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Debbie with Dreamkeeper and Kirks FollyThis week –

– Which Kirk’s Folly brooch has sat on my dressing table for 14 years?

– Which dress? A Kim & Co TSV dilemma

– Cover tease and extract of my new novel due out 29th June – just two weeks away!

– Plus Today's Special Value teaser peeks at Kipling, Decleor, Philip Kingsley!

FIRST, the winner of last week’s monthly comp to win the entire goodie bag is – Janice Papworth – who particularly would love to try the L'Occitane almond show oil because she knows how good the vitamin E in almonds is for your skin! Well done Janice! Another comp next month – with the prize including all four of my novels, signed!


FINAL TEASER – Free sneaky peeks at my new novel!
Cover previewFirst, in between shifts on QVC and spending time in the lovely outdoors, I’ve been frantically finishing the final edits of my new novel. Let’s just say I’ve seen my fair share of ‘larks’ as opposed to ‘owls’ – as some of you have noted from the time of my 5am tweets!

I can’t believe the deadline is nearly here!

Am going away to pal Alix’s in Devon for a few days now, to nail it down. Hope the weather lasts, don’t you?!

Here's the third and final cover tease…

See Riwisi below for another little extract from the novel, plus a way of reading one every single night until June 29th release date! And come back next week for the full cover reveal and news of my bumper giveaway. #NearlyHere!


Dreamkeeper and Kirks FollyHad some lovely shows again this week with fave brands. If you didn’t realise, I was here at QVC for the first six years, then left for nine, and then came back in 2009.

I have been back five years in September!

I have fond memories of the early years, and they include shows with guests like Liz Earle, Phil Parker, Simon Wilson, and Jenniefer Kirk to name but a few.

All that time ago, Kaena was only about 15! Now she presents Dreamkeeper fashions, but this week she joined mum Jenniefer  to coh-host my Kirks Folly Jewellery hour. It was double trouble! Lol! They were both here at the same time, which is unusual.

Actually, I do love this range – it’s grown on me over the years. I still have a lovely genie brooch/ ornament which has rested on my dressing table for many a moon – 14 years I reckon. Funny to realise so much time has gone by since those early years.

What other guests to do you recall who are still here? And do you remember this brooch?!


What a success that Kim & Co dress was! I do hope you got yours. It was planned to last 'till 4pm but had gone by 9am after our midnight launch. Thanks to everyone who suggested which one I should wear on air – the Black Ditsy won by a whisker, compared to Frangipani Beige. So comfortable.

Debbie in TSV

Debbie Flint Kim and Co TSV










I’ve started packing (or earmarking) for my cruise with mummy in the first week in July, it will include lots like this. Well actually, not lots – am trying to be really, really, minimalistic in my packing this time (Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen!?).

I’m looking forward to it, my first ever cruise – hope I have as nice a time as Kathy had during her shoot on the cruise ships recently! Apart from this moment of course…!




RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!

Countdown to June 29th – my New Book

My new book, third in the trilogy of steamy romances, Hawaiian Retreat is published on the weekend of 29th June –

– Just one week 'till the cover is revealed on here – THIRD cover teaser is above! Can you guess what it is yet?!

– Two weeks till Hawaiian Retreat is released on Amazon and my Dorking book launch do.

– Two weeks till a bumper Summer Offer on my titles and a super comp to win four of my paperbacks!
Can’t wait? Get ready for your summer reading with my six titles – all on Amazon!


Free sneaky peeks at my new novel!
The beta readers group Debbie’s Readers (original huh! Lol) have been hard at work, with just two weeks to go, proofing and checking. And every night over on my author page on Facebook (click here) I’ve been posting nightly extracts of the new book.

Many people are saying they can’t wait so I’m very keen to see what everyone who buys it thinks!

Work in Progress closing paragraph

Work in Progress closing

'Hawaiian Retreat', the grand finale in the trilogy, will be out on Amazon on the 29th. 'Till then, here’s a little extract to be going along with in the pic here. And looking at the cover fragments I’ve posted on my website, if you can guess what it is in the background on this book, (as opposed to a car and a yacht on the other two) enter the comp on my Riwisi page by clicking here

Next week – see the whole thing right here as the entire cover is revealed. Exciting!!


