Moving Home (Part 2!) and #Sherlock


Old flatI am exhausted. After my Mum's mammoth (and very successful!!) house move, it's been my turn this week. Austen has come down from Birmingham to help me move out of my teeny tiny place, clean it up and get everything into the new place. There are a lot of DIY jobs to do, so I'm eternally thankful for my amazing hubby being a dabhand at this sort of stuff. Without him, I'd be at sea. Pictures of the new place soon. But here's the cubby hole I left.


Austen with the Sherlock starsIn the melee of trying to get this all sorted, we did manage to fit in some fun treats. Austen and I are huge fans of the BBC's 'reboot' of Sherlock. So we went to media industry event discussing how it became such a big international success. On the panel were the co-writers Mark Gatiss (who also plays Mycroft) and Steven Moffat (Dr Who writer), the producer Sue Vertue, actress Amanda Abbington (who played Watson's wife, Mary in the latest series) and Ben Stephenson, the BBC commissioner. It was a night of insight and interest where they shared their favourite clips from the show, took questions from the audience and explained everything from the journey, from pitching it to the buzz on social media. Austen is also a screenwriter so he took the opportunity to have a chat with Mark & Amanda.

Rib dinner at Duke'sWe also got invited to an amazing Beer, Whiskey & Food matching dinner by a lovely brewery friend of mine, Logan Plant, who founded Beavertown Brewery in Hackney in London. It's an independent microbrewery, brewing small batches of tasty beers with attitude. Served at a restaurant called Duke's Brew & Cue (Duke's Joint), which is an American-style rib shack – ribs, pulled pork and burgers are the order of the day. It was an incredible evening: the celebration of a collaboration with Jameson's Irish Whiskey, the launch of a new stout (called Geronimo) they've brewed and then let mature for another 2 months after brewing in casks that had previous held Jameson's oldest whiskey. The result: a thick, black, smooth, sweet, milk-chocolate of a beer with delicious vanilla notes dancing all over it. The beer is named after the delightful Ger Buckley, Jameson's Number One Master Cooper in Cork, who's the 5th generation of coopers in the business. A lovely man with a fun spirit and a gracious and self-deprecating manner. He told me he felt honoured to be part of such an historic connection. We had 3 courses of stunning food including the signature Duke's 17oz beef rib!!!! What landed on my plate was the most succulent beef EVER and could have easily been a meal for three people.

Marv and LoganLogan himself is a Midlander, and is ultra-proud of his roots, so whenever I see him we love to wax lyrical about local beers we love like Bathams Best Bitter and missing home. He's a true star; he's got an extraordinary team around him including James, fellow brewer (from Shropshire), Hannah, originally from Wolverhampton (who manages front of house at Duke's), and Nick who designs all the amazing bottle labels. Have a guess – by Logan's surname – who his super-famous internationally-renowed Grammy winning musical father might be! His Dad put in an appearance at last night's dinner too! You can watch a video and read more about my first ever visit to Duke's here. If you're a beef, pork and burger fan YOU MUST GO! 

Kim MendelsonKim Mendelson is back at QVC tomorrow and Saturday with her superb Kim & Co range. After our fun TSV launch a few weeks back, I'm excited to be doing not one, but TWO shows with her so look out for them: Friday 7th at 11am and Saturday 8th at 4pm. Tune in and pick up some new pieces for your Spring wardrobe. 


Where you'll find me this week..

Fri 7th March
9am – The Morning Show (with Craig Rowe)
11am – Kim & Co


Sat 8th March
4pm – Kim & Co
5pm – Vitamix: More Than a Blender

Tuesday 11th March
1pm – Annalee & Hope Outlet
3pm – Attitudes by Renee Outlet

Thurs 13th March
1pm – Jewellery Outlet
3pm – Heavenly Sleepwear by Carole Hochman

Don't forget that when I'm not on-air at QVC, you can find me on Twitter or on my Facebook page. I always love to hear from you about the brands you like on QVC, what you've bought from us or anything you want to tell me, so come over and say HELLO anytime!!


  1. Jill Cope March 8, 2014 at 3:05 am -  Reply

    Hi, my brother in law is Head Brewer at Bathams I’m sure should you ever have time to pop in you would be made most welcome. He went to uni down in Surrey, worked at Watney Mann for a few years then came back home to work for Bank’s, he then moved to what he describes as “his dream job”. His name is Martin Birch.

