Macro-lite weekend, preparations are hotting up and Life of Pi


This week…
Craig wearing a compress It's so coooooold! Can you beat the temp this week in Dorking?
Craigy and co cooking up a storm at our weekend workshop
A little vintage blooper for you!
And movie review – 'Life of Pi' – amazing what you can do with a tiger on a boat!

What IS Craigy doing? Can you guess? Find out below!

Minus five in Dorking!

Minus 5 degreesFirst, let's be terribly British! The weather!

So what's it been like where you are? This week in the South East, when I got home one night after work, it was 5.5 degrees below zero! Turned out to be the second coldest place in South East – just behind Benson (where is that?) at -8C, and just in front of Oxford (-4C).

It's time to wrap up and think about what you need to cope with the cold and I have three valuable assets to suggest acquiring, if you haven't already! And if you have – tell everyone else how great they are!

First, obviously, the Slanket (on Waitlist – well worth it!), and WinterTrax Shoe Gripssome cosy flannel bedding (search Northern Nights for some super Last Clicks bargains), but more importantly – WinterTrax for your feet (229 five star reviews, 'cos they work!), and Winter Tyre Grip spray for your car if you get stuck in snow (also on Waitlist at the mo – Jilly Halliday said it really worked for her when she got stuck last year)! And wrap up warm!

Let me know if you have any other tips on what to get that really makes a difference in your home when it's chillyyyyyy! Leave me a comment below, it's easy!

The Science Bit
Plus, being the geek that I am – sometimes – here's a smashing little wonder of nature I thought you might enjoy – frost flowers. Frost flowers

As you can see, they float on the sea in icy temperatures, and are created when the air above the sea is so cold it draws the salt out of the water which then crystallizes on the top like a lily pad. Fascinatingly frosty!

If you get any super Christmassy pics of where you are, then do Facebook or Tweet me them! (addresses in the 'P.S.' below).

Cooking up a storm in the macro kitchen!
Craig holds courtWell this weekend the long awaited macrobiotic workshop arrived, and amongst other things, we met some lovely new friends – including Anita, (winner of the competition), Valerye, and Arline, pictured here as Craigy held court!

The whole weekend was all about eating for health, turning on the fat-burning switch with clever food choices, and anti-ageing eating!

We cooked stuff too, and had a great time learning lots and eating lovely fresh fare. And home remedies – one of which was using a block of tofu to help take the heat out of a friction burn on Craig's neck from where his shirt had been rubbing against his stubble! So that's what he's doing in the top pic! And don't worry – no, we didn't eat the tofu afterwards!!

Lin, Dave and MarleneSome of you may recognise my sis Linda, the Red Carpet Manicure guest (400112 – back in stock and still on 3 Easy Pay – great gift idea!) – pictured here as Marlene explained something to her and Davidge.

And Marlene had a ton of explaining to do in the kitchen as we all got stuck in and lent a helping hand in getting some tasty recipes rustled up. Here's a little 'taster', so to speak!


Coconut treatsSo delicious! Ooooo I could eat it again now!! These coconut treats with sesame are very moreish, but you can't have too many – they're so rich.

Mind you, when I came away from the weekend, it wasn't too hard to make the choice to fill a basket with fabulous fresh fare from the local farm shop, Kingfishers, in Abinger Hammer. OMG it was so tasty!

And if you'd like to find out more about all this healthy eating stuff, do go see Marlene Watson-Tara’s book 'Macrobiotics for All Seasons', which explains it all. Oh and if there is enough interest in another weekend workshop down here, she said she will arrange one in the Spring/Summer. Wonder how much weight I'll have lost by then? Macrobiotic for a year in April! Eating mostly plants, as they say…

Fresh fruit and veg from the farm shopYes everyone thought it was well worth it and extremely enlightening! Here's a couple of quotes from the family and friends that came along. And well done Marlene for telling us how a mainly plant and grain-based diet can help most ailments and help you look young!

Craigy – 'A fun, informative, fabulous weekend with a wonderful lead by teachers who were a shining example of the macrobiotic lifestyle. Oh, and food to die for!! Loved, loved it, LOVED IT!!! Thank you Marlene, Bill and Debs for organising it!! Xxx'

Anita – 'What a way to end this year with a new way of life!'

Glenn – 'The introduction to macrobiotics was one of those rare occasions when you experience something that you've always known to be true, but hadn't, until then, had a name for!'

Thanks all!

Nutrient density listAnd finally, here's another insight – and a way of looking at your diet – how nutritionally dense the foods we choose are. Soooo much more to it than just calories. Which aren't all equal, not by a long chalk. Interesting hierarchy eh? Makes you think, doesn't it. Tons more info about it on Marlene's blog –

Do leave me a comment below to put your name on Marlene's list if you'd like to be considered to go on the Spring course – or email if you'd like to give this lifestyle choice a go! I'll have been doing it a year in April! Now gonna step up the focus on shedding a bit more weight, so I don't need the shapewear ALL the time! Lol…

Kari and Brad Was very proud of my lovely son Brad and his fiancée Kari coming along on the course too – they thoroughly enjoyed it which made me, as a mummy, glow with pride knowing I'd opened a door to a healthier way of eating longer term.

Also ta to my Bradley for a lovely 'mum and son' shopping evening at Westfield on Wednesday. A well-deserved day off filled with final present buying. And miso soup at YO! Sushi – yum!

Another lovely lunch/early supper was with my fabulous female pals from QVC – guest manager Tina, previous presenter manager/director Barbara, and of course lovely Ginetta, whom Tina, Craig, Barbara, Ginetta and DebbieCraig and I went to see in Italy in the summer.

