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I feel like this week I really need to say how much I love my job. The fashion, the homeware, the make-up, the studios, the people I work with, the variety… and now THE WINE!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to be bringing you the launch of Laithwaite’s wine on Saturday 16th Sept at 7pm. I’m a wine lover, simple as that, red wine is my weakness. So when I was asked if I would like to go to a wine tasting of the selections coming our way to QVC I didn’t need be asked twice.

Tom Laithwaite came to meet me and tell me all about the history of the brand and I just loved the story of how it all started. Tom’s dad started as a labourer, he took a trip to France over 50 years ago and while picking up a good selection to bring back for himself, the wine merchants offered him a chance to take more back and sell it.

This went from being one little booze cruise run to the rest of the wine dealers in the area clubbing together to buy him a van to make it a regular thing. We just didn’t have the wine selection here in the UK that we have now, so this became a great success and from humble beginnings Laithwaite’s became a household name in the world of wine. The whole family are now experts in their field and supply an incredible range of red, white and rose wines, Prosecco and Champagne.

So what did I try? We started with the Ca’Bolani Prosecco, a Frizzante. Apparently Frizzante always has a cork, which I didn’t know. Every day is a school day at QVC. It was on the good side of sweet and fruity. I can definitely say I don’t like sweet wines but this was just perfect. I would very happily drink this at a function, party or wedding or let’s face it, a Friday. It’s part of a six bottle Prosecco tasting case.

We then moved on to white wine, I will admit I am wary of white, after too many ill-fated evenings of cheap pub wine when I was younger. Tom gave me an Abbesse Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire. It was soft, reserved and light and I have to admit very lovely.

This is the wonderful thing about having an expert on hand, as you will have on air at QVC, sometimes we just need the right person to tell us what to try. This wine will be perfect with fish and light cheese. It’s in the 10 bottle mixed case, which is the perfect choice for discovering new wines. It also includes a rather nice Bordeaux Rose. When it comes to rose I tend to go for a blush and it was a pretty deep pinky red. In my mind, that colour means super sweet. Thankfully Tom was blowing some of my misconceptions out of the water. This was in fact dry and full bodied and very enjoyable. Hic.

Moving onto red and it was time for a favourite of mine, a Malbec. It’s become very popular over the last five years or so. This one features in the six bottle mixed case and the 10 bottle mixed case. If in doubt, this is a really easy wine to go for. It’s not too heavy or light, it’s just right. Perfect to keep different people happy.

For me, steak and red wine is pure joy. If you like your red wine heavy and smooth however then this is the one for you. It’s called Dark Corner and is a Durif & Shiraz blend form Australia. Think winter nights and open fires. It’s perfect for spicy food too as it can take the strong flavours.

So as I said before, I love my job. I was able to take a few bottles home to try there too and there is a blush that I am saving for a sunnier day. I am so looking forward to this launch show, I would love to know your favourite wines too so please leave me a comment below. I would recommend a mixed case, particularly the six bottle mixed case as it has red, white, blush rose AND Prosecco. Every box ticked! See you there on the 16th, Tweet me during the show with your questions for Tom to @katyptv.

Outside of QVC I’ve been busy with my kids but I was also doing some filming in Southampton with my bestie Anna, It’s so much fun being able to work with one of your best friends and we have such a laugh. We were filming for Channel Mum which is an online village for parents and it’s full of videos made by ‘vloggers’ like me and Anna. If you haven’t watched any of our videos and you’re interested in parenting topics then do check it out here, our channel is called Hey Mummy and we talk about everything mummy related, give us a subscribe if you want to keep up with us. For the filming I was wearing my Label Lab jeans, H by Halston bomber and my Skechers.

I have one more thing to share with you before I go, I will be launching the Today’s Special Value from Denim & Co. tonight on QVC. I will admit that there are two things that can make me want to cry in a changing room. One is a bikini and the other is a pair of jeans.

I don’t know what it is about jeans but so many are cut in such a way that they just make me feel like I’m squeezing sausage meat into a skin!! So I was apprehensive. Would they fit me, would they add bulk, would they give me room to move and run after the kids? I am VERY happy to tell you that the answers were all positive. Comfort, fit, style and value. All in one.

I do hope they work for you too, I know jeans are such a personal thing but I think these could be a winner for lots of us. I am normally a size 12 but I went with the 10 in this case and the fit was fab. We shall of course give you all the measurements so you can make your choice properly. We will have Regular and Petite options, these are a five pocket straight leg jean and we will have three colours – Dark, Antique and Mid Indigo. I went for the Dark. I look forward to hearing how you got on with them. I wore mine with a turn up but they look just as good turned down.

So that’s it from me for now, I shall be back with more on the blog next week. Until then keep up with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Katy x

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