  2. angela white March 8, 2014 at 10:12 am -  Reply

    hi, is logans dad Robert plant? im from Wolverhampton and I think he used to live at wightwick or perton? I hope your mom is settling in ok and your move went ok to! very stressful! take care x

  3. Beth Morton March 9, 2014 at 4:36 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marverine,
    I’m pleased to hear you’ve had a relaxing time with your lovely hubby and also having great food and drink! The description of the new Stout was great – very descriptive. Mentioned before but been teetotal for a few years now but my mouth was beginning to water as I read on!
    Good to hear you’ve moved to somewhere better – being away from your other half for a few days a week can’t be easy and it’s vital to stay somewhere you feel happy in. Excellent he’s good at D.I.Y. too!
    You take care and I hope your Mum is settling in ok,
    Beth XXX.

  4. Marverine Cole March 11, 2014 at 10:25 am -  Reply

    Hi Jill, how are you – thanks for your comments. oooh Austen and I adorrrrrrrrrrrrrre Bathams Best Bitter! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! We’d love to pop in. Have you ever tried it? It is so delicious and refreshing!
    Hi Angela – yes indeed Logan’s famous Dad is Robert Plant. No prizes for guessing it though! He popped in on the launch night. How cool is that? Mega-talented West Midlands family indeed!
    Hey Beth – fab to hear from you. SO funny that my description of the beer made your mouth water. That’s what I try to achieve when I talk about beer. I am very passionate about it. Yes and Mum is settling in well. She’s so so happy and has already made tons of new friends. How are you? xxx

  5. Jan Simmons March 15, 2014 at 2:01 pm -  Reply

    Hi Local Girl!
    You are so kind and thank you for your lovely compliments but I have to respond with………..I wish!!!!!!!
    I can’t believe I work so near, and yet haven’t ventured to the new Tesco’s yet OR our local Primark! I still prefer my Thursday eve late night shop and supper in Birmingham with friends. Meant to say, I have a lovely photo of you from the Beauty Bash but don’t know how to get it to you without Facebook or Twitter……….do I have to dip my toe into the water and indulge?!………..poor hubby if I do!
    Congrats on your weight loss but but thought you had a lovely figure anyway so as you said in your last blog, all things in moderation. Hope your mum settles in the new retirement village, I know it’s the end of an era for her and the family but just enjoy every minute with her………….I sadly lost my precious mum a couple of years ago (she lived in Stourbridge) we were joined at the hip and although she was an older lady, we had so much fun together and my family adored her, so boy is it the most difficult journey of my life…… it doesn’t really matter where she is based if she is in your life and surrounded by family that love her.
    I’ve told Angie I keep in touch with you via your blog and I know she enjoys Qvc too and it makes it that little bit more special watching your shows now that we’ve met you.
    As always, keep up the good work and ooooh if you remember (or get to read this) do your remember the beer you recommended that was brewed in Cornwall or was it the West Country in general?…….. If not, no worries.
    Take care xxxxxxxxxxxx & a big Mwah back atcha ‘are kid’
    Love Jan xxxx

  6. Marverine Cole March 17, 2014 at 4:48 pm -  Reply

    Hey Jan – lovely to hear from you. Oh the Tescos West Brom is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! And it’s so nice, fingers crossed they can fill all the other shops in the precinct though: there are few at the back which still have TO LET signs up. But opposite the Tescos there’s a NEXT and a BANK Clothing (for the teenagers)
    So kind of you to say I looked nice at the bash. You know when you feel fat and you’re tired because you feel the weight is dragging you down? well that’s the feeling I had, and still have really. I’d like to lose at least another 8-10lbs and then I’ll feel like I had somewhere near the figure I had 20 years ago. Would make me walk a bit taller too and not feel so old. I feel like the weight makes me feel older too. Might sounds odd.
    Sorry to hear about your Mum – I can only imagine how hard it was to come to terms with the loss and to try and get back to a normal life. You are doing it though, with the support of bubby,family and fabulous friends like Angie! The beer I recommended was probably called Tribute – brewed by St Austell brewery down in Cornwall. A fantastic golden beer, not too strong, creamy with citrus notes in it. You’d love it. It’s available in some supermarkets now too, so have a look next time you’re there.
    PS Go on, be brave and delve into Facebook xxxxxx

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