My appearance on ITV’s ‘This Morning’


Dale on This MorningWell you may remember in my last blog I alluded to something exciting that may happen – well it did!

At the time of submitting my last blog I had received an initial enquiry as to my availability to appear on iTV's "This Morning".

It so happened that they were looking at a fun segment that was to be part of their "Soap Week" feature in the run up to the Soap Awards, to be hosted by Phillip Schofield.

I've long been an admirer of the show and thought it would be great fun to be a small part of it. At that point I didn't know if it would indeed happen or what my part in it would be.

With the Emmerdale castTo a cut a long story short, I was to help the lovely Emma Willis re-enact a memorable scene from the soap, Emmerdale, the cast of which were to be interviewed by Phillip and Holly. Our piece was part of a fun quiz to see how well the cast knew their own soap called yes… Emma-Dale!

I knew it involved a wedding scene and they had asked for my measurements, I didn't know that they wanted my dress size! Yes! I was to be the Bride not the Bridegroom!

Anyway, several emails flew back and forth and it was agreed that I would remain in men's clothing and makeup but wear a blonde wig and a veil, to set the scene. The iTV crew were as good as their word and I wasn't pressurised into wearing anything more, we quickly recorded the piece in one hit and I later appeared in "the hub" with Emma for a couple more questions for the cast in the final minutes of the show.

This MorningI am leaving out one tiny piece of info though – we re-enacted the scene where Katy (Me) gets her face pushed into her own wedding cake by her sister-in-law (Emma) – wah wah waaaaah!

The whole morning was really enjoyable and it was interesting for me personally to see the similarities and differences between "This Morning" and QVC. On the one hand the crew I met are just as friendly and helpful as my brilliant production crew at the Q. The way the show is put together and communications to the presenters are quite different though.

As the show's are unscripted at QVC, we rely heavily on our "talk-back" from the Directors and Producers and we have a constant chatter in our ears all the time from them both, we also use our monitors a lot. We don't use auto-cue or have a script to use as they do on "This Morning". So from a professional point of view it was really interesting for me to see and hear how it was done when in a non-retail environment, as before QVC my TV experience was limited to recorded and not live output.

I managed to say a quick hello to Phillip and the ever glamorous Holly before I left and the fantastic cast from Emmerdale were delightful company, as we chatted in the Green Room. Phillip and Holly seem to work effortlessly to guide the viewers through the show, but I can tell you it takes a huge amount of experience and professionalism to make it look as easy as they do. I did also thank Phillip for helping me out of the "Grey-closet" and throwing away the dye bottle.

Coming up on QVC this week

Next Thursday's TSV is from Lori Greiner and I'll be welcoming her back from the US "Shark Tank" (like our Dragon's Den) on Wednesday Evening with a great offering – then the next evening I'll be suited and booted for the launch of Diamonique Day with Julia Roberts, who has designed a real birthday treat for you! Lastly "Gold Fever" returns on Sunday with myself and World acclaimed Gold expert Jan Springer as we host a 3 hour special at 3pm.

Thought bubbleLots to look forward to then – now for this week's "just for fun" quiz. This photo was taken whilst I was filming earlier this year up at our Customer Contact and huge Warehouse facility in Knowsley, it was taken in the QA office and I love the contrast between my happiness and Chas our sound man's frown – I'd love you to suggest some words to put in Chas's thought bubble – Keep it clean now!

Till next time, stay well.

