Love is in the air! Oh, and confession time!


Chewed carpetHello and Happy Valentine's Day!

If you're reading my blog before Valentine's Day, don't forget, it's on the 14th of Feb and if you're reading my blog after… I hope you remembered!

For some reason I always get the date of Valentine's Day mixed up with Pancake Day! To be fair, most weekends are Pancake Day for me and my family. Just love them!

It's been another busy week both at QVC and home. The puppies have really enjoyed chewing the bottom stair carpet.

Asleep on the sofaAfter exhausting themselves they crashed out on my favourite sweater on the sofa! Despite the damage (they have many 'chewable' toys by the way) we utterly adore them. I often post the latest pictures of the pups and behind the scenes at QVC on twitter. It's great to interact with you on there and fun when you share your pet pictures too. I'm @mecharliebrook

I have a little work confession to share with you. My only defence; this hasn't happened in 13 years of being with QVC.

Last Tuesday I arrived at work well in time for my first on-air hour at 6 – the gardening show with Matthew Biggs. After preparing all my notes, checking in with a producer on a few other matters I thought I'd pop downstairs to see the gem buyers to catch up on Destination Gems. I had plenty of time, it was only 4.40 and I wasn't on air for at least an hour.

Black mother-of-pearl stretch braceletOn my way to gems I bumped in to the Diamonique team and we got chatting. After a few minutes they said, 'So, you're on at 5, with Diamonique'. I glanced at them, I glanced at the time. It was nearly quarter to five.

I was in my jeans and T-shirt and not at all ready! 'You must be mistaken' I said 'I'm not on 'til 6!' They pulled out the schedule and there was my name, Charlie Brook, Diamonique, 5pm. You've never seen me move so quickly!

Never have I changed so quickly! Thankfully I was able to prep the show and go to air. Had I not bumped in the team, purely by chance… I can only imagine! My only excuse… No, I have no excuse! It hasn't happened in 13 years and I'm determined for it to not happen again!

HP Envy Touchscreen Convertible LaptopOn the subject of work we've a fabulous Destination Gems this Tuesday 12th Feb. This week, the destination is China. Look out for Peridot, Hubei turquoise and Pearl. We'll be discussing competitions and, of course, the 'reveal'.

Later in the week on Saturday night (16th Feb) at 12 midnight I'll be launching the new Today's Special Value. It's from HP and it's out of this world! In a sentence it's a touchscreen convertible laptop! The keyboard detaches! It also comes with some fabulous added value!

Ok, better dash, I need to look at my schedule to see when I'm next on air… I'll be sure to look at it very carefully!

Charlie x

Ps: Any work confessions?!


  1. Diana February 8, 2013 at 11:52 pm -  Reply

    Hello Charlie!
    I just crashed and wrecked my beautiful hp laptop with a glass of white wine :-(( – thank goodness I know where to get my new one! I’ve bought several pc s over the many years I’ve been shopping at QVC but hp is my all time favourite andI’ve had at least 5 – big and small! Plug and play then read the instructions – and the guest presenter is so straight talking – I record the programme when I buy so I can check back but it’s so straight forward. Please ask your boss for lots of easy pays !
    Memo to self – clear table and make room for wine glass – :-)) I will be placing my order at midnight!

  2. Debby slauenwhite February 10, 2013 at 3:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi Charlie.
    How was your week-end and your son’s sleep-over??? ok I hope.
    Bella seems to be turning the corner [ thankfully]. She seems to be coping with the reduction in the steroids and her appitite has improved since we last spoke. She even asked for a treat when I got back from shopping yesterday [ which she hasn’t done since way before christmas]. Yesterday the old Bella [the one we all love] came back for a while, which was lovely. Today she let me give her a trim and bath,and boy did she need it as she hadn’t be done since before christmas. The vet phoned on friday and to see how she was and did say she may never be totaly off the steroids,I don’t care so long as she’s happy and relatively healthy. As soon as she’ll let me I’ll take a photo for you.
    I haven’t told her charlie bears are on wednesday. I’ll see how she is first. We’ll be watching gems on Tuesday.
    Love Debby and a big whoof from Bella and to the puppies.x

  3. Lynn Mc Ginty February 13, 2013 at 11:05 pm -  Reply

    Hi Charlie, I see the puppies have been enjoying themselves! I dont know if you have tried the
    Sprays you get from the pet shop to stop chewing, they dont like pepper and citrus smells , if you can rub or sprinkle some on the things theyre chewing. If you catch them doing it say no in a firm voice and use a spray bottle with water in it and spray them or else an empty cola can with stones or coins in it and shake it loudly , the noise usually startles them and they stop. Its just repetition, this is what they do on dog borstal. You have to watch Cesar Milan the dog whisperer the man is amazing! Hope this helps,goo luck Lynn

  4. Charlie brook February 18, 2013 at 8:50 am -  Reply

    Hello Diana, ooooh that’s not good! I’m sure wine isn’t intended for that! I hope you liked the tsv, we also have various other HP’s in stock as well.
    You’re right it’s a great brand and Danny our guest does a sterling job!
    Take care

  5. Charlie brook February 18, 2013 at 8:56 am -  Reply

    Hello Debby and a whoof to Bella! I’m so glad she’s doing well and it sounds like the vet is happy too. Our two had a good wash at the weekend. I’m not entirely sure what they covered themselves in, when at the woods, but it wasn’t pleasant!!
    Hope you enjoyed Charlie Bears!
    Take care, Charlie

  6. Charlie brook February 18, 2013 at 8:59 am -  Reply

    Hello Lynn, thanks for the reply and the advice. I’ve heard about the sprays, I’ll definitely look into it, although its a little late for a few items!
    I’ve heard about the dog whisperer apparently he’s incredible!
    Take care

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