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A'Kin Rosehip Oil - 203556Hello everyone,
Thank you for all of your fantastic beauty questions, here are my replies to some of the questions I have received…

On parabens
Leslie Clark – Yes, formulas can change and/or be updated. The brands that do not use parabens in their entirety that we retail at QVC and have in stock at the moment that I think you would like would be the A'kin and the Intelligent Nutrients ranges.

Australian Bodycare Skin Wash - 228484On Australian Bodycare Skin Wash
Sarah E – When you use Australian Body Care Skin Wash you may have corrected the problem yourself because as your daughter is 17, her skin will need to be balanced by following with a moisturiser.

If I explain, the antiseptic skin wash should only be used on its own perhaps by young skin (pre and early teenage). From sixteen onwards, it should be followed with a moisturiser to balance so I hope you have already addressed this concern and that she is seeing improvements.

Also, bear in mind that nothing during this age gets rid of spots, but what you are aiming to do, is create a healthy environment for the skin to heal and to prevent an infection while the body’s hormones which cause the spots in the first place can be topsy-turvy.

Elemis Sensitive Cleansing Wash Duo - 221831Also, it is worth bearing in mind medication, such as the contraceptive pill, depending on which one it is, and in consultation with your GP can actually make the spots worse or better. The important thing, through this changing skin time is the regularity of a daily morning and evening regime to keep the skin healthy, healing quickly and in as good a condition as possible.

If you feel, which can happen, that the Australian Body Care is too strong for her, then she would have what we would term, sensitive spots and would respond better to, say, the calming effects of formulas such as Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish with the light moisturiser or Elemis Sensitive Skin Wash followed by the SBC Healing Propolis Gel to give you some options.

Mally Perfect Prep Poreless Primer  - 228831On foundation
Jane Nash – Thanks for the compliment about my skin Jane. I have to say I use every foundation we sell and if I am doing a brand show or TSV I will be wearing the one I am promoting that day to show you how it looks on me.

I’d say though that the trick to getting a luminosity on the skin starts with skincare. Under your makeup, generously apply serums and creams and then seal them in with a primer (the Mally one is fab at doing this) before applying any texture foundation. On air, I always use a highlighter on top of foundation such as on top of the cheeks and the brows. This is often the Laura Geller, that may give you an insight into a few of my tricks, I hope that helps.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Supersize - 222363On pigmentation during pregnancy
Rebecca – congratulations on the birth of your son. Dark pigmentation can commonly arise during or after pregnancy. Two key products are crucial for you. Firstly, the Alpha H Liquid Gold applied just to the pigmented areas will help to bring the skin tone back to normal but you must ensure you wear a factor 50 every day to stop it being over stimulated, not just by the sun but also daylight. So, the easiest would be the Ultrasun Anti-Ageing Factor 50 which does not need reapplying.

On Ultrasun Tinted Day Cream
Geraldine – the Ultrasun Tinted SPF Factor 30 day cream does have an oil absorbing kaline ingredient so if it dries when it goes onto your skin you need to do either of the following: apply your Aqua Memory Serum and moisturiser first to give the moisture and the plumpness and so that you don’t affect the SPF, wait 10 minutes before applying the tint.

Ultrasun Tinted Face SPF30 - 204069If this doesn’t work, then I think you would prefer the more luxurious texture of the Perricone No Foundation, Foundation applied on top of the original Ultrasun SPF30 which doesn’t contain the kaline so doesn’t have such a mattifying formula.

These could still be followed by your Laura Geller so I don’t think you are doing anything wrong there. Either way this should give you a solution that you either already have on your bathroom shelf or that you need to swap your purchase next time.

On skin breakouts
Karen – sorry to hear you are having problems with your skin. Unfortunately the sun does stimulate oil glands so in the areas that you are prone to breakouts, they can get worse.


Decleor Aromessence Neroli & Balm Essential Duo  - 202227I would recommend that you add to your routine, the Decleor Neroli that we sell in a duo of the oil (a few drops underneath your Elemis Pro- Collagen Marine Cream in the day) and a separate Neroli balm that you apply all over as a night time treatment.

