Make-up and skincare tricks for hot weather


1. Apply your skincare when your skin is not perspiring. This may mean waiting for 20 minutes after a shower before application. In this manner, you will get quicker absorption.

2. If your skin is perspiring, especially before SPF application – matte the area down with an absorbent tissue first.

3. Avoid applying skincare in hot weather at the same time as blow drying your hair, as this can cause your skin treatments to slide off your face. You can either apply your skincare before and don’t blow dry your hair for 15 or so minutes, or apply your skincare after you style your hair.

4. Heated rollers and styling appliances, although perfect for creating your ideal style, can make your scalp perspire. If this happens, even on clean hair, use a session stylist tip of dry shampoo which will also help to give root volume and a more modern look to the texture of your hair while also absorbing any perspiration.

5. If you are sunbathing, pottering around at home or just relaxing, apply a hair mask or treatment to at least the ends of your hair to counteract the drying sun rays. If you do any fitness regimes, definitely apply hair treatments before doing them to protect and treat at the same time.

6. If you are having problems getting your make-up on because of the hot weather, this can be because of increased perspiration. The sun stimulates increased oil production, so you may wish to switch to a mattifying primer during these hot times. These come in face, eyelid and now even brow formulations to hold colour pigment.

7. In hot weather when skin can be dehydrated, this can sometimes ruin your finished effect – I suggest switching to matte make-up from Laura Geller. She uses a finishing product that can be applied during the day, on naked skin or even on top of moisturisers or BB creams to take away shine and perspiration. As it is clear, it’s perfect on all skin tones.

8. An even complexion requires less layering of make-up which causes fewer problems during the summer. This can be achieved with the semi-permanent make-up technique of self-tan. A good fake tan will naturally blur freckles, tone down spots and disguise the look of dark circles. You will then find that you need to use less complexion-perfecting products.

9. For fresh faced beauty, which is on-trend, you may find you only need a make-up primer to create a blurring or colour-correcting effect on your skin and a complexion product such as foundation is not required. You can then emphasise your lashes, brows and lips as the performance of these sorts of products are not affected by the heat.

10. Long-wear pigments are a must to look out for. QVC favourites include waterproof eyeliners, which we have many from Mally, and Doll 10, waterproof brow pigments from Blink, waterproof lip stains from Laura Geller and cheek tints in gel or liquid forms to give a juicy but long-wearing result.

11. When it comes to skincare, whether you have oily or dry skin, my top tip is a hyaluronic serum to rehydrate the skin. This can even be used all over the eyes. Apply it underneath your night-time moisturiser for ultimate hydration. We have great ones from Sarah Chapman, Decleor and  Prai, to name but a few.

12. Skin toners can be instant coolers and refreshers if you are stuck in a hot car or travelling abroad. Get a toner from a great brand such as Liz Earle or one of the skin treatment sprays such as the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, as these come in fantastic spritzer bottles. These can be sprayed over make-up to instantly cool, rehydrate and refresh. Remember the skin treatment ingredients in these products makes them a rehydrator rather than the old fashioned technique of spraying cold water (which is a dehydrator), as they evaporate off the surface of the skin, taking away your natural hydration.

13. A skin gel feels like a portable air-conditioning unit and can be a saviour in hot weather. Use it as an after-sun, body moisturiser or even apply during the night to cool you down. Choose your skincare gel favourite from SBC and of course my recommendation would be the collagen gel, but also check out the Decleor Energising Gel which have an instant cooling effect on the skin.If you are feeling really hot and flustered, apply the gel onto pulse points at the back of your neck, wrists and temples, as well as around your ankles, feet and calves, to give yourself a break from the heat during the day.

14. Remember, drinking water is the greatest beauty secret I can share with you, and at this time of year, women (and men) of all ages should keep water with them at all times and keep several bottles in the car, in your handbag, work bag and gym bag. This means that if you get stuck somewhere, you’ll be able to help your body regulate its temperature and keep cool and hydrated.

15. Some beauty products offer extra cooling benefits if kept in the fridge. These tend to be anything with a liquid or gel texture, and then you can spray or pat directly onto the skin for instant refreshment.

16. If you suffer from high colour, when your skin gets hot and flustered in this weather, use an ice cube swept over the face to take down any redness and inflammation. This can be done by applying the ice cube directly onto your skin, or wrapping it in a thin layer of gauze or an old muslin cloth or face cloth.

17. Another trick is to keep a stainless steel spoon in the freezer and if you suffer from any puffiness, take it out and smooth it over the face from the centre outwards. This is great as a pre-bridal make-up de-puffing technique, or if you have a special event to go to and you haven’t had any sleep.

18. If you don’t have the luxury of an ice-cold plunge pool in your custom designed celebrity pad at home, an-ice cold water in a foot spa or washing up bowl in a shady spot once you get home can instantly cool you down. My personal favourite tip is if you have a garden and you are watering the plants with a hose, spray yourself as well! After exercise, especially if your head has got hot from a riding hat, cycle helmet, motorbike helmet, try tipping your head upside down and putting the hose on the back of your neck to go all the way through your hair and scalp – it’s going to feel fabulous!

I’d love to hear your tips on how you stay cool in the heat, and which products you like to use as well.


  1. Fabienne August 10, 2016 at 12:57 pm -  Reply

    My tip for cooling off, is dunking your arms in cold water up to above your elbows for a couple of minutes. Learnt that in Africa.

  2. Margaret Coulter August 10, 2016 at 11:28 pm -  Reply

    I don’t have any beauty tips on how to keep cool but appreciated reading your suggestions,my big big problem is when I go on holiday and I am sunbathing my head perspires a lot to the point that my chin length bob is totally wet and I look and feel awful. I usually tie my hair back and keep the sun away from my face but this doesn’t solve the problem. What can i do ? Would really appreciate your comments

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