Meeting Ingrid’s three (not so) little pigs! Yes really!


First, if you missed last week’s blog due to the glitch in the WordPress platform which made posting it really late, do go back to last week’s blog here.  Unfortunately the glitch didn’t get fixed this week – hence me posting on a Monday again – I’m hoping it’ll be fine for this week!

OMG How funny last week when I visited lovely Ingrid Tarrant at her sprawling Surrey pile, complete with menagerie including three rather large pigs!! She has lots of pets and tends to be a bit of a Dr Doolittle so it didn’t surprise me that she was in the middle of having an afternoon tea for some lovely auction winners who bid for the chance to meet the Three Little Pigs!

George is the smallest and actually lives indoors with Bentley the dog!! Lol. Paprika and Philip live outside in their pen and have a walk every day with Ingrid and the dog! Sometimes the cats come too. It was lovely to see her and to pat the piggies – their fur is wiry, apparently like an elephant’s. I haven’t yet touched an elephant, but maybe one day. Especially if Ingrid adds it to her collection! Lol.

This week’s deals on QVC:

Today is the Bernini self-contained water fountain tower that can make any container into a bespoke water feature. Buy it here now.

Tuesday – Denis Simioni is back at QVC with a brand new haircare brand Tweak’d and this deal is the three-piece Dhatelo Seed Oil Restorative Collection. Get it on early bird link here now

Wednesday – is a three-piece EOS Duraflex luggage set from Heys

Thursday – Julien Macdonald is here with two crystal flower Tea-light holders from his JM by Julien Macdonald collection

And on Friday – it’s the five-piece Beyond Beautiful Make-Up Collection from Doll 10 including HydraLux Foundation, H2Glo Highlighter and much more

See below for special sneak peek in this weekend’s Today’s Special Value offers

Also here are this week’s three Big Deals:

Get the Skechers Street quilted platform slip-on trainers here

For DIY fans go here for the Supabond No Gun Sealant and Adhesive set

Or for perfume lovers try this fantastic Philosophy two-piece Endless Summer Grace Fragrance Collection here

Don’t forget to order before midnight on Sunday, 29th April though, as there will be three new ones on our sister channels from Monday for a week.

Sunshine Drenched Daytrip

Pals Sara and Christina came down to Devon to stay last week, getting on famously with Jan, our other writer guest from Holland, who was rather bemused at these two dynamos, when they turned out my cupboards in the dining room, tidying it all up in advance of another vintage tea rooms pop up day. I didn’t mind it before, but they insisted on sorting out all the books written by previous guests and ones that needed to go to the village phone-box-library. Do you have one of those where you are? Also we enjoyed a lovely day in Barnstaple, and had a fabulous salad, and gluten-free-this, and almond milk-that at the coffee shop right next to a vintage fashion shop in one of the parades.

We also visited the famous pannier market and they got some cheese and fudge – though not in the same bag! So nice to get out in the fresh air and bright sunshine. It finally arrived!


Baby Cuddles

Having not seen little Blake as much as I’d like, I got up early after a late finish on Saturday night, to go to daughter Lauren’s to see son Brad and his lovely little baby Blake again. I was delighted that she began cooing at me when I was talking quietly to her and going ‘bo!’ at the end. She’s three months now and getting very knowing!

Sheepwash Shop Task Force

Amidst one of my volunteering stints at the village community shop this week, an army of helpers descended to get everything ready for a new floor to be fitted! Talk about team work! It’s so nice being part of that little community, in the purest sense it is by the people for the people and the people all helped to clear the floor space ready for the new one to be laid! After pic next week.

Gossip Girl

Thought this would be a funny pic whilst out shopping in Barnstaple too – it’s a fifties-style bust which so needs a speech bubble. What is she saying do you think? …

Coffee at the George

And their little biccies are shaped like a G for George! How sweet. Actually they were – too sweet for me – I usually leave mine, or pal Alix has it! Lol. I’m managing to drink a lot of water too nowadays – helps the dry-eye syndrome. But I did get that rotten red eye back again this week – don’t know why. Grrr! Hope it’s gone by Sunday when I’m on air again!

Book of the Week

This week it’s book two of the series set in Canada, near Quebec, and the hero is an inspector who talks English with a Cambridge accent. Book two has a murder that drags you into the story straight away and as I write on my Book review blog this week, it’s even more exciting than ‘Still Life’, the first in the series. ‘Dead Cold’ features an obnoxious author who is nasty to her family and gets her comeuppance – still too much head hopping, but good narration and very enjoyable.

Facebook Vlog of the Week

Had a lovely windy walk in a funny hat this week, on the day that I actually chatted on Radio 4! Go here to watch the ‘vlog’ to find out more. Also to find out what ‘ghosting’, ‘breadcrumbing’ and ‘benching’ mean, as far as dating sites go!


Grease – 40th Anniversary showings

Well one of our family’s favourite films is back on general release again – to celebrate 40 years since it hit our screens. The music was the soundtrack of our youth, and the script is as relevant and funny today as it ever was – enjoy it if you go!

Next weekend’s highlights

Saturday – it’s the GTech Power Floor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner offer

And on Sunday a pair of Skechers Vinyasa pearl and rhinestone slip flop-style sandals with Yoga Foam

On the blog next week – A weekend photography course in Dartmoor, plus my blog will be out on Thursday from now on instead of Friday – since my shift usually begin on a Thursday. I’m only on air this week Sunday, Monday and Tuesday though – having some annual leave – let’s hope the weather continues!

Have a lovely week!

Best wishes


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  1. Maureen OBrien April 23, 2018 at 11:47 am -  Reply

    Can’t wait to see Dennis at midnight. Sooo missed his haircare

  2. Karen April 23, 2018 at 4:06 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie I too suffer from “dry eye syndrome” I now have it under control with a product called Hycosan Extra, costs around £10, but can be used for 6 months after opening! I have used numerous products over the years, and this has worked for me,and it’s preservative free.


  3. martin forbes April 24, 2018 at 5:41 pm -  Reply

    as we say in aberdeen debbie fit like which means how are you iam well hope your daughter and son are enjoying married life congratulations on you being agrandmother your granddaughter must be a month old now.

  4. Debs f May 3, 2018 at 5:04 pm -  Reply

    Maureen – It was such a good deal!

    Martin – yes she was born on January 19.

    Karen, I will look out for that! Thank you all. X

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