My Favourite Gadgets of 2018


I know I’m hardly known as the queen of gadgets however, with as busy a life as anyone, I certainly appreciate the little gizmos (and the not so little ones too) that make life a little easier, or save me a bit of time – so here’s my favourite ones for this year followed by a favour to ask of you …. (I can’t do a blog without talking about a bit of fashion SOMEWHERE!) Ok so here goes on the gadgets ….

Dyson hairdryer (PS it’s on 4 easy pay at the mo!)

I’m sorry, this isn’t a little gadget or gizmo, it’s a biggie I know but it has saved me SOOO much time (and hair?!) this year. My blow dry time is now around 15 minutes start to finish whereas it used to take me more than double that so I am delighted! Not only that, my hair was really beginning to break badly and it’s made a huge difference, my hairdresser even commented on it a couple of months ago – so yay, a larger financial outlay than some, but I would have to say it’s truly earned its keep in its first year!

Amazon Echo Spot

Well, this is our new little best friend! As many of you know, we are now caring for my Mum who is long term disabled and broke her ankle earlier in the autumn. She was terrified at the concept of “Alexa” when she first moved in with us however within minutes they became the best of friends! Mum does still shout at her a little loudly (like she’s calling up the stairs even though she’s just next to her), and I think she will forever say please and thank you to her which I love – but Alexa keeps her entertained when she’s not up for reading or chatting, plays music to her when she can’t sleep, gives her weather updates, medication reminders and anything else she requires which is absolutely wonderful. I’ll do anything to see a smile on my lovely Mum’s face and Alexa helps a treat!


Now this is an interesting one because I’ve not been fussed about all this since it was launched but there are 2 aspects that I’ve really enjoyed since taking the plunge – tempted by the colour scheme and clearance price I might add! Firstly, it buzzes on my wrist when my phone is ringing which means, I can keep my phone in my bag and on silent – I love that! I find phones are so all singing all dancing amazing these days but because they are multi-talented, we do EVERYTHING on them and that fact, I find quite intrusive, so I am trying hard to keep it out of sight. Having the fitbit tell me on my wrist that someone is calling me means I can pick up a call (if I want to) but the rest of the time I can leave my phone be – unless I’m choosing to be on social media of course! The other thing is the step counting – not that I’m competitive or anything but I am linked up with my brother and the rivalry is quite hilarious!

Magnitone vibra-sonic make up blending brush – see the QVC Homepage on Monday!

Now this is a wee bit unfair as it’s not available until Monday however I have LOVED trying it out. I’m a huge fan of sonic technology, I just love the feel of it on my skin or on my teeth (my Sonicare toothbrush, not this one!) I find it totally invigorating which at this time of year is particularly necessary so for me again this is a multi-tasker. It does its job of blending make up amazingly, but it also makes my skin feel incredible and for that I just love it. It’s like having a wee little face massage which just isn’t the kind of thing I tend to do myself! Not only that, it’s designed by the adorable Paul Herrington, celebrity make-up artist and all round lovely chap!

Here’s the bit which I need your help with…

Onwards and upwards, we are heading toward 2019 at a pace, this blog has been about gadgets which as I said at the beginning, isn’t what I’m particularly known for however, fashion – well you know that’s my bag and with that in mind, I’m brainstorming some ideas for a new show in 2019 so thought I might put it out there to you. Is there a type of fashion/style show that you would like to see us do on QVC that we don’t do yet? I’m just thrashing a few ideas around and was wondering from your perspective at home, if there is something we can put together that might be helpful for you, or entertaining, or possibly (and preferably) both?

Please leave your suggestions either below, or send them to me via Instagram @PipaGordon or Twitter @Pipalive

Thanks ever so much, happy Christmas and catch up soon

Love as always





  1. Larraine boult December 15, 2018 at 6:17 am -  Reply

    Makeup specifically done for people who wear glasses .I think would be a good idea x

  2. Morag December 15, 2018 at 10:07 am -  Reply

    Hi Pippa
    I have always thought it would be great for the Stylists to present/recommend items which they recommend for women of a particular eye, hair and skin colour in a bit of detail. This would help in choosing most flattering clothes for everyone. Show could be divided into Spring Summer Autumn Winter colouring so there’s something for everyone.
    Similarly when demonstrating make up, it would be great for more explanation of which shades of eye shadow bring out different eye colour etc etc.
    I have enjoyed shopping with QVC over many years and look forward to 2019.
    Happy Christmas xx

  3. Paula Jefferys December 15, 2018 at 4:20 pm -  Reply

    Hi pipa I was wondering about the Dr Martens brand as an alternative . There is also a wide chose of men’s shoes which is not always an option with some brands. They can be worn smart. Casual and fashionable x

  4. Christine December 17, 2018 at 1:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pipa I think I agree with the with lady wearing glasses putting make up hard to do.

    Have Lovely Christmas &New Year x

  5. Katie Douglass December 17, 2018 at 6:26 pm -  Reply

    Pippa, I am not an old woman, 43 actually. I am a plus size lady and have been a QVC customer for twenty years. I am, I hope, reasonably fashion conscious and acknowledge that QVC does offer many fashions brands up to 3XL. I would like to say, however, that QVC, along with many other fashion labels, misses a trick. Big women NEED clothes that are cut differently, that are longer, that are made from quality fabric in order to flatter their shape. To offer a 3XL in an ultra short or thigh skimming tunic is not enough. I would really like to see a range that was purely designed for big women. Just them. We see on screen at QVC two models come out, one size small, one extra large. The bigger model looks amazing but no matter what the camera does, she does not look the same as the thin model. It’s just a fact. High street stores, too, think that offering 3XL in a top is catering for the larger lady. It’s not. You cannot wear the same things, just in a bigger size. There are many women out there who are not sixty, but want to look reasonably on trend but want different parts of their body covered, by an expensive feeling fabric, in interesting colours. Length, weighty fabric, no glitter/writing on breasts.
    It would be great if QVC could tap into this market. I really believe that it’s huge. The mistake it makes at the moment is that it charges ridiculous prices for the better fitting, larger sized clothes like Marla Wynne. Us bigger ladies should not have to pay more to look as good as our fellow slender friends.
    Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas.

  6. Jill December 18, 2018 at 2:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pipa, I think a show that highlights a certain key look or style that can be shown on models of different ages, body shapes and height etc so that viewers can take different aspects of that style and then adapt the look so that it suits their individual shape etc.

  7. Karen December 19, 2018 at 3:25 pm -  Reply

    HI Pipa,
    I would like to see a programme of fashion on a budget, i.e each item under £30, or whole outfits for under £100. Also a hypoallergenic hour of makeup.
    Happy Christmas

  8. Jillian Mason December 26, 2018 at 3:28 pm -  Reply

    I’ve been noticing the p&p charges are so varied…like how come lighter in weight items cost more in p&p than bigger heavier items…just saying…Happy New Year to you and yours…

  9. Vanessa Slatford December 28, 2018 at 10:30 am -  Reply

    Hi Pipa, where Oh where has Yong Kim disappeared to. I know you also were a fan of this brand. We used to have very regular show and I have enquired through Customer Services who just refer me to what is on the Web site. Has QVC decided to drop this superb range of clothing??

  10. Maggi January 14, 2019 at 9:44 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pippa, I am not a fan of ltops longer at the back, I feel that it makes your bust look so big that is being pulled up at the front.

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