Monaco Magic!


Debs in purple dress (click to enlarge)Another update for you  - the second one this week!

– Monaco – what a lovely place!

– And watch out for the Elemis Today’s special Value this weekend!

– Ps and one of the most amazing Pina Colada’s I’ve ever had!

Well, here’s my little holiday report for you as promised! My lovely pal Goodey (the model) mentioned she’d been to Monaco a couple of times and wouldn’t it be lovely to go there so I could do some ‘research’ for my story – the first chapter is set there! So, as it was about time I took a little mini-break I thought why not?! So off we went!

We stayed in the Columbus Hotel, down in the minor port called Fontvielle, and the 7th floor view did us proud. It got all ‘Thomas Kincaide’ as the sun went down, as you may see from the shot below! Looking towards the sea, you could even see the helipad, where the more ‘cash-rich, time-poor’ visitors can take a helicopter trip to the airport in Nice! I did go in one a few years ago, on a business trip – it’s amazing how it feels like you’re going so slowly, but it only took 7 mins instead of 50 mins from Nice airport to Monaco!

View from my window (click to enlarge)

View towards helipad (click to enlarge)

Debs and Goody in Casino Square (click to enlarge)

Cocktails (click to enlarge)






If you’re anything like me, then holidays have to include some sightseeing. So it was a pleasure to go exploring and with my Fuji bridge camera in hand, with a 30x zoom. I was very pleased with some of the shots I got – specially ‘cos a lot of them were just on the ‘auto’ mode! For instance, in in the photo at the top of this blog – me in my best Kim and co maxi, standing in the grounds  –  just look at the beautiful blue sky!

My favourite afternoon, just prior to a bit of retail therapy (HAS to be done, darling! Lol) was spent just watching the world go by. We walked across from one port to the other, ‘recce’ing’ the yachts and the jetties for my novel, then ended up passing a very pleasant couple of hours in Monte Carlo,  at the exclusive end of Monaco, where all the films are usually set.  This was a little video clip of the square from the top end.


The Casino is on one side, and the Café de Paris is on the other, where Goodey and I sat for a couple of hours people-watching. We saw some very well-dressed people, elegant and sophisticated, and some amazingly expensive cars. As you’d expect in Monaco! And we had THE most delicious drinks, including a wonderful Pina Colada (WITH the ‘pina’ this time – well I was on my holidays. But only the one – it did cost 18 euros!) which is pictured above. Then it was off to shop – and visit some of the luxury hotels to find out more about their conference rooms, where my characters in my novel have a confrontation scene!

I was of course, observing many of the yachts moored in the harbour, since that’s where my heroine ‘Sadie’ first meets her hero ‘Mac’. So I got lovely Goodey to post as my character, looking out across the bay wistfully, just as the sun was setting. Haha! Now the thing about Monaco is that it’s very up and down, lots of hills and tunnels, as you’d know if you watch the Grand Prix, for instance! But the most striking views are often across the quai, both Fontvielle, or the main one, Port Hercule. Every view is the typ of standard shot you see on postcards everywhere (one of mine below!)'Sadie' at the quay (click to enlarge)

Picture perfect (click to enlarge)

Fontvielle at night (click to enlarge)

The moon on sea (click to enlarge)






Then when the sun went down completely, the camera really came into its own and  I found I could capture a taste of what the eye can see in the pretty floodlit areas around one of the ports – beautiful.

The food was incredible by the way! Having had our first night there, which was spent mostly in a bit of a daze for me, since I’d not slept the night before (having been on air till 2am!) we took ourselves down to breakfast, which was just heavenly! No ordinary scrambled eggs, no plain coffee, no bland French sticks – OMG it was just fab! I’ll have to avoid the scales for a while I think! Lol.

And Goodey and I had an outstanding last night meal in the Clementine restaurant overlooking Port Fontvielle, including fresh octopus starter and the most mouth-watering Tiramisu dessert – which we had to share! Highly recommended if you’ve ever been there! Let me know what you’d recommend if you have visited Monaco yourself!

It was indeed wonderful whiling away the time putting the world to rights, underneath the light of the moon, looking out over all the fabulous yachts! Yes I will come back very inspired that’s for sure! I couldn’t get away from QVC entirely tho, including wearing lots of QVC clothes, like this red dress from Lenny’s Nina Leonard collection. I've included a picture (below) of the foyer bar of our hotel – very posh! Plus when we went shopping, we found a whole selection of Kipling, including Arnold, the biggest monkey I’ve ever seen – he was hand-sized! I didn’t even know they existed! And of course we were bound to find one of our top brands in the duty free area – on the way home, we covered ourselves in refreshing lemon verbena in – yes you’ve guessed it - the L’Occitane shop!

