Lola Rose Nikki’s MBE Party! And dinner at Julia’s


This week –

  • Nikki’s MBE Lola Rose Party!
  • Julie Cohen’s brilliant ‘Where Love Lies’ is my Book of The Week
  • ‘Wicked’! At the theatre!
  • Dinner chez Julia Roberts!
  • Web chat with No! No! and Stacey  from ybf Beauty!
  • Plus sneaky peeks from Bare Minerals, Dyson vac, No! No!, Gatineau, and Flora Mare.


Nikki gets her MBE!

Spot the presenter, the guest presenters and the supermodel in the pic above! They all joined Nikki Gerwitz at Lola Rose’s HQ this week to celebrate her receiving a MBE from the lovely HRH Prince William! Nikki wore her medal to the party, and was telling everyone about how she’d curtseyed really carefully so she didn’t trip and obviously said ‘phew’ a bit too loudly as she did it, Prince William asked her what the ‘phew’ was for!

Nikki Lola Rose

What an honour for our lovely jewellery guest, who also does a heck of a lot of charity work too. It was nice to see Maxine from Bibi and Jill Franks as well as customer Sophie Anderton in the throng of people waiting to wish Nikki well. She also had a fab little video presentation of everyone she knows saying well done, this is her whilst watching it – quite an emotional night and as surprises go, this party went off with a bang! Well done Nikki, we’re all so proud of you!

Nikki MBE baloons


Off to See Wicked at Victoria Apollo

What a lovely day out we had – there was one of those theatre offers recently which included a two-course supper in the normal ticket price, so two of my four siblings came along and we went to see one of those famous musicals – you know, the ones you keep meaning to go to but never get round to it!


Had a nightmare of a mix up with trains getting there (we all ended up on separate trains, and we were aiming to go together – don’t ask!) But it was well worth it and a good time was had by all – lemons and melons and pears, Oh My! (See review in ‘watch’ below!)


RiWiSi – Julie’s done it Again!

Book of the week Book of the Week – ‘Where Love Lies’

Looking for a paperback to get your brain cells going? Julie Cohen, one of my favourite authors has done it again with ‘Where Love Lies’, her newest paperback to hit the bookshops. Since her previous book, ‘Dear Thing’, was a Richard and Judy pick, she’s well worth a try – I loved it, but then she’s my mentor with my own writing so I’m really pleased to give her a plug! More about the book on my blog on the link below. (And links to my own books are at bottom of this blog or just go here.) It covers what actually happens inside the brain when we fall in love – fascinating sciency stuff, but mainly another really good story with characters you care about and want to continue reading.

Also on this week’s Read it Write it Sell It blog on my website you’ll find my idea of what makes a good narrator. Now I’ve been asked several times if I can create audiobooks out of my own novels. Well the steamy ones would be more difficult to do myself, but maybe ‘Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter’ would work – what do you think? Click the link below to read RiWiSi and find out what makes a good narrator, info on fab crime-writing courses and for links on how to get Julie’s book and what made her write about a topic so unusual.

click here for more on Where Love Lies and What makes a Good Narrator on this week’s RiWiSi blog.


Three Month Challenge Non-Scales Victories Continue!

Proper proud, that’s what I am – no wonder, with over 500 people now having ‘liked’ the ‘3MCFeb’ page on Facebook where we’re recording our little wins during the 3 Month Challenge that involves sticking to whatever programme you’ve chosen till mid-May, ready for the summer. This week, Lorna C. had some great ‘non-scales-victories’ as she described not being able to bend down far enough whilst sitting, to reach her feet to put cream on them – well after 8 or 9 years, at last this week she was able to lean far enough forwards to her feet as they hung over the bed and actually reached them! We’re so proud of her. And Val Cady posted her own ‘Bodyblade Super 6’ on a beach, accompanied by the super sounds of the sea. Well done you lot!

deb big

I found out at my chiropractor Rik’s in Dorking that according to his scales (the only time I weight myself really) I’m half a stone lighter still, than I was last summer. Yay! This pic was me at one of my biggest sizes – gosh my arms have toned up so much since then! Thank you Bodyblade! The ‘Till the Fat lady Slims 2.0 book’  is available in hardback and is selling constantly – only around 750 now left so a couple more hundred have gone since that initial airing. They’re ‘in stock’ for when needed, so do grab yours if you want to do the ‘3MCFeb’ challenge that started mid-Feb!

