Motown Magic plus Geller gang get ready!


What a lovely time I had this week going to see the Motown The Musical in London. And a TiFFT*! First time ever in a box! It was a very energetic show, full of classics and well worth a watch (see below). Also it was the week I handed  back the keys for my cottage in Dorking, more information on previous blogs if you missed my recent news!

It is a transition time now until I take over properly at my new place down in Devon, nearby Retreats for You in Sheepwash, where I will be helping regularly  in the run up to launching a vintage tea rooms next summer. I’m spending much  of my time working this month at QVC in London, and also going to Iceland on holiday towards the end of November so I’m looking forward to December to be honest 🙂 Find out more information here on my newsletter on my website.


Also on my newsletter this week will be the link for my latest book of the week (being posted at the weekend – just ran out of time this week!) And an exclusive video of me practising for the big concert happening in Chiswick on Friday the 18th. Find out more information here . Tickets are only £10 so do come along? Ring 0208 587 1346 for ticket info, or go here. Especially if you like a mixture of classical, jazz, and some modern like me singing Adele. Guess which of her songs I am practising in the video? Or just watch it. Let me know what you think. Is the key too high? I’m singing others too.


I must also  tell you quickly about the early bird order links for Saturday’s Dyson V6 offer, and Sunday’s Laura Geller Christmas TSV set. Go here to find out all about them on my website blog and to get the link to buy now, Friday afternoon. Otherwise join me tonight at midnight (4th) when I launch the Dyson. It’s our latest offer for the iconic V6 cordless vac – a model which has an unbelievable amount of five-star reviews.  This latest deal has not only free delivery but also 4 easy pays and under £200 – another great deal. And can’t wait for the show with the lovely Laura Geller herself, Sunday 6pm. Assuming the stocks last of her fabulous Lights of Venice kit




And if you’ve been wondering about the jewellery I have been wearing, some of it will be in tonight’s show, at 9 o’clock, as it is Jewellery Day there is no beauty hour. These lovely bracelets from Extraordinary Life are a great idea as a present as it comes with superb packaging, three meanings and four EZ pays – silver too.


In addition these beautiful crystal pendants will also be on, click here just in case there aren’t any left if you are reading this after Friday.


One final deal I think is worth having, considering it is after all only bonfire night this weekend, is the Autumn Harvest Yankee Candle set of three, superb value considering large jars are often £21.99 each and this set is under £40. Do get it now – amazing fragrances.


PS there’s a super ‘gifts under £30’ show with me Sunday afternoon too. Get more ticked off your list! Plus see the ‘this week’ section below for more teasers of what’s to come. And don’t forget to subscribe to my website email list to get alerted early direct by email! (click here and fill in the form that automatically pops up, then confirm by clicking on the link that will be in the email you get.)


Watch – Motown The Musical.  If you want a thoroughly entertaining evening and to see one of the all-time greatest voices I have ever seen on stage, do you watch the story of Berry Gordy and his amazing musical legacy on stage at the Shaftesbury Theatre. I enjoyed the music very, very much indeed, having grown up with many of the songs. But the voice of Cedric Neal the actor playing very good he is truly spectacular. As is that of Diana Ross. Fabulous show, highly recommended. Nearly as good as Beautiful, the Carole King story. 8 out of ten.

Facebook funny – considering lots of our TTFLS group are talking about this week, I thought you might like this one! Lol.


Last crop from old house  I was very impressed that the potatoes I planted earlier in the summer have actually cropped. Very tasty they were too 🙂 and the last in a long line of products of one of the nicest Gardens of any of the houses I have ever lived in. I will definitely miss the garden from my old house. But hopefully over the next couple of years I will be bringing you lots of pictures of what I do with the new place. Even though I am staying nearby I will be able to treat retreats for you as my own project.


Mushroom or Toadstool?  Had a last walk in the woods with the dogs as well, and found this. Is it poisonous? Or can you eat it? What is it? Leave me a message below. I did have a look around to see if there were any fairies nearby however… He he. And don’t worry those of you who tell me you love my ‘vlogs’ – there will be lots more from Devon.


What retreat would you like to go on?  If you could?  What would be your ideal one? I was talking to a lady that decides these things and we were discussing what type of retreat people would like. She suggested maybe I should do a ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims Freedom eating retreat’, what do you think? Or fishing, walking, painting? If you are keen or have any ideas let me know by emailing me info@Debbie I’m looking at springtime.

Off on a poggy holiday.  Took Daisy and Gracie along to Whiskers and Paws in Dorking High Street this week and Claire did an amazing job of getting rid of all the superfluous fluff and doggy smells on my two lovely labradors. Why? Well  they are off on their own holiday for a few weeks whilst I get November out of the way. They do love being with Jane who runs a fabulous doggy vacation home stay, so I have no guilt. Well, not much.


Blooper – less of a blooper and more of a lemon-face charity vid!  I was nominated by Julia who did hers last week, click here. Here is mine, I can’t help it, it was very sharp ha ha! Go here to my DebbieFlintAuthorQVC Facebook page where I post such things regularly – and the vlogs – (like the page to get them come up in your newsfeed) for the full info on how to donate to the charity- it will be here.

This week on QVC –

Apart from this weekend is amazing deals, the Dyson today’s special value and the Laura Geller Sunday one, both of which have an early bird order links above, there is a great week ahead.