Breakfast (click to enlarge)

Deb in dress (click to enlarge)

Big monkey Arnold (click to enlarge)

Deb in L'Occitane shop (click to enlarge)






PS. Just had to say Goody and I had the best laugh, including a line from a guy on a boat which may well end up in my book! We said ‘excuse me, do you speak English?’ and he said ‘badly – I come from Essex’! Haha! Even down to the cab driver who brought us home from Heathrow, who’s name was – really – Mustafa Kamel! Lol. It was a really lovely trip, and Craig has said he’s putting his name down too, for the next time Goodey and I go travelling! Where should we go next, do you think?



Just a quick word about the Elemis TSV this Sunday – it’s the biggie for Xmas, so don’t miss it! It features not only the famous Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, which I used when I was away, but also the Oxygenating Night Cream, some fab body products AND the premier of a brand new hand and nail cream with the most amaaaazing smell! And if you look at customer comments here on our website, just on the Duo of Day and Night Cream alone, there are 16 out of 16 five star reviews! And the whole TSV will cost less than that despite having several more items in it! So if you want to get some tremendous xmas gifts for loved ones who adore their Elemis, don’t miss it on Saturday night at midnight and through the day on Sunday!


Must just say ‘hi’ to Mark who is a big QVC fan, and the manager of the Chelsea Football Club hotel. He popped in for a coffee, as a thank you to him for looking after our management team so well at an awayday recently. He was telling me about how thrilled he is with his Yankee TSV Christmas votive set – so pleased, he bought two sets!

And finally – had my first ‘Happy Christmas’ card delivered into my pigeonhole – we’re so hi-tech nowadays , it’s really nice to sometimes get greetings the old fashioned way! I’ll be sending xmas cards back to almost everyone who sends me one, with a full address inside it, as I usually do, as long as you’re early!

Hotel grounds (click to enlarge)

Elemis skincare collection (click to enlarge)

Debs and Mark (click to enlarge)

Christmas card (click to enlarge)





And on Facebook – from a recent addition to my Facebook friends, a chap called Paul Higham – I also had a message saying ‘thanks for the add, and a merry xmas’! That’s a first for me Paul!  Anyone else received any xmas greetings yet? And I have to say apologies to anyone else waiting, as I’m a bit behind with those F’book friend requests at the mo so sorry if you asked me a while ago! Am ploughing through gradually! But am supposed to be finishing the book of course! And creating my hand made xmas cards, and… well, you know how busy my life is! Lol.

More next week – when I may well have some insider info on Lee Hohbein’s 40th birthday party this weekend, (if I’m allowed to show you any pics! Hehe!) and another lovely ‘eat’ recommendation from one of those Groupon offers in London, when an old mate comes to visit me!





  1. Alana November 17, 2011 at 7:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    I really do enjoy reading your blogs, you lead such a busy and varied life! Monaco sounds lovely and that Kipling monkey did look huge!lol!
    It is really nice to send and receive xmas cards – gets you in the festive mood! What is the address at QVC to send you an xmas card?
    Anyway keep up the blogging and good luck with your book bet it will be a great read too.

  2. Susan November 17, 2011 at 7:36 pm -  Reply

    What a lovely blog Debs! I love the photos!! I’ve been once to Monaco – for a day trip! Love to spend time there but not in the heat…all those hills as you say!! Sounds lovely for you Criag and Goody to go away. You have such a great set of buddies.
    Glad you had a great fun time,
    Susan x

  3. Carole cooper November 18, 2011 at 10:23 am -  Reply

    Yea your life is so good and busy, and to work for qvc must be amazing to see all those lovely things and trying them out. I would have no money at all if I had your job lol. I am fifty in two more years 1963 I was born might have to come down to London. Butler and Wilson and elemis what more does a girl want deb this weekend and smashbox take care deb xx Carole

  4. Michelle Roberts November 19, 2011 at 10:38 am -  Reply

    G’day Debs, Just be catching up with some of your blogs, gosh I thought I had been busy the last few weeks but you run circles round the lot of us I need to breath after reading your blogs, Glad you enjoyed Monaco, having a fabulous holiday in Aussie, will write more on my return home as the I pad is playing up, all I will say is that this has been a holiday of a life time I could write a book on my last 3 weeks here.
    Anyway enjoying a nice beer sat outside in Crains and no I don’t want to come home to a cold uk.
    I hope you are well hon
    Big hug from Michelle in AUSTRALIA !!!!

