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Whether it be for men or women, young or old, I love sharing my secrets and knowledge about how you can get more from your beauty regime.

Your first point of call is always to purchase the right product.

The reason I joined QVC (when it started in the UK nearly 23 years ago) was so I could share my knowledge, using my professional qualifications, to thousands of you at once, instead of recommending to one client at a time.

Plus, I could be confident in knowing that the power is in your hands as a 30 day money back guarantee means you can open and try the product without any pressure. This allows you to be in total control and push the boundaries on what you may normally buy or avoid from the traditional high street or salon. Sometimes you might be scared to change in case you don’t like it, but with QVC you have much more freedom.

To make the right purchase, you should: match your symptoms, clarify which concerns you have and would like improvement on (whether this be skin, hair, body, nails or make-up), work out which beauty steps you don’t have anything for at the moment and, finally, decide on any products you own which don’t really give you a result.

Then, watch the presentations with this shopping list in mind and match these symptoms and improvements with what is being said on air. Plus, of course, go online to see our great brand shops and get in touch through social media for quick answers during the shows.
Blusher Lipgloss Lipsticks

To begin with, I have a few golden rules:-
1. Easy does it – if you are a beauty novice or have a minimal routine, stick to one brand to begin with so that you thoroughly understand the performance and results you get.

2. Suss out your skincare – add in other brands or individual products once you have worked out which textures and techniques suit you.

3. DIY treatments- develop your techniques at home using advanced applications; often a product can be used in two or three different ways, or intensely used over a few days, to bring your skin back into condition.

4. Become your own alchemist – did you know that you can increase richness of texture, potential results and added benefits by mixing products and consistencies? For example, adding products to a cream: a liquid (such as a serum) loosens the texture and creates more hydration, an oil increases suppleness and its ability to blend and a balm increases richness and creates a luxurious texture. Make sure you check which products can and can’t be mixed, take SPF – this should never be mixed as that is unsafe.

5. Gels – in your repertoire of products, these give quick and easy absorption and can be layered under masks or used on their own.

6. Oils – these give a richer result, however, you can increase absorption and speed of application (whether on your face or body) by applying onto damp skin first – this can be straight out of the shower or dampening your face with toner.

7. Become your own facialist – before purchasing another product, do an intense facial to your skin at home involving exfoliation followed by layering serums, oils and moisturisers in at least double quantities. Or, if you have a minimal routine, applying the same product two or three times in the evening before you go to bed will also work, i.e. your eye cream if your eyes appear drier and more wrinkled. This could just bring your skin back on track without the need to purchase something else.

8. Set your own daily dose – did you know that a product cannot work inside the bottle?! Follow the recommended application guide when you first start but if you are not getting the results, increase the application as discussed. This is because the product’s directions for use are written for the average person that is going to buy it across the world, so if your problem needs it, you can use it more often to see the results.

9. Oils and serums – did you know that oils and serums have the least amount of carrying agents and therefore are the most potent in delivering the highest concentration of ingredients to get results? That’s why you need to step up to these types of formulas. They are often the most powerful and problem-solving, whether it’s for your hair, nails, skin or body, so useful to introduce to your routine.

Beauty ingredientsRoseOrganic ingredients

10. Layering – this is one of my favourite things to do and to recommend. Remember, all salon services involve application of many products, whether it’s a professional facial, salon hair treatment, or manicure. When you copy this technique at home, that is when you see improved, faster results.

11. Update your collection – reassess the products you purchase every three months when the season changes. From a technical point of view your requirements can change, so check your symptoms, and think about the coming season, consider hotter or colder, holidays, packing travel sizes etc. to purchase the right texture and brand, as well as the result. Also, incorporate what fashion requirements you have if it’s to do with colour, makeup, or hair styling. Whilst you don’t necessarily need to change your whole routines, there may be some key pieces that you need to introduce – just like changing your wardrobe.

12. Don’t get stuck in a rut – sometimes you need to shake up your regime to see another result. It doesn’t necessarily mean coming away from your favourite brand if you don’t want to, but it just means adding in or switching up your regime.

