Meet Jaws 2…


Jaws 2 watching QVCAs some of you may have read in a couple of my blog replies, Sophie recently had to have her appendix removed in a bit of a hurry!

She had bad pains in her lower abdomen when she arrived home from work one Sunday evening, so after a trip to 'Open Surgery' at the doctors on Monday morning, she was sent straight to the hospital and had the offending organ removed that night. Sophie doesn't react well to anaesthetic and is allergic to anything with codeine in it, so we knew the first few days would be a bit rough for her.

Fortunately she has some lovely friends at QVC who visited her at the hospital, one of whom, Chloe, bought her a teddy bear to cheer her up. I'm not sure how the name 'Jaws 2' came about but it certainly kept her mind off her woes particularly as it has a rather unusual 'voice'! 

Jaws 2 chilling out at homeChloe also visited her once she had come home, along with another friend Gilly, to cook for her as she couldn't reach or bend and her brother was out football coaching. Apparently he arrived home to find a bombsite in the kitchen, and enough food prepared to feed a small army, or at least the football team that Daniel trains, for a week!!

I should also give mention to Owen, Dave, Lisa and Rox, none of whom live within an hours drive of us, but they all came to see her during her enforced absence from work armed with chocolate, flowers, DVDs and blue cheese!!

Anyway, back to 'Jaws 2'. So 'he' has become a bit of a fixture that we have a bit of fun with, as you can see from the pictures! What none of us realised, until we read his label, was that he was actually sold to raise money for BBC's 'Children in Need', which of course is on TV tomorrow night. I'm sure lots of you will be watching and supporting 'Pudsey & Co', but do flick over to QVC from time to time during the evening if you can.

Jaws 2 working up a sweat on the treadmillAs part of our 'Get Gorgeous' event, Simon and I have a two hour Butler & Wilson show at 9pm, which I know lots of you enjoy. We are also together on Saturday evening from 9pm for the 'Couture Show', which is Simon's highlight of the year.

I'm also really looking forward to meeting Ronit Zilkha in my regular five o'clock Friday fashion show, as she brings her range 'Ileana' to QVC. Famous for dressing Hollywood 'A' listers, Prime Ministers' wives and Royalty, I think you will love the designs she has created for us 'normal' folk. All this, and the Elemis Christmas TSV on Sunday… I don't know about you, I can hardly wait!

Love Julia x 

P.S. I went to bed early the other night and was channel hopping and guess what was on ITV 4???… Jaws 2!!!(the movie not the bear!)  


  1. Carole cooper November 18, 2011 at 10:11 am -  Reply

    I am ready with purse out for butler and Wilson fri nite, and elemis on Sunday can’t wait, got a sample of the hand cream I could smell it all over the house when I put it on its very nice. Yes you looked nice with your hair pieces on Julia , but your hair is something to be proud of when you curl it, it looks very nice try to do mine like it but mine is not as long and finer. Take care Julia xxx carole

  2. Annette Roberts November 18, 2011 at 2:02 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia
    Aaaaaw…glad to hear Sophie had some good friends looking after her following her operation, even if they did mess up the kitchen!
    Looks like you had some fun positioning ‘Jaws 2’ about the house, especially like the ‘chillin out’ photo…catchin a few rays!
    Question for you…am I right in thinking that Cydney Mar used to be on QVC with fashion a few years ago and wasn’t she a figure skater? Or have I got it completely wrong, the name certainly rings a bell!
    Have fun with Simon!
    Annette x

  3. Jean Pugh November 19, 2011 at 10:28 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    Poor Sophie I hope she is feeling a bit better. It sounds like she had plenty of friends ready to visit and help out. Jaws 2 looks fun. I did think the dark short wig suited you the other night, but not the blonde. Stay with your long hair, it is beautiful. Loved the show with you and Simon, he does have some beautiful things, I loved the jewelled clutch bag, I also loved the Ronit Zilkha fashion show, lovely designs. Looking forward to the Elemis TSV, I love Elemis. Hope you have a good weekend, love to Sophie.
    Love Jean X

  4. Martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen November 19, 2011 at 12:29 pm -  Reply

    hi julia .how is you i am well give sophie and daiel my regards .i was watching you saturday morning at 10am doing xmas shop .not often you do early shiftsd on saturdays .i was waching you from tenerife on sky tv durting my 2weeks holidays nice and lazy. back to work on tuesday not looking forward to that.

