Never miss an opportunity to be fabulous


Not my own words but those which I spotted written in some cement whilst walking along a footpath in glorious West Wales last week when visiting friends. I just wanted to share it with you as I really enjoyed the sentiment. I adored how they had taken the opportunity of making their mark in some wet cement to be fabulous! Whoever it was made me smile. If it was you and you’re reading this now, thank you!

“Fabulosity” (I know, not a real word but as a QVC presenter I kind of have free license to create words… think Diamonique!) can be interpreted in many different ways. Perhaps it’s making the most of how you present yourself to the world, looking your best. Maybe it could be backing yourself, standing up for yourself or your beliefs. I think the statement made me reflect on how we are constantly being blessed with opportunities. Opportunities to learn, to be kind, to listen, to be aware, stop and smell the roses. Even taking a moment to look around you, wherever you are, there are little chances to be grateful. I find I really enjoy looking at little elements of architecture. Often it’s in a busy city centre that I will spy some wonderful little detail such as a beautiful window frame or old tile roof. I tend to try and look for the good wherever I go and I’m delighted to find it every time.

Many of you know that I have a strong affinity for Wales. I have great friends living there and take the opportunity to visit when I can. I had a lovely trip to Cardiff last week and then journeyed to Newcastle Emlyn in Carmarthenshire. I happened upon a gorgeous little cafe by the river, aptly named Riverside Coffee Shop & Cafe.

They specialised in producing freshly made vegan and vegetarian foods. As a vegan I was thrilled to have a lusciously gooey ‘cheese’ toastie with tomatoes, caramelised onions and mushrooms plus a fab side salad of coleslaw, potato salad and leaves all made with vegan ‘mayonnaise’. I washed it all down with a delicious oat milk latte, so creamy. They had an array of homemade cakes from rocky road slices to lemon drizzle, chocolate and ginger and all sorts of other tempting goodies! I did indulge. I simply had to!

The pace of life in the country is always, almost startlingly, considerably slower and more relaxed than it is in the suburbs. People stop and say hello to each other, they don’t get road rage if they have to slow down for a tractor and they just seem to have time for each other. I always enjoy this sense of community. Rural village life is something I remember from parts of my childhood spent in Norfolk and Suffolk. That takes me back! I remember living in a very small village which boasted a pub, a church, the small row of council houses where we lived, a good old fashioned red telephone box, one shop which was closed on a Wednesday afternoon and not too much else! As a teenager I found it frustratingly dull but now I’d gladly pay to go back and holiday in such a peaceful place.

Isn’t it funny how all the old cliches are filled with truth? “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” and “youth is wasted on the young” for example. I even remember a time when I lived in Arizona when my parents decided we’d go on a drive to see the Grand Canyon. One of the seven wonders of the world. I was about ten and all I wanted to do was play with my barbie dolls in the back of the car!

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing”. I suppose herein lies a lesson. If we can change the way we think about the here and now we may just discover the value in the present before it becomes the past. My friends and I have often lamented an extra pound or two or a few spots and even allowed our appearance to deter us from taking part in social events. Years later we look back on photographs of ourselves from that time and realise we had nothing to worry about at all and would gladly go back to that past version of ourselves in a heartbeat.

Returning full circle to where I started this blog I think those lovely words on the pavement could be changed from “never miss an opportunity to be fabulous” to “never miss an opportunity to be grateful” in order for us to see the beauty in the world before it passes us by. I’m sure I’ve heard another cliche which encapsulates this sentiment. I shall paraphrase as I don’t recall the exact words but it was something along the lines of ‘don’t complain about what you have today because tomorrow you may wish you could bring back yesterday’. That’s probably not exactly it but I think you get the picture…

Speaking of missed opportunities… I have missed a few Today’s Special Values recently! I have one coming up tonight that is worth a mention if you love easy care, easy wear, flattering fashion. Tune in at midnight tonight for Renee Greenstein and her ‘Attitudes’ TSV. We promise you’ll get a fabulous price but it can only last for 24 hours.

Thank you for reading this week’s musings. I look forward to reading yours below. Feel free to comment. I always read them all even if I don’t always get time to reply to each and every one. Thanks for your patience!

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Lots of love,

Catherine xx


  1. Valerie Wilding August 22, 2018 at 10:48 am -  Reply

    Lovely blog all those memories. Catherine I wonder can you help with a query. Sometime ago I went in waitlist for a Centigrade coat it was navy with beautiful blue fur on the hood. Do you think you could find out if it will come back this Autumn.

  2. Linda August 22, 2018 at 11:03 am -  Reply

    I was born 11 miles from Newcastle emlyn have you been to cenarth falls

  3. Catherine Huntley August 22, 2018 at 11:36 am -  Reply

    Hi Valerie,

    Thanks for writing in. The coat sounds lovely. It’s probably something QVC could better help you with better than I could. If you give them a call on 0800 514131 they should be able to find out using the item number. That number is direct for customer services rather than the usual ordering line.

    Fingers crossed for you!

    Love Catherine x

  4. Marjorie Tabarn August 22, 2018 at 2:31 pm -  Reply

    lovely blog Catherine and how very true I think every one should live for the day and appreciate it

  5. Julia Johnson August 22, 2018 at 8:28 pm -  Reply

    Hi Catherine,i have recently moved to Monmouth South Wales to be closer to my daughter,i have to say it’s lovely in Wales.x

  6. Barbara johnson August 29, 2018 at 10:59 am -  Reply

    Hi Catherine,I love reading your blogs they are funny and refreshing.i live in Caerphilly and holiday in Newport west is fantastic but do not tell everybody they will all want to come.

  7. Radhika October 15, 2018 at 9:12 am -  Reply

    Hi Catherine 🙂 I am one of the ladies who runs the Riverside Cafe. I have just sent you a message on messenger and would be really grateful if you could read it and get back to me ASAP. Thank you so much for blogging about our cafe and I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit. Hope to hear from you soon xx

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