13. Be open-minded with fashion changes – not just with the obvious changes like hair colour, length or style but if you alter your eyebrow shape this can subtly change and update your look. Try Eye shaping in a slightly different manner with a pencil or eyebrow pigment a higher, rounder, longer, shorter, thicker or more angular shape.

14. Self tan: not just for tanning – they are great at controlling skin tone when you subtly counteracting the look of illness or tiredness when used regularly or balancing a change in hair colour. I also love to recommend them as semi-permanent makeups for problem solving to give colour through sweating or oily skin and it’s a great confidence giver on men and youngsters to hide the look of dark circles or tone down redness of spots to use the customised, softer or overnight tans and can really help with confidence before interviews or just to feel better in yourself.

15. Nails – all rules are cancelled. Technically any colour can and is being made by the manufacturers and it doesn’t matter these days what your nail shape, carry off whatever colour you want to wear with confidence. Often short nails can be hidden using pale or soft colours but look much cooler and more current with brights or darks.

16. Hair growth – did you know that hair can be grown by working on the two opposite ends. Scalp treatments are working on the hair being produced at the root but conditioning treatments are working on the hair at the ends to prevent splits and feathering and modern day styling using advanced technology is preventing damage that was previously caused by what is now considered old fashioned technology. So, update your electrical appliances and it can make a big difference to the health of your hair.

17. Celebrity results – many products and ingredients, whether electrical hair removal systems or patented ingredients were first used many years, sometimes decades ago in private practice and were the secret of the celebrity clients, custom formulas or private clinic results. Nowadays through QVC we can share these results so that you really can look younger longer compared to even five or ten years ago so keep up to date.

18. Be in control – know how far you want to push your beauty regime based on time, money, convenience and results. Don’t feel guilty if it’s a simple routine. Just make sure whichever product you purchase from one to an infinite amount, is the best of its type so that you get the best results and value for money and that’s what QVC does best.


  1. carol parkes May 30, 2016 at 12:55 pm -  Reply

    Thank you allison for all your beauty tips ,i have combination skin and would never have dreamed of using oil on my skin ,but i have tried Decleor and find they are really good xx

  2. Lynn Phillips June 1, 2016 at 9:55 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison on one side of my face i keep getting small watery lumps do not know what is causing them what do you suggest i use i have liz earle and some elemis at moment ?

  3. Geraldine Symons June 3, 2016 at 3:08 pm -  Reply

    SO very wise, the wisdom and advice you give Alison. I have learned so much from you over the years . At the age of 76 everyone says how well and young i look. As you say, Skin care is so important and make-up, the icing on the cake.

  4. Kylie Gottsche June 14, 2016 at 10:19 am -  Reply

    Thank you Alison. You really area great asset for the qvc viewers. Hoping one day I can get the the beauty bash one year to have a consult and say thank you face-to-face.

  5. Patricia Edwards June 15, 2016 at 2:12 pm -  Reply

    I just want to thank Alison for all of her helpful tips and advice. Since shopping with Qvc Alison has taught me so much about beauty. I have tried most brands in order to get my skin looking the very best but I always take Alison’s advice together with my products to give my skin what it needs as I have just gone through the menopause and my skin has suffered, however I now have the knowledge and the fantastic products to get my skin back on track. Thank you Alison and Qvc.

  6. Bernadette OConnor June 16, 2016 at 6:39 pm -  Reply

    Hi, hope this is the right place to ask Alison Young a few questions as she is solo knowledgeable, first I have got brown pigmentation on my cheek which seems to get worse at this time of year, can you tell me what sunfactor I can use to protect and prevent anymore occurring, usually when I use these as a face cream the cream is to heavy and my makeup sinks in, I was told to use a sunblock but can’t find a light one to wear with makeup, 2nd, my hair has got so dry and frizzy and has got very thin at front I have uat, and my hair has changed from glossy to dead texture as if hair has been chemically changed, hairdresser put a 20 min.conditioner on it, but it was still soo frizzy and dry, please can you help as these two concerns are driving me mad, and by the way I have tried ever expensive cream under the sun, to fade my pigmentation but nothing worked. many thanks in advance

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