Dale x


  1. Julieanne May 24, 2013 at 2:54 pm -  Reply

    He’s definitely thinking… “Damn, why can’t I be as handsome as the lovely Dale” …. well it’s true! I saw you on ‘This Morning’ and you were great – such a good sport, as always, and what I call a real man. Great to have watched someone for years who has a fab sense of humour, whilst being professional, informative and always so polite to your fellow presenters and guests – lovely to see a ‘family man’ too as many people today are just ‘in it for themselves’, and you are a true ‘all-rounder’. Hope you never leave QVC Dale, would miss that cheeky grin 🙂

  2. Gail May 28, 2013 at 10:27 am -  Reply

    This has just confirmed what I already knew; that you’re a good sport D xx
    I’m also enquiring as to your availability Dale; THIS MORNING, AFTERNOON, TEA TIME (cut – hold on a mo. Not tea time I’m afraid; I love my food too much). Evening, any time in fact (apart from tea time of course) xx
    Can’t contribute to the ‘just for fun’ comp just yet D as I can’t concentrate at the mo. All that talk of dressing up has me made me come out in a hot sweat. This blog is saying all the right words D, i.e. EXCITING, FUN, MEASUREMENTS, DRESSING UP !!!, but not necessarily in that order.
    Don’t bother to reply at the mo D as I ain’t finished yet.

  3. Gail May 29, 2013 at 9:00 am -  Reply

    D, I wouldn’t pressurise you into wearing anything that you weren’t happy with either!! ANYTHING GOES, remember. Also Dale, if tea-time is the only time you’re available I suppose I could arrange to eat later!! Don’t make a habit of it though. Haven’t come up with anything for the ‘bubble’ yet but give it time, I’m working on it. Forgot to ask you if your ears have been burning lately!! Or on fire more likely. Must go as I’m going to have a play with my Ninja. Steady D. I bought the mini Ninja in White and it looks amazing; much bigger than I thought, which is always a bonus, a Ma xx. Enough fun for now xx

  4. Marian Bolton May 29, 2013 at 8:26 pm -  Reply

    What G said D, you’re a good sport, that’s why we like hanging out with you (hold that thought G)!!
    I’m sorry to say I missed EMMA DALE. Well, actually, I’m not sorry cos I went searching for it on YouTube and I found that blooper of you selling that pager! LOL!! And I think I know who sent you THAT message!! Well, just look at sound man Chas’s expression in your caption pic’y!
    Anyhow, now you’re a real TV star D (no offence The Q), I’m enquiring as to your availability (sound familiar G?!) to appear in my PLAY …… it’s called M MA GAIL!! I’d rather have a PLAY D if it’s all the same to you. I’m not really a fan of Soaps ….. bit too clean for me! I bet G likes a bit of LIFEBOY though ….or Imperial LEATHER …..or PAIRS… I mean Pears!…. or any other reputable innuendo-named brand of soap D!!
    Bonjaw G! Glad to see you’ve got rid of that FROG in your throat!!
    Back to my PLAY then D. Actually, I always fancied making a drama out of a Pisces ….. but you’re not a Pisces D! And I bet G isn’t either …. one thing for sure D, she’s not a Virgo!!
    Back to my PLAY again, again! You play the part of a handsome devil (no make-up or personality change needed D!) whose just been robbed in the street. They’ve taken everything D, they’ve even taken the shirt off your back! (Mine’s a dressing down scene D rather than dressing up!) Don’t panic though D, they haven’t taken your short shorts!! No, the robbers had good taste!! Anyhow, I come driving along in my beautiful shiny midnight black sports car. It has my personal number plate on ‘A MA’S A DAY HELPS YOU SMIRK, JEST AND PLAY’!! (It’s a big car D!!) I pick you up and take you back to my place. That’s as far as I’ve got D which is just as well since it’s b4 the watershed!!
    Oh no, I’ve just realised, I haven’t included Gail ….. ah well, M MA DALE it is then!! Soz G. You can be an extra if you like! (I bet she’s an X’tras girl D!!) You can be the nosey neighbour putting the milk bottles out just as D and I are pulling up outside my pad! You’re dressed ‘Norah Batty’ style ….. well, you like dressing up G ……… and the name certainly fits!! Anyhow, get back to me D and G!!
    Oops, nearly forgot about that caption competition D …….
    ‘What’s Anton Du Beck doing ere ……. and why is he wearing Dale’s syrup?’! or
    ‘If he thinks I’m doing a CHAS & DALE, he can GERTCHA’!!
    Ta Ra 4 now

