Discover our May Beauty Product of the Month and Supersize of the Month!


It’s time for another update on our May Product of the Month and our Supersize of the Month!

Laura Geller’s Supersize Baked Balance n Glow

Following on from the success of the original Balance n Brighten foundation, this foundation arrives just in time for the summer months, offering a natural, healthy skin look that Laura Geller is known for.

For those of you that haven’t tried this formula yet, it’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to apply foundation with all the advantages of a solid compact, which you can carry on the go and for flights, as it would not be considered a liquid. Very cleverly, your skin recognises it as a creamy mousse, because this foundation has a very long and expensive formulation process.

Six or seven pigment creams (including antioxidants and plant-based ingredients) are expertly made separately and then combined together onto a terracotta tile and baked for 24 hours. This gives you that swirling look on the product – a bit like a marbled cake. When you use a brush to apply the product to your skin, it picks up out of the compact like a powder but, with your natural oils on the skin, it changes back into a cream as you buff it on, giving a very smooth, non-powdery, non-drying and long-wearing finish.

The buzz about this particular formulation being the ‘glow formula’ is that it has a natural luminescence and sheen blended into the foundation texture, which makes your skin look very healthy – even when you don’t feel it underneath.

Cleverly, often depending on the size or density of the brush you use, you can use this product for lots of different benefits. A big fluffy brush gives natural, quick coverage. Also, if you apply on top of a liquid or concealer, it can be used to set other foundations – especially for long-wear results.

My pro tip: a medium-sized brush offers medium coverage, while a small brush or sponge can offer high, opaque coverage over spots, pigmentation and broken capillaries.

A favourite trick is to pick out the different pigment swirls, and use them as your perfect, natural eye structure base that looks like real skin and you can place the lighter and darker shades to build a new eye structure, whether you are looking for a sculpted and modern look, or a more natural effect with a softly defined socket line.

Unusually with this complexion product, it’s really very difficult to get it wrong. It can go onto freshly moisturised skin, on top of SPF, it works with or without primers, and a no make-up wearer will love it because of its ease, speed and soft focus effect.

For those of you that are scared of highlighters, this is not one of them. It has no glittery shine – just a healthy sheen, and if you want to apply highlighting products on top, you can for extra glow for a a more made-up look.

Incidentally, we were the first to launch Laura Geller into the UK, and the whole reason that we brought it over from America originally was this complexion collection of unique baked products. Also, check out the entire Laura Geller range, as she offers a whole host of baked goodies for your dressing table.

One thing that has always impressed me about Laura Geller’s baked products – especially if you look at this foundation – is that they are really durable and practical to travel with in your work/holiday bag. It doesn’t crack easily, and it’s so much more durable than a compact powder with so many added foundation and skin benefits.

The shade choice: it is so easy to choose your shade. Unlike a liquid where you have to be more exact, baked into this formula are five or six different pigment tones and colour correctors, so each shade covers the equivalent of quite a few liquid shades, and means you can stay in the same shade pretty much all year round if you prefer.

Tan-Luxe Supersize Illuminating Serum Facial Drops

Tan-Luxe don’t have a wide range of products as each one is so multi-tasking, and they really allow you to customise your tanning results at home. These brilliant drops are definitely the most popular product in the range because of their versatility, controllable nature, and importantly, because they are suitable for both men and women of all ages and skin types.

The reason for this, is that when you switch from your normal routine to a completely separate self-tan product for one or two days a week, you are removing any sort of balance in your skin with different ingredients, and possibly going overboard on the tanning products, which causes not only instant, obviously mistakes but also you may notice your skin feeling and looking dry, spotty or blotchy.

The genius of this product means you can maintain your existing skincare with the textures that you love, and all you do is apply a few drops to your evening moisturiser, and customise your tanning colour depending on how many times you add it in to your routine.

This is a great product to counteract the look of fatigue for my famous semi-permanent makeup look, because it doesn’t wash off. Due to this, the guys love it too!

For best results, ensure that you have a regular exfoliation product in your routine – it doesn’t have to be done directly before application, just make sure you are using an exfoliating treatment once a week when you are self-tanning. Make sure you blend into your hairline, ears, and round the back of the neck.  Pale hair and eyebrows, just wipe through with a tissue or cotton bud after, and then wash your hands so that the self-tan doesn’t take on your fingertips. For the guys, apply after shaving, as shaving will create a paler looking skin or if you prefer stubble or beards, then massage into stubble areas and blend up to the hairline of the beard.  Again, with the same rules, if you have pale or grey hair – just rub over with a tissue afterwards.

It can be applied into any night time treatments like an oil, a serum or a cream, but does appear to work best when mixed in with a moisturising cream texture and is not effective if you blend it with a balm texture.

This supersize will more than last you the year.  Especially during the summer months, keep it away from sunlight and keep the top screwed on the product and, as usual, if your skin is sensitive or irritated after extreme sun exposure, don’t mix into your product until your skin has calmed down.  If you wear SPF 50+ on the face, this product is essential to match up your face to your body tan and because of its skincare friendly formulas of aloe vera, raspberry seed oil etc. you should notice not only an improved colour to your skin but continued improved condition too.

You can apply this product every night, or as often as you want until the desired colour is reached.  For me, it’s a fab quick fix if you know that you are going to look tired because of lack of sleep.  Put a few drops on before you go to bed and you don’t look half as tired the next morning.

I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this month’s offers – share in the comments below!

Ali x


  1. Liane Hope May 10, 2017 at 10:38 pm -  Reply

    Alison, I am so jealous of your skin, you look like you are getting younger. Keep the hints and tips coming

  2. Diane May 11, 2017 at 3:13 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison,
    I am interested in Balance & Glow but it contains talc, could you tell me if this could be drying?
    I have a good 50 year old skin thanks to your advice on all the wonderful products, I normally use Tarte or Bare minerals loose formula but fancy a multi tasking product for taking away on holiday.
    Thank you

  3. Rachel Middleton May 11, 2017 at 11:51 pm -  Reply

    I am getting a bit upset with QVC over your make-up. Foundations are now more geared for the Caucasians and not darker skinnned women. Laura Gellar herself has several additonal shades for darker skinned and yet QVC only stocks tan and deep. The same goes for a fair number of brands it brings – including Bare Essentials which stocks more variety. Only Jay Manuel has a good variety and kudos to him.
    QVC please bring in Laura Gellar’s full foundation range – not just tan and deep. The same goes for other ranges. I can’t believe in this day and age, one has to ask for foundations for darker skin tones!

  4. Catherine williams July 14, 2017 at 10:11 pm -  Reply

    Tan drops are fab! I was wondering which gatineAux product was it that you could use as an exfoliation. .I think but also leave overnight and go right up to your eyelash line ? I got it once ages ago and can’t remember what it was called. .desperately want more ?thanks Ali. .you’re a star xx

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