Also I’ve put some more Tips of the Day on the Till the Fat Lady Slims PAGE – there to help inspire and enthuse!

Here’s #77-

“The point I think is more how we get back in the saddle when we fall off, than being in there 100%. Except with full freedom eating – theres no ‘wrong’ only learning!”

Links to all the groups and pages are either below, or here on my blog – click here – where you can also read about the latest webchat guests – see below for who – and about some surprising ingredients in our food.

Want to take part in 3MCFeb?

  • Be prepared to keep yourself on track, for three months! Till mid-May
  • Find out more on my special Three Month Challenge Blog here.
  • And in this week’s new Back to You blog on my website, you can read the amazing webchats from Stacey from ybf beauty and our lovely No! No! guest Selin, in advance of this Sunday’s new No! No! TSV. Next Monday 8-9pm on Back to You Facebook group (links below) there will be another one, hopefully with a little three-month challenge theme amongst others – possibly we’ll have Mally soon, around 16th?  Next week it may be Richard from Skechers, fresh off the back of his TSV ‘Go Walk’ pumps this week. Lovely group, come join us. And click here to read the new B2U blog with a great weight loss story.




 Frowback Friday! Sis found this from 2007, Ascot Race Day. Oh sooooo needs a caption. Those mischief makers out there would have made more of this than actually happened (me saying ‘Simon, can I have a pic please,’ outside the gates!) Nice one for the album tho! haha!
Frow back

Debbie Does Dinner #3
– This week Butter Beans and roasted Sweet Potato Cassoulet – another tasty dish but I put the hard cheese in a layer on top of the breadcrumbs in the final step before going under the grill so I had a layer akin to plastic covering the dish ten minutes later.. Should I have mixed it in with the breadcrumbs do you think? Still tasty tho – 6 out of ten.

Deb DD

Julia Does Dinner
Went to Jules’ house near Ascot to banter, have a bite to eat, and to bring her up to speed with how to self-publish her first now-finished novel! Watch this… and Julia’s… space! LOL! We had a lovely minestrone soup and reeaaally tasty spelt scones – well done missus, now get that novel done!
Julia dinner

Happy birthday LJ!
Went to Camellia’s fab tea rooms in Kingly Court off Carnaby St with my bezzie pal LJ last week, partly to celebrate her birthday and partly to have tea! Their special blend Cinammon Tea is my absolute fave! Owner Jessie and her gang are moving the tearooms soon and I hope it’s somewhere close by, I love this place – very vintage!
Deb and LJ

A Marco Polo-Hole – for those who ever saw it on the train on the way into Victoria, here’s what now sits in the place where our old QVC building was – the Marco Polo building is being made into flats. They seem to be taking an awfully long time about it – nothing seems to have happened since my last visit to London by train…
gAP OLD qvc

Was that Really 18 years ago?  A baby born the same year as this Spice Girls pic would be now able to vote. Yes we are all officially getting old…er. I try to never use the ‘O’ word – well, that one anyway. It became a deal breaker between myself and an old BF once ‘cos he kept on about being past it. You’re only as old as the way you describe yourself! Me? I’m ginger spice! With a longer mini skirt and shorter legs! Haha!

spice girls 18 yr ago

Facebook Funny – OK so ask yourself – what would you have done? I’ve put at the bottom of the blog in the ‘PS’ what I would like to fantasize that I’d have done if I was with kids … YOU?

