Look at this cute foal! More netball and my hometown on the BBC


But first a quick update on the netball front. Basically, Wendy and I were knack.., I mean, shattered again afterward – me more than my mate and neighbor in Devon, Wendy. And my ankles ached for ages afterward!! But I’m determined to persevere till I don’t look like this afterward…

At least we had sunshine this week, unlike the driving rain in last week’s blog.

In fact, the whole of this week was so lovely, the seven – yes SEVEN – writers staying with us down at Retreats for You in Sheepwash, spent a lot of time out in the garden – OMG it looks so lovely out there now.

Richard Jackson would be proud. Thank goodness for his slug product tho – it’s helped stem the tide of awful munching that decimated last year’s crop! I’m putting plant food on too – and hopefully, it’ll produce even more amazing blooms.

I even took a video blog (vlog) tour around the Sheepwash square this week, amongst many videos I posted on Facebook. You don’t have to be on social media to see it, you can click here to come on the tour with me. Also ‘like’ the page if you are on it, to get the updates first. (And my early bird order links can be seen here – if you can’t find them elsewhere – including the big one for this Saturday’s Elemis deal – click here to get it.) nb – if it’s still available, join me 6pm on Saturday night!


Sheepwash on the BBC

Oooo! My new hometown made it onto the BBC Spotlight programme this week too – and part of our Retreat House was shown – can you spot it, based on the ‘tour’ video I posted? Funny little report – seems like they had a #SlowNewsDay! But I must say lots of people come to Sheepwash as tourists. In fact, I met a nice chap called Graham who was standing at the bus stop with his wife Audrey – they’d come to see his sister in Newton Abbot and were on a day trip so decided to come and see what I keep raving about on my blogs. If you ever come, do knock on our door – you never know, we might be in with some writing guests running another retreat and you could maybe come in for a cuppa!

Make it mid-September and you could maybe come to watch my concert at The Plough in Torrington, in aid of charity MDD and The Plough as well. Nice singalong songs including What a Difference a Day Makes? More here.

Hope it’s nice weather – we’ll be having another pop-up vintage tea rooms on Sunday (17thSept) if so!

But not everyone gets the sunshine all the time – Belstone, where my Devon pal Alix lives, is that bit higher – so is often cloudier. BUT it also has some amazing wild horses.

When is a pony on Dartmoor, not a Dartmoor Pony?

Well, this is an interesting question – as featured in the April edition of Devon Life – with a lady who champions the breed.

If a pony has a dappled coat or spots, it’s probably a Shetland descendant, not a true Dartmoor pony – which has to have a solid coat – just like these ones which cropped up right outside Alix’s door this week? Including the cutest little foal – and look what he did – came right up to see the camera too – cute!

They’re regular visitors along with the cows up on the moors – not so much where we are, half an hour away in Sheepwash.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like around here, do take a look at my latest website newsletter update – I’ve posted a lot of the vlogs I did this week including a walk down a Devon country lane with the dogs, a tour of the village square, and a look at the Holsworthy St Peter’s Fair (on till 8th). Just click this link to see them all, and do feel free to subscribe in order to get the news via regular email direct to your inbox! Including the Early Bird order links which I also feature in the newsletters and on my website. Click here to read it all.



Book of the Week I also post a regular Book of the Week and this week it’s a belter from one of my regular top authors – Rowan Coleman – I love her stories and turn of phrase – enjoying this audiobook very much indeed. To find out more about The Happy home for Broken Hearts go here. And find out also what a writing workshop can do for you if you’ve ever wanted to write your own book?

Luna jacket awwww! Lauren my daughter was away this week with her pogs – spaniels and grand-dogs Baloo and this one, crazy Luna. They were right next to the sea in Wales so put this swim jacket on nut-job-dog in case she went out too far! How cute!

Daisy and Gracie Slow-Mo video And for my own dogs, I took this short clip this week down by the Torridge river – fascinating how the dog’s face goes weird when they shake!

What shall I do with this splinter?
Ouchyyyyy! Had some interesting suggestions on Facebook this week – now wondering about the consensus so thought I’d ask on here. How should I get this splinter out? It’s quite deep and I’ve got a little blood blister from trying to squeeze it after I weeded the garden last week. Ooops. Let me know by making a suggestion below.

What shall I do with this spot?
… of a different kind! This week my pal Linda (whose back is featured on the Spotlight clip above) and lovely kind local helper Gary, began clearing the old chicken run in the back garden. There’s a lot still to do, but you can see behind me there’s quite a big space here – so what shall I put there? The sun sets behind it at night, so I guess it’s east facing…

Geek of the week I can’t help it – I love this stuff! Looks like the Roman concrete has lasted so amazingly well because of where they built it – and what they used – I wonder if they knew that would happen in sea water? Bet they didn’t know their harbours would still be there 2000 years later… more here.


Facebook Funny – this week from meeeee! Oooops! Those dang autocorrect fails! Lol.


Watch – Churchill – loved this biopic, based on the crucial closing stages of World War Two and the impact of Churchill’s self-importance and former grueling war experiences. Great period piece. 7 out of ten. ‘Hampstead’ next week?


This week on QVC –

Here’s the link for today’s (Friday seventh July) Hair Max system, join me at 7 PM for a whole hour.

Saturday! Here is the early bird order link for the Elemis six-piece top to toe frangipani collection, really good price too. And I have a whole hour 6pm I believe if stocks last!

Sunday sees the laundry kit that will save you from lugging heavy washing powder home – Eco Egg TSV. And join me at 8 PM for two hours of wonderful Gatineau skincare too.

