Meeting up with someone who changed my life


This week I met up with the amazing Shawn Goodman – one half of the duo who brought QVC ‘The Seven Secrets of Slim People’, all those years ago – around 1999. I read the book, listened to the tape, and put the principles into practice. And I’ve never binged or ‘eaten too much then beaten myself up, only to start again tomorrow’, not once since then. They called it Freedom Eating and it’s been a revelation to me for the last 17 years or so.

Shawn and Vicky had enormous success with their book and tape sets way back when. Shawn reminded me, I used to bring in those ever-increasing piles of lard slabs to their shows when I was hosting them, and hold them in front of me on a tray, to represent the amount of fat I no longer had on my body. Do you remember any of those shows at all?

Meanwhile they became property developers and Shawn is now living in LA with a super guy, in the medical profession, so she took time out on their trave, s to meet up with me for afternoon tea at the Le Meridien in Piccadilly.

Over on my website blog this week I outline exactly what Freedom Eating means – GO HERE TO READ IT Here it’s more difficult to listen to your body and easier to get into the routine of having sweet ‘treats’. Thank you Shawn and Vicky, and thanks from my 1,400 girls in our online support group too! (see bottom of this blog for more TTFLs snippets).


Top Meal Needed comfort food this week what with feeling a bit poorly and all, having sat in a draft last week too often and got a runny nose and chesty cough! So this meal was totally welcome and utterly delicious – Wendy excelled herself again. Then on Wednesday night (no netball!) Wendy made apple crumble and I was in heaven, combining it with coconut ice cream. Just occasional treats are fine – thank you Freedom Eating! Hope I feel a bit better soon!

Jazz Event  It makes it all worthwhile doesn’t it. PS do subscribe to the email list on my website to get all the early bird order links first, when I get given them! And of course the other thing people are booking is this jazz event at The Plough Arts Centre in Torrington – was chuffed to be featured in the Sheepwash Chronicle too – our local rag! A news page and an ad will help – the new programme is out next week though so hopefully that’ll help even more!

Facebook Vlog Had a huge response to this one this week – talking about a development in the little village of Sheepwash that’s causing a bit of a furore locally. What would you think? Some interesting reactions on Facebook! Go here to watch it – and don’t forget to click ‘like’ on the page to get all the updates in the future.

Painting Windows Had a job to do, which Nick left me last week – putting another coat of paint on the courtyard window. Do you like this colour? It dries to something like Smeg fridge mint – I hope! I had to dodge the rain storms and downpours though – it was awfully wet this week down in my Devon haven. Hope it gets better!

Key to the village Look at this! There’s a keeper of the key – who goes round locking up – in our locale – what do you think this massive ancient key fits? Where’s this lock? What do you think? I love all things ancient so this delighted me…

Talking of ancient, how would you like a look round my vintage display and collectables bit in the studio, recently done up, at my place in Devon? I have a super vintage children’s books collection – just wish I’d kept more of our own childhood annuals etc. We used to get Beano and Dandy and some girls ones – Tammy, Sandy etc? You?

Multi Tasking Talking of getting stuff done – last week’s tooth whitener from LAB created quite a lot of mirth – like when I walked around the building or had my makeup done whilst whitening! Rachael Avent our regular make up lady was very amused. But then she roared with laughter at me recently in the canteen when I had some curry together with baked beans, so she’s easily pleased!

The device does work though – don’t forget if you buy it, to spray the accelerator on then do not close your lips before inserting the mouthpiece with the gel on and beginning the treatment. It made a lot of difference on my teeth – see pic – but of course you do need to keep doing it, as there’s no bleach. Think there’s some left, do try!

Facebook Funny Hehe! This is good isn’t it? Cute pic of puppy – always stands a chance of getting onto my blog!

Book of the Week  – have you read How to Stop Time by Matt Haig? Some poignant truisms which make you think, in this novel of reeeeeeeally long-lived people – loved the mix of eras. More here.

Lee’s Cat Selfie how funny is this? Telly Hubby Lee took this selfie and his infamous cat joined in! Thought I’d share it! He’s on again soon, Friday night at midnight (18th) with the new Alexa TSV!

Blooper – One from our Elemis series earlier this week! Poor Keeley!

Watch – hate to say it, but have started watching Celebrity Big Brother! I do love this experiment in human behaviour, plus I can catch up with Jilly and have a good gossip about it cos she watches all this stuff too! Hehe! Well, I did miss out on Love Island – the one that everyone was talking about – maybe next time!

This week on QVC –

Today’s #tsv Renee’s women with control knitted denim slim leg trouser with tummy control maybe all but gone but worth a try – click here.

First – stop press! Get this #oneTimeOnly from LuluGuinness , 7pm – amazing deal for the Rita cross body bag with lips charm in several colours, top rated too. 

Saturday’s offer is the Clarks knee-high boot!

And – EXCITING – an extra live show with Charlie Bears and me on Saturday afternoon (12th) at 4pm on the QVC Extra channel – do join myself and lovely Will Morris from Charlie Bears for more of these amazing collectables! Here’s my little one at Retreats for You in Devon on display next to a 1920s milk bottle – you can still see the gap for the little disc they used to put on the top of the vintage milk bottles back then. Lots more deals like this on our website too – go here.

Sunday’s is the big Decleor 5 pc Hydrating Perfecting Collection – but you can get yours now by clicking this Early Bird order link and find out more with Will Gowing on his interview with Fiona on his blog here. Looking forward to my hour at 7pm.

Next week’s sneaky peeks
Monday is the Ninja master chopper, Tuesday is the set of 5 reading glasses with Gill Gauntlett, Wednesday is the Becca 4pc Ultimate Glow Collection (Early bird order link will be available including on my official Facebook page post here and also on my website) and Thursday’s offer is also on Early Bird order link – it’s the fabulous Lulu Guinness Lucilla Grainy Leather Hobo Bag. Join me Thursday night at Midnight for the Coco Bianco Flared Sleeve print tunic and don’t forget there’s an alexa type daily deal with Lee Hohbein a week today on Friday night 18th August. A packed week!


Next week  – yoga week at the retreat!



More inspiration from the TTFLS girls online this week… Love it 🙂

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  1. martin forbes August 12, 2017 at 9:28 am -  Reply

    hi debs hope you and family are well iam not very well chesty cough sore chest plenty of cold drinks and solubles tablets to help

  2. Sara August 12, 2017 at 11:31 am -  Reply

    Wow had completely forgotten about the piles of lard you use to bring into studio

  3. Josephine Jennings August 12, 2017 at 12:43 pm -  Reply

    I hope your feeling better.

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