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What I’ve been up to

The sun came out last weekend down here on the South Coast, which I was thankful for as my journey home from work on Friday night was one of the worst ever. It was a close call for me sleeping in my car because of the snow. I knew snow was on the way that evening but not to that extent and I found myself wishing I had never left London. It was slow going and needed major concentration and leaving lots of extra stopping distance between cars and myself, but I made it home in the end. I used a traffic app which took me off the motorway which in the end saved me about six hours as many people got stuck on the M3.

So anyway, the sun was shining on Saturday morning so myself, Fred and the girls took full advantage of the fresh air and did one of our walks. It’s funny that I’ve only just realised that I really am a walker. People often ask me what I like to do hobby wise and I never really knew what to say, other than cooking, but I’ve realised it is definitely my thing. I love to walk. I think my Fit Bit Versa has definitely solidified that for me, I need to hit those steps or I feel like I haven’t moved. It gives me fantastic head space and clarity and time to breath.

I can’t pretend the girls are always happy with how far I make them go but they always manage it. Someone once told me that they should be able to walk as far in miles as their age so in that case they are definitely capable of the distance we go. So we walked from Poole to Bournemouth along the sea front with the intention of going to the Upside Down House when we got there, we also promised pizza as an incentive!

The upside down house is a feature in one of the squares in Bournemouth and it literally is what it say it is. It’s a wooden, purpose built, upside down house. It’s super wonky and all the furniture is on the ceiling. The point of it is simply for fun photos which you take and then turn upside down and it looks like you are on the ceiling. I can’t pretend it doesn’t make you feel a bit sea sick as the floor is all uneven making you feel a bit queasy after a while. We got some really fun photos though and Tilda and Ivy enjoyed rolling down the slopes on the floor and pretending to hang upside down off the furniture. It’s worth popping into if you are down in Bournemouth any time soon.

What I’m wearing

This week I want to focus on jewellery rather than clothing as sometimes updating your accessories is enough to change the outfits that you already have. I mentioned last week that I had a Boho Betty show and so I wanted to show you some of my favourite pieces from the hour. Some of my favourites sold out but there are still some great fun statement earrings for you to try. I’m thinking ahead to Spring and Summer and will be injecting a lot of colour in my wardrobe so I’ve picked these Mini Mother of Pearl Tassel Earrings. I’ve got them here in the pink and the red but I also love the green ones. There is also a blue, which will also look fantastic this summer. They won’t break the bank and they also won’t weigh down your ears as they are nice and light.

The second earrings I want to shout from the rooftops about are these amazing ones from Pilgrim called the Ama earrings. I spotted them on Helen Roysdotter’s Instagram, she’s the Pilgrim guest, and my first question was ‘are we getting them at QVC, please say yes?!’ They are big and dramatic and are a major part of an overall look so if you are more of a dainty earring person then these are not for you. If you love your earrings to do the talking then you’ll love them. They are a double hoop and include a freshwater pearl on each earring.

They are also clever in the way that they hang. Rather than the hoops sitting side-on to your face they are designed to practically face outwards so that you can see the hoop and the pearl at all times. I’ve been wearing them a lot on air and have had a lot of messages asking about them so I had to share the love.

Last up it’s a bit of sparkle with Diamonique. This necklace is dainty and pretty and appeals to my whimsical day-dreamy side. It’s a beautiful silver and rhodium-plated star design. One larger star encrusted with Diamonique simulated diamonds and one little baby star which features one singular stone in the centre. I love this piece and it’s very wearable for every day. It could be symbolic if you wanted it to be, perhaps representing a mother and child for this Mother’s Day? Or simply because you just love the design. It comes also in gold plating and rose gold plating too.

In Beauty

All you Alpha-H fans are in for a treat this week because we have a Today’s Special Value for you this Friday (8th February)! It includes one of my all-time favourite products, Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid, a huge 200ml size. Plus Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser and their beautiful Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera.

Liquid Gold really is a cult favourite amongst the beauty world, it’s known as an overnight facial and for me it will fix most issues in one night. If my skin is tired, dull and rough in patches then I reach for the Liquid Gold straight away. I do the intensive version and apply this before bed and don’t follow with anything else. If you use moisturiser or serums after then it will give you a less intensive result so it’s really whatever works for you.

At the moment I am using a retinol and my skin is coming out in some dryness, which is to be expected as your skin gets used to it, so on nights that I skip the retinol then I use Liquid Gold to help that balance out. If you have sensitive skin then I would firstly recommend a patch test but then start off using it with your moisturisers and serums too so it’s less intensive. What you should find the morning after using it is that your serums and moisturisers should sink in even quicker as the dead skin cells have been dissolved away.

The Essential Skin Moisturiser is a 3-in-1, primer, SPF 15 and moisturiser so this is perfect for cutting down time to get ready in the morning. It contains peptides and antioxidants and daily damage defenders to help fight against pollution. The Cleanser is gentle and creamy and will remove face make-up and eye make-up too. It also contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera so your skin doesn’t feel stripped after use and gives extra hydration.

The full presentations will be this Friday 8th from midnight but you can buy it now if you are already a fan and want to get yours ordered!

That’s it from me this week, hope you are all managing to stay well and avoid the dreaded lurgy. Thanks again for the Get Well messages you’ve been sending. I am back to myself now and glad to be back at work!

As always keep up with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Lots of love
Katy x

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  1. Debs Jeffery February 9, 2019 at 7:34 pm -  Reply

    Hi Katy love your blogs and insta just tried to buy the beautiful star necklace but I think it’s sold out as I can’t find it on the website 😞 Debs

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