  5. dale franklin May 30, 2013 at 3:51 am -  Reply

    Hi Julieanne, Thank you so much for your heartwarming comments – I have no plans to leave the Q anytime soon, but I suppose all good things must come to an end one day but in the meantime you stay tuned and I’ll keep smiling X
    Hi Gail, ha ha! I think you need to whisk up a relaxing tonic in that Ninja ! I’m sure you’ll come up with something for Chas’ thought bubble, I have every faith in you ! Thanks as always X

  6. Gail May 30, 2013 at 12:52 pm -  Reply

    You know I don’t like small parts M!! Absolutely hilarious xx

  7. Gail May 31, 2013 at 8:47 am -  Reply

    Ma, I absolutely love your Play but I think I would do it a little different.
    Picture it:
    Dale is MOBBED in the Street by a girl (guess who D). He passes out and has to be given the kiss of life, twice, (guess who again D). She positions herself (picture it D) in case she has to perform CPR (Compulsory Pants Removal) or in your case D, SSR !! Just in case he tries to get away she picks him up but quickly drops him, “Cor blimey D, haven’t you started that diet yet? Walk to the car yourself”, Number Plate IMEZ (small car Ma).
    Ma can’t make it – TOUGH!!! No, really, Ma can’t make it ‘cos her very large number plate has got stuck in the width restriction. How do I know? ‘Cos I told her to go that way!!
    Anyway D, back to us. We drive ‘orf into the sunset and, unlike Ma’s play, we go ALL THE WAY!!!
    (Ma, I’m an eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bra) xx

  8. Marian Bolton May 31, 2013 at 6:26 pm -  Reply

    Ah G, touche and some!! (Does anyone know how you get that little squiggly thing over the eeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!!) Anyhow, absolutely cracking sweets! xx
    Ow the eck do we get away with it?! Are we an embarrassment D? If you want to give us the big E, you only have to say u know!! In the meantime though, can u get back to me on whether you’re up for a roll ….. I mean role ….. in the hay ……. I mean my play! Ta.

  9. Gail June 3, 2013 at 7:48 pm -  Reply

    Hello Dale. I had fun and games on Sunday when I tried to order something during your Gold show. The conversation went something like this:
    G I’d like to order the item on air please – the Stud.
    Q Don’t you mean Studs Madam?
    G No, I know exactly what I mean 🙂
    Let’s put it another way then; I want the D.
    Q Studs don’t come in different sizes.
    G They do where I come from 🙂
    Q Do you realise D’s a very small size? 🙁
    G No, but tell me more (How does she know).
    Q You might be able to have one made.
    G No ta, the original will do nicely thank you.
    Q Well thank you for calling QVC.
    G Hold it, hold it, I ain’t finished yet. I want the 3 easy
    pays too.

  10. dale franklin June 4, 2013 at 8:57 pm -  Reply

    Ma and G !! I think this time you’ve both excelled yourselves ! your combined imaginations are electrifying and highly amusing – Gail Please tell me that call story is a wind-up ? Wether ’tis or tisn’t it’s brilliant ! Thank you both ! Dale xx

