My trip to the Customer Contact and Distribution Centre in Knowsley


Quality Assurance team and Film Crew

I hope all is well with everyone in this rather pretty but chilly weather.

I returned to on-air duty last Wednesday, following a break of 10 days – No I wasn't sunning myself – I was filming, as mentioned in my last blog, in and around our Customer Contact and Distribution Centre in Knowsley or Liverpool as we call it down South!

In fact, most of the locals, particularly Cab drivers will tell you it's not actually Knowsley but Kirkby! Well I'm not arguing as they may well be right, but we've called it Knowsley on-air for almost 20 years and I guess we will until the day we ever move – I can't imagine that's something we would ever undertake lightly as our operation up there is Hu – mongous!

Do you remember the kids CGI movie "Monsters Inc" ? Well there's a scene when you look down the warehouse and it goes on to infinity or the scene from "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" when the Ark gets stored in the Govt facility? You get the picture.

Attached to this huge building is a massive High Bay area, which is a massive, completely automated vertical store. It's not often i'm lost for words but the sheer scale of the buildings are very impressive.

Then you have the two adjoining Contact Centres, previously known as our "Call Centre". The name change reflects the fact that customers don't just call in by telephone, there's now email, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Contact centre

As you'd expect, both myself and the rest of the Crew from "Darn Souf" were extremely well looked after. As a presenter, I've heard many times from our customers how friendly our Contact Team Operators are and therefore I was not surprised to find that everyone, was indeed very happy and rightly proud to take time out and explain what happened and when.

We made our way back safely to London on Friday, just as Britain was in the first squeeze of an Icy Hug. Any Twitter followers of @dalefranklintv may have seen photos I posted of various folks etc – I've attached 2 for you here one of the Quality Assurance team and Film Crew and the other of some of the always friendly Contact team.

By the time you read this Julia and I will have presented the first of a series of new shows "Inside QVC" and some of the shots taken during our trip will be seen on-air. The new shows are all about helping both new and existing customers to fully understand what goes on here at both in front and behind the cameras here at QVC London and Knowsley.

As I said last week, if you follow me on Twitter @dalefranklintv on a daily basis, I post a mixture of personal photos (mostly of Toby), photos of items or guests coming up in shows, Tommy Cooper style gags (blame Debs G for those), or more sensible heads up for upcoming Today's Special Values or One Time Only opportunities – so even if you don't want to comment you can use it as an info stream if you like delivered straight to your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Have a look on for a flavour of my past Tweets.

Next blog I'll show some photos taken at the "2013 QVC Beauty Bash" event.

Until then stay safe and warm.

Dale x


  1. Marian Bolton January 27, 2013 at 1:47 pm -  Reply

    I’m beginning to think you’re never going to get to nibble my buns D!! (I left D some choccy buns at the Beauty Bash G but he says he never got em ………. again!!)
    Woke up yesterday morning to 3 inches …………. of snow!! Woke up this morning and it had all gone. Snow kidding!!
    Loved your ‘peeping tom’ joke G. What do you call an Eskimo peeping tom? ……………. Tommy Tukalook!!
    I’ve got a better idea to us all getting together at next year’s Beauty Bash (although that would be really fab D if you can sort it). I thought we could come on one of those crazy ‘Anything Goes’ shows ….. ….. your phone rings D (assuming you’ve still got the Benny Hill theme tune) and then me and Gail (IN THAT ORDER!!) chase you round a Northern Nights bedroom scene!! All that crazy bunch in the green room can join in too!! What d’ya think??!! Bagsy I get to dress up as the nurse G!!!!
    Are you following D on Twitter G? I couldn’t get the hang of tweeting for ages. I tried posting loads of tweets …… but nothing!! Then I realised the other day where I was going wrong. TOO MANY CHARACTERS G!!! LOL!! There’s a limit on how much you can say …. which, as you can imagine G, isn’t too easy for me but, you know me,…… always up for one ……. A CHALLENGE G!!!!
    Right, nuff said, I’m *orf!! (Yes G, I’ve sussed out your ‘wildcard’ trick you wild thing you!!)

  2. martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen January 29, 2013 at 6:10 pm -  Reply

    hi dale hope you enjoyed your 10 days off

  3. mary January 29, 2013 at 7:04 pm -  Reply

    Hi Dale, you were my first ever tweet is I would thought I would blog you too! I blog Ali K regularly and so enjoy hearing about what’s she gets up to and I was excited to see up North…I live in West gate near Margate on the eastern tip of the country so its definitely up North for me..anything north of Watford is. The contact staff are amazing but I only ever ring if I have a problem but it is always sorted brilliantly. I have signed the bereavement petition today…I work in a school (the tenth worst in the country, you may have seen it on the news. I am a maths intervention teaching assistant and work with kids in the school who have autism and communication issues…) and we only get three days including funeral day but what appalls me is that its not consistent for all staff… Anyhow, watching lots of QVC this week as I am off work with bronchitis so may catch you on screen. Love mary

  4. Dale Franklin February 5, 2013 at 1:29 pm -  Reply

    Dear all, Sorry I’ve not been very present ! I had a nasty Flu virus and it kind of knocked the wind out of my sails rather!
    Ma – I don’t know what happened to your Buns ! I thank you for bothering to make them for me yet again – I’m sure they were delicious !
    Hi Martin I did enjoy my 10 days but it wasn’t a holiday, but a very pleasant work trip.
    Hi Mary, it sounds like you’ve had a rougher time than I have, stay warm, medicated and hopefully you’ll be back soon moulding your pupils into mathematical order !
    Dale x

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