  5. Kathryn Sheehan November 19, 2011 at 3:33 pm -  Reply

    Hi, Julia,
    i did write on your Tabitha blog, no worries.I thought you looked
    great with the short wig on the other night,it took years off you, and i saw Ali K with the same one on “wow” really good, the colour was perfect.My hair at school was the length yours is now, just a bit lighter in colour.I have a long layered bob i suppose you’d call it now, similar to Ali K as hers was.. I did read all my emails as i said k/m and t/baker came first. lol.Lovely zip dress but i am not keen on the colour, but as i have a zip dress i won’t bother. Bought 2 dresses and 2 tops in there sale though. Naughty i know but you got to get them when you see them.Will only see a little bit of B/W tonight as out later on. I prefer his fashion shows to the jewelery i’m afraid,have loads of his top’s.Enjoy your time with your mum. and the kitten.
    Love Kathy x

  6. Marian Bolton November 20, 2011 at 12:26 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia.
    I hope Sophie’s doing ok and sounds like she has lots of good friends to help her get better soon, especially Jaws 2!!
    Sorry if I was a bit gushy on Friday when I saw you but I was so exited you made it to see me. As you could see we were on our way out so I was thinking you hadn’t been able to make it. I do tend to say what’s on my mind as well …………. and I was genuinely thinking how stunning you were in the flesh.
    I had the most wonderful time at QVC Towers. As well as seeing the lovely Keeley again, I had a lovely chat with Claire Sutton who was soooooooooooo sweet and also gorgeous. (Sounds like we need to work on her to get her to get on her new Pilates machine though Julia!!!!!) Also had another studio tour and even got to see Dale! You should have seen his face when he realised it was me ……. he nearly ran a mile!!!!! The last few days have been great on QVC and, of course, today is Elemis TSV so a perfect end to the week.
    Until next time, lots of love

  7. Martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen November 20, 2011 at 5:01 pm -  Reply

    hi julia. how are you. i am just back from a2weeks lazy holiday in tenerife .weather was lovely.i was watching you on saturday 12th november at 10am on sky tv at 1oam in morning when you did the xmas shop .you dont often do the morning shift at qvc .

  8. julia roberts November 23, 2011 at 6:46 pm -  Reply

    Hello Carole
    I hope you had an enjoyable weekend with Butler and Wilson and of course the Elemis TSV. How gorgeous does that hand cream smell?
    I’ve been to the hairdressers today BUT only for a trim. I liked the look of the short wig but have no plans to have a major haircut just yet. Funny enough my sister was moaning that I got the thick hair gene when I saw her on Monday – she was down from Scotland visiting my Mum so we all got together.
    More B & W midnight Monday
    speak soon
    Julia x

  9. julia roberts November 23, 2011 at 6:50 pm -  Reply

    Hi Annette
    I thought Jaws 2 looked funny on the treadmill with Dan’s headphones on!
    You are right, Cydney was on QVC up until four years ago, but this new collection is quite different and I must say I prefer it. And yes, she was a figure skater many years ago – you get a ‘gold star’ for that LOL!
    Hope you are well
    Julia x

  10. julia roberts November 23, 2011 at 6:55 pm -  Reply

    Hello Jean
    Sophie is more or less back to her old self now – she just has a bit of discomfort doing sit-ups ………… but then don’t we all??? LOL
    I really liked some of the Ileana by Ronit Zilkha designs, and she was a really lovely guest. She had brought her daughter to the studios, who incidentally looks a lot like her, and she fetched her to meet me after the show.
    Hoped you enjoyed the B & W and Elemis shows – so pleased QVC asked me to come in on a weekend off to do the shows.
    Julia x

  11. julia roberts November 23, 2011 at 6:58 pm -  Reply

    Hi Martin
    Thanks for your two messages and hope you had a lovely holiday in Tenerife. You are right I don’t often do morning shifts but I had asked to swap so that I could watch the England v Spain game in the early evening. What were you doing watching QVC when you were on holiday??
    Hope you have managed to settle back into work ok?
    Julia x

  12. julia roberts November 23, 2011 at 7:08 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy
    I will check the ‘Tabitha’ blog when I’ve finished doing the replies on this one. I wish there was a system that could alert me when someone has posted a new message on an older blog – sometimes i miss it for weeks!
    The aforementioned Tabitha was adoreable and it was really good to see my Mum and sister and brother in law even though it was only a fleeting visit.
    I agree with you about the wig – great cut and really suited Ali K in the blonde colour. Not sure short and blonde is really ‘me’!
    Julia x

  13. julia roberts November 23, 2011 at 7:14 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marian
    It was great to finally put a face to the name! I was so glad I managed to catch you before you left – Friday’s are always manic for me but last Friday I was doing four hours on air so I had lots of ‘prep’ to do, particularly as the Ronit Zilkha show was new. Then I also had to be briefed about the Elemis TSV ‘pre launch’ on Saturday evening. It’s a good job we did it, as we managed to crash the website 3 times on the Sunday as it was!!
    You can tell you use good skin care – great skin!
    I’m so glad you got to meet Dale too – did he show you his knees?!?!
    speak soon
    Julia x

