Mother’s Day, Diet Chef & a visit to London’s South Bank


Mum's flowersOn Mother’s Day I have to admit I was really upset not to be in Birmingham. In all honesty the strength of my emotions caught me completely and utterly by surprise, so I confess I hibernated for the day, feeling a bit miserable. I feel lucky and very blessed to have three mothers in my life:

1) my Mum, Althea
2) my Sister-In-Law, Karen: my eldest brother, Tony’s wife. Karen is Mum to my two amazingly talented, smart and gorgeous nieces, Natalie and Nadine
3) my clever, spirited and irreverent Mother-in-Law, Stella

Austen and his brother had lunch with Stella. Tony fetched my Mum round to lunch at their house with Karen and the girls. I ordered Mum a bunch of flowers, they actually arrived on the Saturday and I cried when she left me the voicemail saying how beautiful she thought they were and that they were the most gorgeous flowers she’d ever had. Tony took a picture for me. I’d post a photo of my Mum and I on the net but she’s not keen of photos of her circulating so you’ll just have to conjure her up in your mind. Needless to say she’s beautiful, kind, funny, quiet, cheeky and I think I get my interest in news and current affairs from her. From when I was a little nipper, Mum’d get the Birmingham Mail delivered to the door every night, and I would read it after she’d finished with it. And we always watch the 6pm local news and the 10 O’Clock ITV News with Trevor McDonald. That must have influenced my decision to become a Journalist and Newsreader in later life. Funny that just as I’m typing this blog, she called me! We must be telepathic

Diet Chef returns to QVC!

I’m excited that another Diet Chef is on its way next week. I hope you can tune in to see what it’s all about. I lost 8 pounds on the plan and since I’ve come off it, I lost another 2lbs and have kept
the weight off. A superb way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Worth thinking about investing if you’re counting down to a holiday you’ve booked or you’re looking to book and want to shape up for going away!

View from Waterloo BridgeA visit to London’s South Bank

My lovely friend Kerrie came for the day from her home in Reading to London to meet me for lunch on one of the sunny day earlier this week. She’s a TV presenter who oozes style and fashion effortlessly. She’s a model and has also reported from lots of designer’s shows at London Fashion Week and is a lovely, fun girl. Keep your eyes peeled as she might make an appearance on a TV screen near you! We ‘met’ on Twitter before Christmas and spent the afternoon sipping Mocktails – non-alcoholic cocktails. We both had an Angel’s Shame – which was made of Peach Puree, Ginger Beer and Manuka Honey. Totally delish!

Marv and Kerrie Mocktail










Then we headed off to Shed at the National Theatre to see a terrific play, HOME. It’s already critically acclaimed, the newspapers are all raving about it. The play was a sell-out success last August so they’ve brought it back for another run! It’s the visualisation of the shocking stories and experiences that were collected from young homeless people in London. The young writer-director, Nadia Fall, then based the play around an East London shelter. I thought the performances were emotional and captivating, they included songs and even some beat-boxing. Big softies that we are, Kerrie & I were on the verge of tears quite a few times through it all. If you can get hold of tickets and take a day trip to London to see it, I would recommend it. It’s on until the end of April and there are afternoon matinees too.

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

Where you’ll find me on QVC…

Monday 7th April
9am – Morning Show
11am – Diet Chef
12pm – Kim & Co

Saturday 12th April
4pm – Ronni Nicole
7pm – Trinny & Susannah
8pm – Accessories by Kipling

Don’t forget that when I’m not on-air at QVC, you can find me on Twitter (@TVMarv) or on my Facebook ( page. I always love to hear from you about the brands you like on QVC, what you’ve bought from us or anything you want to tell me, so come over and say HELLO anytime!!


  1. Beth April 5, 2014 at 2:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marverine,
    It sounds like you’ve had a busy and fun time as usual – good for you! As you are so close to your lovely Mum, no wonder you felt a bit low on Mother’s Day. The flowers are beautiful and I think your Mum’s name is lovely. It’s great that you have more than one Mum – your three all sound wonderful! I did have a “second Mum” – my late “Aunty” Barbara. She was my mum’s best friend and died a few years’ ago. She was a very special person to me, always on my side and I always looked forward to seeing her. When I met Ian over 6 years ago, I kept telling him he had to meet her. He finally did (she lived 200 miles away) and they got on really well. I had her approval which was important to me – she died less than 2 months later so the visit was just in time.
    Mmm, the Mocktail looks really nice! I am going to a Hen meal tonight so will keep my eyes peeled for some yummy no alcohol drinks. Glad you had a great time with your friend Kerrie and saw “Home.” I did try and play the clip but our laptop is playing up and kept cutting out. It’s important people’s stories get heard and hope the audiences keep it busy.
    I do miss our “Furry Friend” but for some reason she didn’t come to the door – cats do that don’t they? My last two did – it was case of open the front door, be greeted by miaows, put my bag down, shut the door and then immediately feed them!! That was the routine! I can completely understand how empty it must feel without Conkers – he sounds like he was a real character.
    No holidays planned this year but we’re hoping to visit Sicily next year. Hope you have some nice breaks planned?
    You take care, all the best,
    Beth XXX.

  2. Susanne Fitzpatrick April 9, 2014 at 2:58 am -  Reply

    Hi Marverine
    Yes, Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day for me) are difficult if you’re nowhere near your mum/dad and if they’re deceased like mine, doubly hard. It’s always nice when QVC presenters acknowledge things like this – Catherine Huntley did it at Christmas time and it was really quite touching.
    You’re very lucky to have three ‘mothers’ and I’m sure you appreciate what all three of them do for you, which is lovely.
    By the way, your weight loss is stunning – you look a totally different person than when you first appeared on our screens and I’m sure it’s better for your all-round health too, which is great. Congratulations on it all, and for keeping it off.

  3. Marverine Cole April 15, 2014 at 8:56 am -  Reply

    Hi Beth – did you find any mocktails in the end? I hope so. Lovely to hear that Ian met Aunty Barbara before she passed. It is so important to have that approval, isn’t it? Someone close to you wanting to wish you well in the life ahead. And fabulous that they got on like a house on fire. Cor Sicily sounds amazing – I’ve heard a lot about it, hope you can pull that off. In the years when I wasn’t able to do a big holiday (and believe you me on the days I was on the dole I couldn’t) I did day trips out on the coach with Mum or with friends. You can’t beat National Express sometimes – and also great for longer journeys when no-one wants to drive or you don’t have a car. I saw on Jackie Kabler’s blog that they’re doing tours of Coronation Street so I’ve got to get booked onto one of those sharpish. Love Corrie. Stay in touch babes xxxxx
    Hi Susanne – very kind of you to get in touch. I can only imagine what it must be like when people are carping on about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and your parents have passed on. I hope you were able to find a way to ignore all the commerciality of the day and remember your Mum with fondness in your own way? Catherine Huntley truly is a lovely, gentle soul, I do love her to bits. And thanks so much about my weight loss. It’s funny I lost 8lbs on Diet Chef, another 2 lbs after that – although I’m shamefaced to say I’ve put the 2lbs back on. I think it’s come off my face because so many people have commented. I’m still a good Size 16 but I reckon I can carry it because I’m 5ft 7inches. Plus over the years you do become a master of disguise when it comes to hiding weight. Not ideal but hey. In my next blog I’m writing about a cute little exercise baton which I’m launching as a Today’s Special Value on Tuesday 22nd April. All to help you tone up! I’m going to start using it regularly to help get rid of those extra 2 lbs! lol! Stay in touch. Fab to hear from you! Love from Marv xx

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