Sunday night ( from midnight) I’ll be launching of one of my favourite kitchen items ever, and one I use all the time – perfect for single people – the Cooks Essentials air cooker –  it’s back.

Bodyblade is back! Bruce returns this Monday and Tuesday (10th and 11th July). What does Bodyblade do? Listen to some of these benefits which bodybladers have posted about on Facebook –

Being in a wheelchair means I have to lift my rubbish bags and recycling to almost head height to get it in the wheelie beans, I definitely find it easier now, Lorna Cherry

I was having trouble lifting a full huge teapot – before bb it was hard – now I don’t have a problem, Jayne Owens

Putting Microwave on a head high shelf, I work in retail, easy now and I don’t have to ask a guy to do it!, Tory Sanderson

I can lift my 26 kg dog into the car when he is injured, Eileen Davies

I can now lift big bags of cat litter – Sarah Hills

Brilliant eh? What a device. Bruce will explain more on Monday at 5pm and Tuesday at 11am. If you can’t wait, read reviews and get it now, by going here.

Next week’S deals include – Ultrasun 5pc protection collection on Tuesday, Joe Browns tunic on Wednesday at a really low price, Thursday’s wonderful faux flowers from Peony – the hydrangeas in a large vase. Friday has a five piece bath and body collection L’Occitane, Friday night at midnight join me for the Dyson cordless vacuum launch, it’s the V7 quiet animal version is very exciting as we are amongst the first.

Next week  Dinner with Bodyblade Bruce and a tour around Devon area on my new electric bike ha ha 🙂


This week’s testimonial is from Eileen!


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  1. Barbara Willoughby July 7, 2017 at 12:31 pm -  Reply

    When my daughter was small she ran her hands up and down a wooden fence and got hundreds of tiny splinters in her hand. We took her to hospital and they put zinc oxide cream on her hand and covered it up for a couple of days. The zinc oxide draws the splinters to the surface and then you just give them a rub and they come off. Try it and see if it works. It did for our daughter.

  2. Liberty July 7, 2017 at 4:05 pm -  Reply

    Can anyone remind me of Debbie’s location & what she does there?

  3. Caroline July 7, 2017 at 5:47 pm -  Reply

    You need to put magnesium sulphate ( you can get a pharmacy) on splinter and cover with a plaster after 24 hours should come out!!

  4. Toni hoult July 8, 2017 at 5:16 am -  Reply

    Magnesium sulphate, from the chemist. Apply every night, you will have to mix it up, I use a teaspoon handle,, then apply a plaster. It will take about a week to draw out the splinter, along with any infection.

  5. Nikki July 8, 2017 at 12:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,

    Another frenetic pace of life blog! I’m amazed how much you manage to fit into a ‘normal’ day! Regarding the splinter, ask your local Pharmacist for Magnesium Oxide which is a paste, apply it to the splinter area and cover with a plaster (not very TV glamorous!). You might need to do this for a few days as it slowly draws the foreign object out of the finger. I promise it doesn’t hurt or sting and it’s a very effective ‘old’ remedy that I used only the other day. Good luck, let us know how you get on.

    My thoughts on the area of the previous chicken run; how about a pergola and seating area for early morning coffee and a quiet spot for writing?

    Best wishes,


  6. Jackie July 9, 2017 at 8:02 pm -  Reply

    Reading your blog triggered a memory regarding splinters! I remember I had a particularly deep one when I was a kid, and my Mum put Germolene on it and then covered it with a plaster for a few days. It drew the splinter to the surface of the skin. After a few days, you could “feel” the splinter underneath the skin. Then, I gently broke the skin and removed the splinter with tweezers.

    This was a few years ago now, though. Maybe medical treatments have moved on a bit and somebody can come up with a better solution (which I also would be interested to know).

    Best wishes.

  7. Susan July 9, 2017 at 8:08 pm -  Reply

    Hi debbie, yes I loved Churchill too. Interesting. I’m not a fan though if the peel off masks like I’m watching now..eek! Oh I don’t like that feeling! Monday again tomorrow. Where do your weekends go..
    Have a good week x

  8. Sylvia Warhurst July 9, 2017 at 9:23 pm -  Reply

    Predictive text is useful, but it drives me mad when it won’t let me swear. Yet when I texted a friend re a meal I’d had it put ‘dick in plum sauce’.

  9. martin forbes July 10, 2017 at 4:01 pm -  Reply

    hi debbie hope you and your family are well iam nae bad not bad all the best for your daughters forthcoming wedding

  10. debs f July 12, 2017 at 11:46 pm -  Reply

    Sylvia – hahahaaa love the plum sauce comment! hehe! x

  11. debs f July 12, 2017 at 11:47 pm -  Reply

    susan – oh no I LOVE it! Sometimes I do a peel off mask just for the peeling off bit! hehe! x

  12. debs f July 12, 2017 at 11:48 pm -  Reply

    Jackie – germolene! That smell would bring back memories for sure. Every home used to have some when we were kids, right?! X

  13. debs f July 12, 2017 at 11:48 pm -  Reply

    Nikki –
    oo yes a pergola and seating area would be lovely. Most want a veg patch. noted tho! will ponder… ps yes I couldn’t be any other way! lol x

  14. debs f July 12, 2017 at 11:49 pm -  Reply

    Toni, Caroline, Barbara, yes magnesium oxide – I have some now – cant even see the thing under the skin now – think it may be too deep! will keep you informed. Thank you! x

  15. debs f July 12, 2017 at 11:50 pm -  Reply

    liberty –
    it’s sheepwash in Devon, @retreatsforyou, and it’s a writing retreat and guest house – not just writers tho – some QVC peeps are coming w/c aug 21 and possibly oct 2! x

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