  11. Marian Bolton June 4, 2013 at 9:26 pm -  Reply

    LOL G! Reminds me of that time I rang TMTI:
    TMTI: L O
    M: Is that TMTI?
    TMTI: C
    M: It’s D I want actually. Can you talk me through how to buy D, ta?
    TMTI: D no for sale (I think he was Chinese!)
    M: Y?
    TMTI: You wanna A?
    M: A what? I want D ta
    TMTI:D no for sale. You wan B?
    M: No, they sting. I want to B better acquainted with D though.
    TMTI: D no for sale, you wan C?
    M: See what? D? Is he there?
    TMTI: D no for sale. You wan E?
    M: I’m trying to give it up actually but it’s very tempting right now!
    TMTI: You wan G?
    M: No ta, I love G but I’m nutty enough on my own ta!
    TMTI: You wan I?
    M: I don’t know. Are you as good looking as D?
    TMTI: D no for sale. You wan K?
    M: Is it special like D?
    TMTI: D no for sale, you wan L?
    M: Well that’s kinda what I’m getting now init!
    TMTI: You wan M?
    M: No, I’ve already got her ta!
    TMTI: You wan O?
    M:Tempting!!!!!! Again, are you as good looking as D?
    TMTI: D no for sale, you wan P?
    M: I went before I rang you ta!
    TMTI: You wan Q?
    M: You’re Q aren’t you?
    TMTI: You wan R?
    M: Your what? I want D.
    TMTI: D no for sale. You wan T?
    M: Normally I’d say yes but right now, I could do with something much stronger!
    TMTI: You wan U?
    M: Not that again!
    TMTI: You wan W?
    M: I’ve always wanted to be a double D but a single D will do!
    TMTI: D no for sale. You wan X
    M: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tempting! Again, are you as good looking as D?
    TMTI: D no for sale. You wan Y?
    M: That’s what I asked you in the first place. Oh, just forget it. I’ll put it in a letter!

  12. Gail June 7, 2013 at 7:16 am -  Reply

    I thought I’d give that TMTI a try too Dale; this is how it went:
    G/ How can I get D off the tele.
    TMTI/ What’s he doing on the tele; get him down immediately.
    G/ I want to know how you can get D OVER to me.
    TMTI/ What’re yer doing in Dover.
    G/ I’m not in Dover.
    TMTI/ Why, what’s wrong with Dover.
    TMTI/ Is D off the tele yet.
    G/ How do I know when his shift finishes.
    TMTI/ Can’t you see.
    G/ See what.
    TMTI/ Whether D’s left for Dover yet.
    G/ No-ones in Dover or going to Dover, got it.
    TMTI/ Where are you then.
    G/ Mind your own business.
    G/ Is D there.
    TMTI/ Where.
    G/ There.
    TMTI/ No, he’s gone to Dover.
    G/ Can I get through to D.
    TMTI/ Are you a Medium then.
    G/ Cheeky, I’m a large actually if you really wanna know.
    TMTI/ Large what.
    G/ Large/Medium.
    TMTI/ Does size matter then.
    G/ I aint going there.
    TMTI/ Where.
    G/ I’m not starting all that again.
    G/ Can we get back to D now.
    TMTI/ Why, where’s he gone now.
    G/ Home if he’s got any sense.
    TMTI/ You’re definitely not going to Dover then.
    G/ No, I’m sooooooooooooo over Dover (for now).
    All fun and games D, got to keep smiling and having fun. I didn’t ring the Q re the Stud, but I’ve done sillier things believe me. Nice weekend MAD (Ma and Dale) xxx

  13. Dale Franklin June 7, 2013 at 4:18 pm -  Reply

    Gail – were you a scrpit writer for the “Two Ronnies” ? If not – you missed a trick there ! I was presenting a set of Four Candles at midnight – I couldn’t resist! Do you remember the letter shop sketch ?
    Shopper – F U N E X?
    Shopkeeper – S ! V F X etc. Timeless !
    Hope you have a great weekend Dale x

  14. martin forbes June 10, 2013 at 4:15 pm -  Reply

    hai dale hope you are well

  15. Gail June 11, 2013 at 10:28 am -  Reply

    Just when you thought it was safe D, I’m back. I do remember the scripts very well; very clever. I also saw you at Midnight with your four candles; I somehow knew you’d go there. Where? Ain’t starting all that again!! My disease has taken quite a bit of me, but it can’t take all of me. I’m holding on to my sense of humour and compassion and I ain’t letting go.
    G x

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