Riwisi – Book of the Week – 'Love in 90 Days'
Diana KirschnerDiana Kirschner’s 'Love in 90 Days' is a suitable choice for this week’s book of the week, since in my head all this last month I’ve been dealing with heartache, coupling (conscious or otherwise), and dating dilemmas, as I write the emotional bits of my novel!

When I read Diana’s clever guide to knowing yourself in a dating situation (to avoid making mistakes) I had a similar reaction to when I first saw ‘How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days’ or ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ – both excellent films (see Watch below) and ones which I, shall we say, 'learned from' – even post-divorce!

I think books like this, and films like those, should be compulsory education for young girls new to the opposite sex!

Here’s a fab review from amazon of Diana’s book – and don’t forget it’s a manual, it’s not a novel. (Mind you, I am sowing the seeds in Hawaiian Retreat for Helen’s friend in New York, Kate, to appear in a spin off novel – working title ‘The How to Find A Husband Manual’ – coming 2015. Perhaps there are some tips from Diana in there!) –

“… a beautiful, practical and wise guide, backed up by sound psychological research and experience, blowing away many of the myths that are out there about men, dating, online dating, romance, love and relationships. In this book Diana takes you on a personal journey into your own inner and outer work that needs to be done if you are to speed up the process of building a truly authentic relationship with a love partner. You uncover your own "Deadly Dating Patterns", get the inside track on "Dating Games Men Play", lots of good advice” Ann, Ireland, Amazon review

Julie Cohen signedOver on my Read It Write It Sell It – Go-Large Friday fiction focus on my website is Julie Cohen’s offering a signed bookplate to anyone buying the Richard and Judy pick ‘Dear Thing’. Plus, more tips for self-publishers and would be writers. Click here to read it, especially if you’d like to self-publish or write a novel yourself.


Next week – Hawaiian Retreat Competition Announcement!






Life is too short sayingDid you know our little health themed blog here is doing very well with the followers? (Over 1100 now on Back to You and over 200 on sister (private) group Break the Habit.)

Well, it’s a good place to start if you’re stuck – like some people who need a little help with education around food.

One lady is even charting her Diet Chef progress each day to help to inspire others. Vanda has been posting lots of health based links – you could probably find most things covered in one of her fab links that she’s added since February.

Debbie walking her dogsI’ve been trying to get a longer dog walk done each day – oh how lovely it is with all this fine weather – doesn’t it make your heart sing? It does mine.

I love that feeling of walking with the woofies and feeling the wind in my hair. Unless it’s filled with the smell of cows of course, lol. (I live in the country what can I say!)

Well having support on a group like Back to You QVC is like having that wind beneath my wings – especially important if you’re feeling alone and like you’re the only one. It’s lovely.


Coconut waterHad a coconut for the first time in ages this week too – it was really tasty! Reminds me of going to the fair with dad when I was younger – bless. Wonder if that’s why I ended up liking pina colada?! Lol.

Over on B2U blog on – my weekly Monday Update – this weeks included ways to beat sugar cravings for good and how I found out that my body doesn’t like Dairy – as well as more from our lovely girls on facebook. Go here to read it all!


Back to You returns to QVC in September. See below for links to join the Facebook Groups.


Bibi Bijoux TSVSneaky Peek of Bibi bijoux TSV bracelet – join me Thursday night 19th June. – time






Shhh!! Ronnie Nicole fashion fan? Watch out for a possible one hour only type bargain in the 9pm hour with me on Monday 23rd June. Whoop!


A Day in Diamonds blogGuest surprises – Laurie’s blog Our Tanzanite show went well, and now Laurie’s asked me to let you know she’s on Facebook and she has just begun a proper little blog about diamonds – so, ice lovers, do go read A Day In Diamonds– click here.






Bodyblade tweet– Bodyblade Dates for diary It can’t be soon enough! Do put these dates in your calendar – and hopefully you’ll find it as useful as some of us on the Back to You groups!