We had a brief but very enjoyable get together just before I went on air on Wednesday. Good job the restaurant is just across Chiswick Park on the other side of the lake!

Here's a sweet little clip which made me smile from ear to ear when I watched it. Soooo adorable! And one of the favourites on my Facebook this week!

21st century Christmas song A 21st century Santa song for you this week, doing the rounds on Facebook – for the text generation! Lol 🙂

And a final snippet – what's your favourite Christmas movie? The one that gets you enraptured? For my Daisy and Gracie, seen here 'watching' the telly, it's 'Elf'!

I'd not seen it before and it was quite fun! Mind you, I have a long list of faves – 'Groundhog Day' and 'Trading Places' included – as well as more traditional ones. What are yours?

The pogs watching Elf on the tellyNext week will bring you a couple of my faves of the year, but meanwhile, I was sent this link to some from QVC days gone by.

Enjoy the vintage bloopers featuring yours truly, kicking off with a Christmassy one, and look out for some all time classics!

WATCH – 'Life of Pi' – ohhhh what a gorgeous, beautifully shot film this one is! Again I was lucky enough to be taken to an early screening with my BAFTA pal, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's so well made, and well acted, and well directed, and well-written… as you can see, I'm a fan!

In fact, it's basically about a man cast adrift with a Bengal tiger on a boat on the ocean for hundreds of days, and the revelations about life and the universe he experiences. Some breath-taking cinematography, and bound to be a huge contender for some major awards. So worth seeing on the big screen – in 3D if you can like we did. A great 9 out of ten – one of the highest this year!


QVC – well the biggest news of the week ahead will be this weekend's three-hour gift shows, with plenty of ideas all still well in time to arrive by Christmas! Dale and I will host the finale of the 'Saturday Night Gifts' show, 8-11pm, (Saturday 15th) with some fab guests and products, competitions and performances. (I may even be bringing in my Gracie Dog to join in the fun – if Dale brings Toby in on the Sunday night show!)

Also – if you're a Mel C fan, we may be able to bring you a reminder of her appearance a few weeks ago too, and I'll hopefully be running an instant 'Follow and Retweet' competition on my Twitter page to win a copy of her CD, 'Stages'. Watch Saturday night 8-11pm for more!

There'll be a little highlights video too, don't miss it! Meanwhile, here's one Will put together to whet your appetite.


And so many other shows to watch out for on QVC UK – go here to the TV guide to look ahead and book your time in front of the telly – don't forget to bagsy the remote control!

Anyway have a fab week! Next time – a little round up of what's in store over Christmas and New Year on air on QVC!


Follow me on Twitter – @debbieflint
Facebook me on –

Dog in the snowP.S. Doggy advent calendar #2 – one more to come next week!

P.P.S. Finally, another little Christmas touch, thanks to the backstage team at QVC – Vanessa and Dave the floor managers seen here preparing something curious behind the scenes… Come back next week to find out what!



  1. Marlene Watson-Tara December 14, 2012 at 6:40 pm -  Reply

    Great Blog Debbie, Life of Pi…. awesome!! yep, believe the unbeleivable in everything.
    Love it that QVC support one of my favourite charitites, Humane International.
    Thanks for organising the fabulous Macrobiotic Weekend Workshop, what fantastic folks – amazing, You should give yourself a pat on the back. Craig’s lovely ‘chi’ lit up the room, oh…. and he’s not bad on his yoga mat either!!! he he
    Have a wonderful Christmas xx
    Much love
    Marlene xx

  2. Arline Jackson December 14, 2012 at 8:37 pm -  Reply

    Great to see us all busy in the kitchen with Marlene! I ordered some goodies which arrived today so can’t wait to get cooking over the weekend. Been drinking my cinnamon stick tea at work and all the patients coming in have been saying how lovely and Christmasy the room smells!!

  3. Anita December 15, 2012 at 12:00 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    What a TiFFT for December!
    Life changing phone call from Sal Friday lunchtime heralding the beginning of a wonderful weekend.
    It was great to meet you and Craig as well as other lovely people including Brad and Kari.
    What an amazing lady Marlene is!
    The contents of my shopping basket were certainly different this evening, no sweet things for the first time ever.
    Having already experienced some benefits,I am looking forward to better health very soon thanks to you, Marlene and Bill. x

  4. Debs f December 18, 2012 at 2:38 am -  Reply

    Arline –
    Yes! Cinnamon stick tea! Arline!! Who’d have thought it’d become so sweet! 🙂
    Am also loving a ‘tea pigs’ brand called winter chai or something – for that Xmas feeling! 🙂
    Lovely to c u all. Keep in touch and let us know how you’re doing.
    Big hugs and thanks again for coming to the weekend.

  5. Debs f December 18, 2012 at 2:39 am -  Reply

    Marlene – no, thank YOU! Even for something as small as no longer waking up with creaky finger joints. Fab weekend.! Hugs x

  6. Debs f December 18, 2012 at 8:32 pm -  Reply

    Anita – good for you honey! So glad it’s helped! Cook Brussels for long time n they get really sweet too! And I luv Marlene’s sweet veg tea if I feel in a sweet mood. Now it’s only a bit of dark chocolate I succumb to normally! Instead of everything! Lol

  7. Susan December 21, 2012 at 2:15 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Happy Christmas! I hope you all have a fab time…noisy no doubt lol. I love the photo you posted on twitter at the QVC lunch. LOVE Kathy’s tshirt and Ali K just looks radiant even after the massive move emotionally and physically. Michael is so hilarious isn’t he, a little imp.
    Take care
    Susan x

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