The reason I have chosen these for you is that these two products which are 100% natural should add more balance and healing to your skin without over-stripping or drying. If you feel that you are not getting improvement, you can speak to your pharmacist about taking some anti-histamine which help to calm the skin down from the inside and makes the blind bumps smaller, while the skincare products balance from the outside.

However, if none of my advice works, there may be an infection in your skin which may require a doctor’s appointment and some medication. In the meantime, definitely use the bareMinerals foundation as that will give you skin confidence and cover and as it contains zinc oxide, a natural mineral, it is brilliant as a spot treatment too. So, for your skin it's healthy makeup.

Organic PharmacyOn very sensitive skin
Debbie Gray – based on what you can and can’t use there is definitely some individual ingredients that may even be preservatives, perfumes or carrying agents that cause your skin to flare up. Certainly QVC’s 30-day money back guarantee is the best way to shop for sensitive skin as you can try the products.

I would definitely try Intelligent Nutrients, The Organic Pharmacy and Selixir PeaceBalm. Just check with your bareMinerals Foundation, it is unusual to be allergic, however, anyone can have an allergy to an individual ingredient, even though it is natural.

If you were ok with the original foundation to begin with when the brush was new, it may have been that an allergy developed because a) you weren’t cleaning your brush often enough and it became scratchy and spikey to the skin or b) you were washing your brush in something that you are allergic to.

Always wash your brush in a shampoo or face wash that your skin gets on with. Also, bear in mind when your skin is sensitive it can react to anything and not just to the original ingredient that your skin was allergic to, so it may be that if you can calm your skin down by looking at your existing brands and simplifying the amount of products you use to a skeleton crew for hair, face and body that you don’t react to, and use these for a few months.

Then if you re-introduce some of your products (which will still be safe to use as opened, most products have a six month to 1 year shelf life) you may find that after this period of desensitising you are able to use more than you think. Also check out my blog that I did earlier this year on sensitive skin through illness because the same rules and advice could apply to you whether you have illness or not.

Ultrasun Face SPF50 100mlOn suncare during illness
Julie Baker – sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Your GP in some areas can give you a prescription for SPF which is worth asking about and another reassuring thing is that the Ultrasun that you are asking about is on the Unichem listing and is recommended and available to some GPs (depending on the area) for use on prescription, especially the SPF 50, Anti-Ageing Day Cream and all over body formula.

If you can’t get this on prescription then yes, it is definitely worth buying because Ultrasun specialise in sun care. They don’t make any ‘fashion’ products. They test with three different independent bodies to register the SPF including two Australian standards and protect from both UVA and UVB.

It is also worth bearing in mind that if you wear make-up, I would recommend the bareMinerals Foundation because that offers a further layering of natural mineral protection which is also kind to the skin.

I am sure your doctor will also have advised that sun bathing is out of the question and that hats and physical shade should become your best friend. I hope this gives you more advice and some easy options that you can add into your regime.

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  1. gemma scott November 14, 2013 at 2:15 pm -  Reply

    i dont know if this is the right place to ask a question but i dont have face book or twitter. I was wondering if Alison could help me in regards to my skin care routine. I currently use the alpha a balancing cleanser which is great. The issue i have is i have been using the liquid gold for a month now and it no longer has the same results as it did in the first couple of weeks. I like to have something on my face at night to feel like it works. I have combination skin. And also is there anything you could suggest for hooded eye lids. im 30 but feel 60. thanks

  2. Mrs Liz Reynolds November 21, 2013 at 1:59 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison
    I have started using the Akin rosehip oil and on the presentations they say put the oil on the face before moisturising but as I use daily either Decleor Prolagene Gel and SBC gels which we have been advised to put on the face first before oil… I am confused… so please could you tell me which the right way to use the oil to get the full benefit.

  3. Heather March 2, 2016 at 1:26 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison,could you recommend an alternative to the Gayle Hayman eyelid primer as cant seem to get it,also all concealers i try seem to sink into fine lines and wrinkles and make my eyes look worse especially when set with powder ,you used to talk about a powder being tripple milled,any suggestions plz,many thanks,Heather ps,my skin tone is similar to yours

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