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

Sneaky peek!   Had a superb show with Andrew and Michaela as part of the French Beauty tour this week – huge bargains to be had! And if you like ‘huge’ – watch out for this coming soon on 7th!

Shhhh! Love Yankee? 11pm Sunday (1st) it’s a one time only with Charlie! And 11pm shows all this next week will feature one every hour, from Vionics to Kim and Co to Bobbi Brown – check out the TV guide to see what and when! And don’t forget 3Pay day on 3rd…



Two this week! Here’s when Jackie quipped about Chloe’s previous show – what are those two like!

And here’s a vintage one from me – the only time I’ve EVER lost it completely on live TV… Thank goodness! HaHa! Anyone remember it happening? Circa 1997/8 I think!


‘Blue’ on QVC – exciting this week with Blue appearing on your tellybox, promoting their new album  ‘Colours’ which you can get pre-order now! And here’s their interview with Jackie in case you missed it! Cool!

Watch – ‘Wicked’ at Apollo Victoria My first time seeing the ‘prequel’ to the Wizard of Oz and thought it was excellent. If you’ve never been and you’re looking for somewhere to take the kids, it’s quite engrossing, and has some gripping effects. The lead actress, Emma Hatton, playing a young wicked Witch of the West and was outstanding. And Savannah Stevenson playing Glinda was good too. Interesting how they wove in some of the plot from the original 1939 movie starring Judy Garland – did you know it was NOT the first feature length movie made in colour? Go here for some varying replies as to which movie actually was the first. Wizard of Oz was just 12 years after the Jazz Singer became the first ever full length talkie too, in 1927. They were having a bit of a revolution back then weren’t they! Anyway if you go wsee Wicked, don’t leave before the very end. Good musical theatre, a sound 8.5 out of ten. More here.

Here’s a clip of their official trailer – cast different now but you get the idea.

This week on QVC –

  • Today’s Special Values this weekend – Saturday is the Dyson cylinder vac. Sunday brings the No! No!– join me for the launch Sat midnight as well as 9pm Sunday. Then don’t miss lovely Axel Ruth back with his Flora Mare range, and a Today’s Special Value four-piece Day and Night collection, all day Monday (2nd) – or whilst stocks last! By the way, if you go read Catherine’s blog, you’ll see more about Tuesday’s Bare Minerals TSV 7pc bargain too, and as it’s 3rd of 3rd, it’s 3Pay day!


  •  Kipling Deal And don’t miss my Kipling show with MF on Monday at 11pm if you like a one time only bargain!


Next week – Children’s BBC nostalgia from my time in the broom cupboard – the blog is finally done! Plus – the postponed shopping trip with my lovely Lauren – and ‘the Second Best Marigold Hotel!’ And a night at the opera… Whoop!

Have a great week.

Best Wishes



ps re the Facebook Funny ball pool joke – I’d like to think I’d have thrown myself alongside the kids and wiggled like a worm in all the balls! You?

*TiFFT = Try it For The First Time Club

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  1. twinkle March 1, 2015 at 10:33 am -  Reply

    Lovely blog as always hun 🙂

    Super proud of you for losing all that weight you are amazing and helping so many other people too. You are a star xx

    glad you had such a great week with your fabulous family and friends…. you never stop do you

    love and hugs


  2. Debbie Flint March 5, 2015 at 2:38 am -  Reply

    Twink –
    ta hon! Glad your new phase is going well!

  3. Helen Murphy March 6, 2015 at 3:51 pm -  Reply

    am loving the book and suits me a foodie geek!!! Would say to others give it a try and come and join in the three month challenge where you will get more help and support than you ever thought possible! Love the blooper Debs if you can’t laugh at yourself ….. Love your blog each week xx

  4. Sally Anne March 25, 2015 at 5:30 pm -  Reply

    Wow LJ! I remember her when she guest presented the technical stuff! That was ages ago! Hope she’s well, she looks good. But who wouldn’t be, with all that lovely food and tea! That’s what we all need though; good food, good company and a proper cuppa! xx

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