Twitter followersP.S = thanks for getting me to 10,000 twitter followers – #chuffed!








This Week on QVC –

Weekend TSVs – Saturday = Decleor four piece collection and Sunday = Kipling Nariko bag

Decleor TSV

Kipling TSV








YBF Beauty returns make-up off girls, time for Stacey’s step by step turorials – fifteen minutes to fabulous? She’s here Tue/Wed including 5pm Tue with a bare-faced me!

ElasticiserSupersize Elasticiser TSV Tue 17th Can you believe our favourite pre-shampoo treatment is back – and it’s a big’un!








Jackie Kennedy ring 339727Jacqueline Kennedy Jewellery Collection’s special visit with 3 Easy Payments – on everything! Put Thurs 19th in your diary – Dale at 5pm, and me at 10pm – looking forward to more of Phil Katz’ pics!






– Find out what else is on on our TV Guide on our website.


It could have been Chloe with a bag on her head or Ali Y and Julia wearing matching Butler & Wilson tops! But it had to be this one this week didn’t it?! As much as Charlie kept us amused on other days too!

So – especially to thank my fellow presenter Mr Brook for being such an entertaining nut job! Lol. Mind you, it looked as if James Read was enjoying every moment too! Lol. Hope you do too!

Lazy afternoonGarden Haven Have you been enjoying the garden in the recent sunshine? Me too! And so were the poggies – Patch the black Labrador keeps laying panting in the sun like a nitwit tho – and grandpog Baloo keeps popping every toy ball she’s given! Fun times.





Hugh Laurie postReady? I must admit, I do like the sentiment behind this Hugh Laurie saying – he’s very right, don’t you think? Too many people spend too much time thinking ahead to when they achieve this or own that. It’s the now that matters, for sure.







Till the Fat Lady SlimsTTFLS CD nostalgia! As regulars know, I wrote a semi-autobiographical weight loss book called ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ (link to buy is below), well look what I found this week! I’d even forgotten I’d made them – must upload them as a free audio download on my website sometime – or not…! #notAsGoodAsIRemember! 🙂






CyclistInspirational Cyclist Every feel bad or unable to cope? Read this. ‘nuff said.







Facebook FunnyFacebook funny – A simple one this week – how funny is this?! It's been doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter this week (again, probably!).

Just love quirky vegetables! Just needs a caption now…

Seen anything you think I should feature here? Leave me a comment below!






WATCH – chick flicks!
I love RomComs and I love clever chick flicks – or ones that ram home a point so far down your throat you will never unlearn it! As mentioned above in Book of the Month review, I have been writing a lot in this vein of late, finishing the new novel.

So here’s a couple of trailers from films that make my toes tingle – especially where it’s a home truth or two! I laughed so much at the boy’s night in flat scenes in 'How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days' (9/10) and sat open mouthed at the truisms in 'He’s Just Not That Into You' (8.5/10) Enjoy!

 [Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page]


Have a fab week!

Debs x

P.P.S *TiFFT = Try it For the First Time Club!

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  1. Sandra Gregory June 13, 2014 at 6:18 pm -  Reply

    Another great blog Debbie. Love the blooper! Good luck with finishing your book, can’t wait til 29th to get it.
    Take care Sandra x

  2. Susanne Fitzpatrick June 14, 2014 at 7:42 pm -  Reply

    I’ve found an utterly brilliant book called ‘182 Best Places to Meet Men – Get The Guy You Want’ by Ana Wilde. It’s full of – well, 182 suggestions of how/where to meet men and IT’S SENSATIONAL – places/ideas that you’d never think of but when you see it in black and white, you think: “Oh yeah …..”.
    It tells you how to prepare for ‘finding him’ ie Looking Good, Know What You Want (and in my case, what you don’t!!), Confidence etc, and ‘grades’ the places ie Cultural, Sport, Learning and so on to tailor things to your own personality. I urge all single ladies to get this book – I’m in my mid-50’s and have already had some success!!!!! (You can tell how enthusiastic I am by the amount of exclamation marks, can’t you?).
    The Hugh Laurie quote comes from the Matt Hussey website – did you see him on Loose Women? He’s a sort of ‘counsellor’ giving women advice on how to attract a man (go to for some VERY enlightening ways to treat a man once you’ve been on a date. It all makes sense now ……
    Matt is giving talks in London on this subject (just search for ‘Matt Hussey Live’) – don’t know if it’s of interest/you can get there? Definitely worth a look. He was verbally annihilated by the four ‘Loose Women’ but held his own, so definitely worth a look-see for anyone living in/around London.
    Have fun, as always