  14. Alana November 23, 2011 at 9:43 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia
    Hope Sophie is ok and recovering well.
    I did enjoy the Butler and Wilson shows, Simon was on form as usual. I also spotted my Christmas card I made when he showed the pictures of them during one of your shows. Also the Elemis TSV!!! What can I say, it was brilliant – such a good deal! I ordered mine at 11.30pm on Sat -glad I was watching as QVC have never shown a TSV early before! Looking forward to the Bare Escentuals TSV this weekend and of course B&W on Tue – any clues as to what it is?lol!
    Enjoy the weekend

  15. Marian Bolton November 24, 2011 at 7:53 pm -  Reply

    Hi again Julia
    I really appreciate that you took the time to find me on Friday especially considering the pressures on you. Thank you for the compliment. I have looked after my skin for many years but really found my skin’s Holy Grail in Elemis. My meeting with Dale was equally as brief as ours but just as enjoyable – though no knees I’m afraid! What is he like eh??!!

  16. Kate Gill November 25, 2011 at 3:58 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia
    I remember you from many moons ago on QVC and oh my you may have changed in looks but also in your persona! I have to say I do enjoy your hours on QVC when I flick channels and see you. You do ‘sell’ the products with much fairness and not at all biased views, which, I appreciate when watching a shopping channel. I for one cannot bare the ‘hard sell’ that so many people try to force on us. Something I have to say though…Let the young have the youth and let the rest of us age gracefully! Just thought I would share that with you -food for thought I feel 🙂

  17. Diane Smith November 27, 2011 at 6:50 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia,so sorry to read your daughter sophie has not been well,I hope she is recovering ok,appendix can be very nasty,Dave goes into hospital for next op on thursday, we are both dreading it,he is terribly nervous, he says hello to you we will be glad to get this week over,just watching yankie candles I love them. Dave bought me the kitchen aid mixer the other week, I love cooking so I will be baking like mad,he loves eating what I make, think there was method in his madness!! I am not getting my christmas shopping sorted sadly don,t seem to have the get up and go some how,never mind I am sure everyone will understand, as long as I get my lovely grandchildren what they want,thats main thing,How are you getting on?.Speak to you soon.
    Love Di x

  18. Julia Roberts November 27, 2011 at 10:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alana
    Yes Sophie is much better now thanks. I’m pleased you were watching when Simon showed your card – what a lovely idea to have them as his shop Christmas decorations!
    I’m sure you will have had your Elemis TSV by now – mine arrived on Wednesday. Did you get your Bare Escentuals today??
    I hope you looked at my new blog where there is more than a hint of Tuesday’s B & W TSV!!!
    I spoke to Simon earlier this evening and told him to rest up tomorrow so that he is full of energy for Tuesday LOL!
    speak soon
    Julia x

  19. Julia Roberts November 27, 2011 at 10:22 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marian
    At least you got to meet ‘Daleicious’! It’s funny, when you find a range that suits you you do tend to stick with it, even if you change a few products within the range.
    Hope you’ve been enjoying the new handcream??
    Julia x

  20. Julia Roberts November 27, 2011 at 10:33 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kate
    I’m glad you enjoy my presentations on QVC and that you still occasionally flick on to see what we are up to.
    With regards to ‘aging gracefully’ – I think we are all individuals and should be allowed to age as we think appropriate. It is so refreshing that we no longer have to look and dress like our mothers and grandmothers did when they hit fifty.
    I think the likes of Lulu and Joanna Lumley are a true inspiration for us over fifties
    Julia x

  21. Jill November 28, 2011 at 10:31 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    Just had to write and tell you, I agree with you entirely on ‘aging gracefully’. I think Joanna Lumley is fab and like you say an inspiration for us over 50s.
    I for one intend to age disgracefully!!!

  22. julia roberts November 28, 2011 at 11:14 am -  Reply

    Hello Di and Dave
    I will be thinking of you both on Thursday and hoping beyond hope that everything goes well.
    Obviously method in the purchase of the kitchen aid for you Di and eating well can play a big part in recovery, so keep cooking.
    I haven’t done much in the way of Christmas shopping yet – a few bits and bobs, but I normally wait until after Daniel’s birthday, which was yesterday.
    Sophie was lucky that she was diagnosed quickly and accurately and that they were able to do the op the same day. She is doing well now.
    BIG love and hugs to you both
    Julia x

  23. Alana November 29, 2011 at 10:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia
    Yes I have my Elemis TSV now – love the hand cream!! I’ve also got my Bare Escentuals TSV and soon my B&W TSV will be on its way to me – wonder which one I went for?? The cat! I’ll have to be good now as I still have some Christmas presents to get.
    Enjoying the last B&W shows of the year – incidentally I just happened to turn on the last B&W show today and heard you mention my name and the Christmas card I sent to Simon’s competition! lol!
    I made my Christmas cake last weekend, from the recipe you posted a few years ago – lovely recipe. If you have any more festive recipes, you should put them on your blog when you have time – inbetween writing your book – hope that is going well.
    Take care

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