– join me for my first Saturday Night Show at 8pm tomorrow night (the fifth), it will be great fun. With my favourite gang inc Lee Hohbein, Steve McDonald, and Phil Parker, it should be a laugh.

– Next week on Monday it’s a super Kim n Co jumpsuit! Sold out fast last time so don’t miss it.


– Tuesday its Alison Cork’s fabulous feather tip faux fur throw that’s the TSV. Try saying that fast!


– On Wed it’s an amazing Christmas gift idea from Price’s Candles, a 3x 13pc gifting set for about £25!


–  and on Thursday night at midnight join me for household helpers with a fabulous Shark Rocket Powerhead Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner for under £75. Followed by a Nutri Ninja blender the next day and then…

Sneaky peek –  on Sunday 13th November we’ll be bringing you Elemis’ Christmas Today’s Special Value offer. Always an amazing deal one of the biggest of the year.  As soon as it is posted, the early bird link will be here. Probably around late Thursday or Friday. Looking forward to seeing it. I will be off that day, maybe in Devon or just getting my book done.


Yes amidst all of it I am trying to write my long-awaited French or Dutch novel during November, to tie in with what they call NaNoWriMo, National novel-writing month in November. And am just submitting my revision back to the Choc Lit Editor for the new updated version of ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ that will be in – yay – bookshops! – early next year. I don’t make it easy for myself do I?  Find out more about my efforts on my next ‘read it write it sell it’ blog on my website, it will be here. where you will also find basic beginner’s info about how to self-publish. Maybe I should suggest a retreat on how to self publish your own book! Well, now the dogs are being looked after I am aiming to go to Champneys for a couple of days to use up a voucher that will otherwise run out. I probably need the break after everything that’s been happening 🙂 On air over the weekend though!

Have a wonderful week and speak soon.




PS – Here’s another fab post from my Till the Fat Lady Slims book’s online support group

Jill H- ‘Well, I feel like I maybe starting to turn a corner with my life. I had a check up with my GP this morning and after a few weeks of no scales and a positive mental attitude, I have lost around 9lbs and am a little bit happy with myself I hope everybody is well and big hugs to those who are not having the best of times at the moment. If I have learnt anything over the past 12 months it’s that life is to short and we have to live everyday to the max xx’

Fabulous news isn’t it, from yet more ladies finding the support from TTFLS and Freedom Eating is really helping on their weight loss journey. I say to anyone who wants to give it a try, to read ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet’ book first, which is like the one which sold out in signed hardback on QVC last year. Plus book 3.0 with more tips and tales to inspire. The whole picture and links are here on my webpage.

KEEP IN TOUCH – come join Facebook groups and Twitter, links here; follow my official QVC Facebook page here and subscribe to my weekly newsletter here.

MY NOVELS, SHORT STORIES AND WEIGHT LOSS BOOKS – just go to my website for all the info on my writer page –it’s here.

My paperbacks – all online –



  1. Elizabeth Keenan November 4, 2016 at 2:26 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Your fungi is called an ink cap, and no you certainly cannot eat it he he.
    I take photos of fungi, think I need to get a life.
    Much love
    Elizabeth X

  2. Catherine griffin November 5, 2016 at 9:14 am -  Reply

    Till the fat lady Slim’s retreat sounds amazing I would love to go on that and bring my body blade with me as im struggling with trying to give up chocolate for a few month xx

  3. Juliet Robinson November 5, 2016 at 8:19 pm -  Reply

    Debbie, just been watching you on the Saturday night show and your outfit really suited you…’s the blue jumpsuit. Very flattering, you looked amazing. The classic, body skimming shape was perfect for you. Xx

  4. Mary rottier November 5, 2016 at 11:38 pm -  Reply

    Hello Debs sorry to here that you are moving to Devon I think I have missed a lot of blogs because my email has not been working,can you but me on your mailing list and let me now what you are going to be doing in Devon .
    I wish you all the best for your new venture what ever it is
    Good luck to you and the lovely dogs.
    Mary Rottier.

  5. Debs f November 7, 2016 at 10:03 pm -  Reply

    Mary –
    Dont worry hon you can always catch up via all the archives either on here or on my homepage – just enter your email in the little box that pops up when you go to my website, then you’ll get all the newsletters! So glad you’re interested!
    Best wishes
    Debs x

  6. Debs f November 7, 2016 at 10:05 pm -  Reply

    Juliet –
    Thank you so much! Yes several people said that and i liked it as well – v comfy. Nice to get in a medium too! Best wishes
    Debs x

  7. Debs f November 7, 2016 at 10:06 pm -  Reply

    Catherine – will certainly add your name to the list of those interested hon, just email me? Email is .
    Thank u!

  8. Debs f November 7, 2016 at 10:11 pm -  Reply

    Elizabeth – you made me laugh!! Good job the dogs and i didnt get anywhere near it then eh?! Thanks for that. Looks like those fungi pics came in handy after all! Best wishes x

  9. Karen Hunt November 10, 2016 at 6:56 am -  Reply

    Love, love, love art retreats. Used to have one near me but sadly no more. A great way to enjoy yourself whilst meeting interesting people.

  10. Pauline Richardson November 19, 2016 at 3:09 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, hope you enjoy your break in Iceland. We have just got back from there and it was fantastic. You will love it……. it was really cold, windy and snow and fantastic scenery. Enjoy it……. x

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