Luxurious towels, USA style…


Northern Nights towel set TSVI remember so many times as a child hearing my mother and her sisters and friends talking about the luxury of good towels – and especially American ones for some reason. American towels were the aspiration, they were the one thing that they all wanted back when anyone went on a trip or when any of our relatives who lived in the States were coming to visit us.

I remember asking my mum why they wanted American towels so much and she told me it was the quality of the towels – they were so much thicker and more absorbent than the ones they could get here. And, as she said in her lilting Northern Irish accent, "Son dear, they wash like a ribbon" – the ultimate mark of quality for women who still handwashed everything and had special days in the week set aside as washing days! As I have grown up I have always bought towels (and indeed most fabrics, clothes, bedlinens etc.,) by the feel of them.

These days, however, I don't need to jet across the pond to America to get my hands on decent towles that have that thick luxurious feel to them. Today I get them directly from QVC. You see Northern Nights towels remind me of those American towels of my childhood which for my mother epitomised luxury, indulgence, softness and absorbancy, and yet for all that have an ability to be tough and hardwearing.

Because the Northern Nights towels are made from MicroCotton which is so absorbent, I spend less time drying myself, which, for someone who can shower several times a day (in the morning, after work, after the gym etc.) can actually save a lot of time and hassle. Ultimately for me though, the test of a quality towel is the feel of it. Does it feel thick and soft in your hands, does it wrap you up snuggly and most obviously does it dry you are just move the water around on your body. The answer to all of these, in relation to our Northern Nights MicroCotton towels is a resounding YES!

Something else I have noticed about these towels is that they seem to get thicker and fluffier after every wash – and I don't use a tumble drier either! I assumed that all my other towels were flat and a bit cardboard like because I didn't tumble dry them. With these towels, however, they not only seem to stay fluffy after air drying but seem to get thicker with each wash. I can only imagine what they would be like if I did put them in a drier! That's why, after I got my first set a couple of months ago, I went and got a second set. That is always the indicator of quality for me, that and hearing my mother, after she has used them ask me, 'son, are these American towels?'

So tune in tomorrow for our fabulous Nirthern Nights towels TSV! Go on treat yourself, you're worth it! And you don't have to go all the way to America to get them either…

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