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This week’s blog is a quick heads-up for you all looking forward to some truly unmissable Today’s Special Values we’ve got early next week. Make sure you join us Monday 11th March for a fantastic HP printer and then stick with us all-day Tuesday 12th for an unmissable storage bundle from Lock & Lock.

First, the Monday madness…

‘Don’t let your kids grow up as a JPEG !’

This is the key phrase from Danny, our HP expert, whenever he talks about printers. And you know what? He’s right. I have so many pictures on phones, tablets and PCs – but rarely get around to printing them out.

It’s nice to see that we have a great quality, all-in-one printer, from a worked expert like HP, as our Today’s Special Value on Monday. It’s going to be an amazing price too, at  less than £70. I was lent a sample to try it out and, having just come back from our Easter holidays, had loads of those JPEGs lurking in my computer – so thought I’d try printing them out.

Setting up the printer was so easy, which is not surprising as I have had a few HP printers and they are always a joy. It operates with or without a wireless network and, with the clever software on the printer, it is so easy to print from a PC,  phone or tablet.

What was most surprising was the quality of the photos printed. For such an inexpensive printer, the definition and colour saturation was amazing, even in the larger 8 x 10 sizes.

Skiing photo

Printed image








If your current printer is driving you mad, or you just find all those lovely pictures you’ve taken are stuck in some digital format for too long without seeing the light of day, join us throughout Monday for the HP solution to set the kids free from their JPEG prison.

Over to you Danny!


And for Tuesday, we have an incredible Today’s Special Value from Lock & Lock with 20 air and liquid tight boxes for £20. I have never seen such value before and, even more importantly, you get all the sizes you need.

I have been using Lock & Lock for the best part of 10 years and still have the originals that I bought a decade ago.

They are, in my opinion, the best boxes that money can buy.

We use them daily for food (the kids’ lunches, storing leftovers, freezing meals etc.), but with so many in our offer, I thought I’d organise some of our cupboards. I have one cupboard where all the ‘stuff’ is kept, you know: candles, batteries, packets of this, that and the other. It is – or should I say – was a nightmare.

I didn’t need too many boxes to really organise things and they make it much easier to find everything as the sides are transparent. The boxes are machine washable so, if I wanted to, switching them for food use is easy.

I was amazed at how much old packaging I had been storing, just look at the photo below!

Old boxesLock and Lock boxes have arrived

From the kids taking their fruit snacks to school, storing our ham and cheese etc. in the fridge, to the cats’ snacks rattling away calling them in at night – we are officially a household full of Lock & Lock love! Plus now, thanks to our upcoming Today’s Special Value, my cupboards are in on it too!

Don’t forget to join us on Monday and Tuesday and remember, new customers can join the HP happiness and Lock & Lock love-in too!

Simon x

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  1. Mo Cowell April 10, 2016 at 10:43 am -  Reply

    Regarding the Lock and Lock TSV – I pre ordered 2 sets(one for my aunt who is not a customer of QVC) and I have just read that new customers are being offered free p&p. I fully understand that QVC wants new customers but what about the loyal customers of 21 years…..I object to being alienated from this offer and suggest the powers that be reassess their sales promotion tactics before going to air.

    • Elle April 12, 2016 at 4:29 am -  Reply

      I too am annoyed if this is the case & the FREE P & P applies to new customers only. I am sick of this type of behaviour. Just Lately QVC has been changing all the rules. TSV’s are announced days in advance, stocks do not appear to have increased to account for all these extra customers & we get the ridiculous situation of a colour or size selling out by 00:20, I used to record the hour of the TSV @ midnight, now you can’t do that ’cause the SKY box records from midnight till 6am. Why are you suddenly repeating the same hour all night with a break @ 6am for one hour & then TSV again from 7 am till 9? Not one organisation is THAT big these days that they can afford to alienate their customers but you guys are pushing it.

      Sky is offering VERY special deals for new customers, BT too but I thought the QVC ethic was different. New customers may order from you now & again or stop completely but what about the regulars that have been ordering for over a decade. Scrolling welcomes of new customers is one thing…free P & P or similar offers may just be the straw. Not good QVC!!

  2. alison April 10, 2016 at 8:50 pm -  Reply

    I have L&L have been using them for a few years too there is so much that can be stored in them

  3. marilyn jones April 13, 2016 at 2:03 pm -  Reply

    Please treat all your customers the same regarding p&p .Walking down the route of differentiation is somewhat tacky and loyal customers deserve not to be left out of free
    P&P offers.
    Also too many shows with ambassadors representing brands.When was the last time we saw Lulu Guinness on air and she is local.Orla kiely?
    Hats off to the singer LuLu who over the many years always represents her brand and to the many ladies from across the Atlantic who make the effort to fly over in order to represent their brand sometimes just for the day.l am more aware of this now when deciding what to purchase.

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