10 pm -  Reply

    Please please please bring back Molton Brown.
    I love it, friends and family love it. It’s great for gifting. Smells fab and its fantastic quality and value for money!
    Thank you.

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