  5. debs f November 21, 2011 at 9:21 pm -  Reply

    Alana – so glad you enjoy the blogs! It’s lovely to see some new names here on the comments, along with all my regulars of course! It’s always reassuring to know who is out there and what sort of thing you guys think!
    It’d be lovely to get some actual xmas cards – must remember to put the address in the next blog!
    it’s c/o qvc london sw84nq
    thanks in advance!
    if you’d like to have an advance read of my draft book, do let me know!

  6. debs f November 21, 2011 at 9:24 pm -  Reply

    Glad you love the pics! It was a fabulous trip!
    Am hoping to go out with craig this friday, and maybe goody will join us for a drink too!
    thanks for commenting ! Was it hot when you were there then? it was warm enough to sit outside in a cardi for a couple of hours in the afternoon on the second day, for sure, when we went!

  7. debs f November 21, 2011 at 9:26 pm -  Reply

    glad you enjoyed the weekend – hope you got your Elemis TSV! Lots of us presenters got more than one! how about Keeley getting ten! lol
    Yes it is very very tempting working here that’s for sure! Can’t tell you how many items I’ve ordered this month alone! And not all presents either! I’m terrible!
    Were you before summer or after, in 1963? We may be same year at school if before!

  8. debs f November 21, 2011 at 9:27 pm -  Reply

    Michelle –
    hello my darling! nice to hear from you from your holiday down under! Glad you’re having a fab time in the warm weather. It’s been mild her, but apparently you’ll be coming home just in time for a cold snap! haha!
    safe journey home! Have missed your comments on here!

  9. Susanne Fitzpatrick November 22, 2011 at 1:38 pm -  Reply

    Debbie – this is for you re: Lee Hohbein’s birthday.
    Did you know that Hohbein means ‘high leg’ in German? You might like to do something with that on his birthday card and see if he gets it!!

  10. Joy Shipley, Mansfield November 22, 2011 at 5:24 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Debs,Joy here with the ‘hobbit feet’ haha. I must say you live your life to the full, what with presenter, author, researcher, you could teach us all a lesson on how to make the most of our time! I’m off to Mexico Player Del Carmen, 8th December and soooo looking forward to it. Your purple dress in the picture looks wonderful on you, you look so summery, is it a Kim & Co? I,m so glad you enjoyed your holiday with the lovely Goodey – you both are two wonderful people. Love Joy xxx

  11. Jess November 22, 2011 at 6:11 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    The Pina Colada at the Cafe de Paris is rather good isn’t it? Expensive, but it’s something you have just got to do when you’re there.
    Jess x

  12. Carole cooper November 23, 2011 at 4:12 pm -  Reply

    Hello deb Carole Wigan I was born sept 1963 which meant I was one of the oldest in the class, thanks for the reply . I did get the tsv elemis, I got sample of hand cream so I new it was nice cheers deb xx

  13. Susan November 23, 2011 at 7:07 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Yes it was hot when we went for the day trip – think it was early Sept time. Hope you get out for your drink with Craig this Fri and maybe Goody too. Enjoy!
    Susan x

  14. Alana November 23, 2011 at 9:31 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Thanks for the address. Oooh an advance read of your book would be lovely – I do love a good read! Enjoy the weekend. looking forward to the Bare Escentuals TSV.

  15. debs f November 24, 2011 at 12:04 am -  Reply

    Susanne – how funny! Thanks for that – I facebooked him it – Lee will be very amused!
    do come back to comment some more!

  16. debs f November 24, 2011 at 12:06 am -  Reply

    Joy – oo Mexico! It’s somewhere I’ve never been – hope Playa Del Carmen is loooovely! It’s on my list of countries to go at some point for sure! Thanks so much for your kind comments – I do appreciate hearing from you all!

  17. debs f November 24, 2011 at 12:09 am -  Reply

    Jess! you’ve obviously been there! Wonder what else you did? Yes the pina colada is fab there – must say it was worth it – the once! At 18 euros a glass, you’re not going to have too many of those are you! Just as well I don’t drink much eh! Nice memories of sitting in the square for sure!
    thanks for commenting – hope you’ll become a regular!

  18. Martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen November 24, 2011 at 7:00 pm -  Reply

    debbie hope you are well hope your daughter and son are doing well. you will get your xmas card in the post shortly.are you woeking xmas or new year .on qvc

  19. debs f December 2, 2011 at 1:57 am -  Reply

    Cheers Martin! happy xmas to you too. D 🙂

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