  3. martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen watching via sky tv June 15, 2014 at 6:21 pm -  Reply

    Your life is busy as always debs hope brad and your daughter are doing well iam fine just returned today sunday from 2 lazy weeks in tenerife being lazy 40 degrees it was to hot .hope you are well my 2weeks eating and deinking not alcohol back to work on tuesday what athought.

  4. Debi Stubbs June 15, 2014 at 9:41 pm -  Reply

    Me and hubbie went on our first cruise in August last year, we were in the Azura one of the P & O ships, we stopped in Lisbon in Portugal, Gilbraltar, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Caditz. Food was great and the shows were fantastic. I tried to be minimal with my packing but no I bought about 10 pairs of birki’s and wore the same pair most days. The nights you dress up were fantastic, I had bought several Tiana B and Ronnie Nicole dresses with me and my Lola Rose and Bibi Bijoux fitted the bill perfectly. Enjoy, it goes so quickly.

  5. Beverley French June 18, 2014 at 8:46 pm -  Reply

    Can a book be a life changer? Well, that’s what ‘Till The Fat Lady Slims’ did for me! All my adult life I had yo-yo dieted, lose a few pounds and then put them straight back on. Reading your book changed all that. Freedom eating has changed my relationship with food, I now control it not the other way around. I’ve also learned to listen to the messages my body sends me and interpret them correctly. So now when my body says ” I need a drink of water and a small healthy snack” I don’t hear “give me chocolate and a cream bun”!
    At the end of last year my clothes were getting decidedly tight and I was avoiding looking in the mirror. Now, after 6 months of freedom eating, those clothes still don’t fit….they’re a size too big!!
    Thanks Debbie, I really couldn’t have done it without you!

  6. Sharon harvey June 19, 2014 at 8:11 am -  Reply

    What a great cover tease to your next steamy novel! I am so excited for the book launch next week and meeting lots of book lovers and back to you members! This book promises to be…. Thrilling, teasing and enticing with an amazing conclusion …. Debbie you are a genius x good luck with the book launch in 29th June x

  7. Mrs Jacqui Hand June 19, 2014 at 11:22 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    I really enjoyed your YBF show with Stacey and would like to be entered to win the wonderful YBF mirror.
    I actually plucked up courage to ring the studio to speak with Stacey to get advice on how to cover a black eye, as in the early hours of Monday 16th June I unfortunately fell down the stairs from top to bottom and landed head first into a china vase that I had at the bottom of the stairs. I have been really lucky and didn’t break any bones although I did have deep wounds on my head, forehead and near my eye so I now have glue and stitches. My whole body is aching and everyday I’m finding new bruises. Stacey recommended the neutralising cream, so I have ordered it and can’t wait to cover up the bruises. Still can’t believe I did it, also it hasn’t helped me as I suffer with a back condition and to date have had three emergency operations and at 46 I use a stick because of a limp that I developed due to nerve damage.
    I am off work and will say that I love QVC and thoroughly enjoy your shows and sense of humour and am very naughty and buy too many things. I will look out for your books as I enjoy reading and will hopefully purchase them in the next few days.
    Could you let me know when the YBF mirror will be available and the price point as, if I don’t win which I don’t expect too I will defiantly purchase one.
    Keep up the good work and I will keep smiling regardless of what fete throws at me.
    Love Jacqui Hand. XXXXXXX

  8. debs f June 20, 2014 at 1:13 pm -  Reply

    lovely comments everyone thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing what you all think of my novel! Frantically updating and editing so will individually reply when i get a chance – soon. thanks again! Always love reading your comments on here! x

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