Liz Earle’s Caroline Archer on preparing for a show


Ahead of our beautiful Liz Earle Today’s Special Value offer on Sunday 21st May, we caught up with guest and skincare expert, Caroline Archer, to see how she prepares for the madness that is TSV day!

I love hosting our live Liz Earle shows on QVC. It’s such a buzz, after the creation of our special kits, to see customers enjoying the selections we’ve lovingly put together

For us, our Today’s Special Value sets are the icing on the cake requiring much planning and careful thought to appeal at precisely the right time. Our TSVs are always based on popular demand and can cover customer favourites, particular seasonal combinations that really work to boost skin, or themed gifts (for say Christmas, Mother’s Day, special events or summer holidays). Trust me when I say we love creating them as much as you enjoy using them!

To get me in the right frame of mind for our TSV shows – and to ensure I really boost up my energy levels − I have a few favourite ‘must do’ habits that I find helpful and are indeed, after over a decade on air, now an essential ritual as part of the build-up to the big day…

The island

The week leading up to a TSV is always blocked out in my diary as a reminder to prioritise rest and sleep. I plan a deliberately peaceful week in the run-up to the 24-hour adrenaline rush of show day. For me, an integral part of this unwind is a day on the Isle of Wight, our stunning homeland.

We take inspiration from nature around us – from the pretty seaside shores to the lush greenery inland

Our head office is here, as well as a bit of my heart and definitely our Liz Earle soul. We converted a stunning Victorian hotel as our creative headquarters – Biskra Beach House − and often film TSV teasers here with Will Gowing, which you may have seen. It is breathtakingly beautiful, a special quiet place for creative meetings, customer events and therapy training.

I book myself time here just to refocus and let the soft energising island air wash over me. I also meet with my fabulous QVC team on this day and we run through the TSV together – everything from how the set will look to choosing themed flowers, selecting which backdrop we’ll use, any slides or videos that we need to support the show content, on which shows I’ll be joined by my co-ambassadors, who’s modelling for us, which QVC presenter is hosting and so on. As with all our projects at Liz Earle, it’s about teamwork. My team really fire me up – they’re focused, creative and as passionate about the brand as I am and I love bouncing ideas off them. It’s always one of my favourite work days and one I find totally inspiring.

The beauty chair

I couldn’t truly get in the zone without two hours in the make-up chair before each show.

Working with top make-up artists is really exciting!

You get lots of industry buzz – for instance, the chance to play with new make-up before it’s even launched; learning first-hand where make-up trends are heading; and hearing positive feedback about where the make-up artist has seen our brand backstage or on a shoot. Plus for me, it’s a chance to be calm and quiet before the build-up to the show.

Having your hair styled and make-up applied makes you feel confident, and gives me mental space to focus just on the TSV itself and how I can best get its benefits across to you, rather than worrying about how I look. It’s also a vital energy lifeline during about seven hours of live shows (when you are talking lots) to have someone who boosts you and keeps you going, making you laugh and helping you to unwind between the adrenaline bursts. Thank you to Kerry and Rose for being there for these times.

Liz Earle love

Sarah Carr, our Lifestyle Ambassador who appears with me regularly on air, is also one of my closest friends at work. She helps me by letting me bounce ideas off her before shows.

We often take time out to catch up on the latest – swapping ideas about skincare, tips on how to use the Liz Earle range, how to incorporate into a new regime, getting excited about our latest awards or working out new demos to share on air.

It’s great to be able to share, to talk and to think out loud with a trusted friend who understands how broadcasting works from ‘my side’

We always find time to laugh too – the best beauty tip for radiance!

Botanical beauty

The Today’s Special Value itself is always a bit of a surprise to me. We’re often working months ahead of the actual show, so whilst I help by inputting ideas and suggestions to the team, including of course a big focus on what you tell me you’d like, I then like to pull back.

The team keep it secret from me until the final few weeks before the TSV date itself

So when they do post it to me as a surprise, I literally open it fresh, just like you do when you see it first at the midnight launch. That way, my passion and excitement is real and fresh, plus I can make it relevant to the coming months, and help illustrate how it can work for that specific time of the year. With summer approaching, weddings and summer parties galore ahead, this particular TSV has botanical beauty written all over it. I hope you love it too – can’t wait to hear!


Don’t forget to look out for this beautiful Today’s Special Value offer on Sunday 21st May, or have a browse of our full Liz Earle range now if you can’t wait!


  1. Susan walker May 17, 2017 at 11:51 am -  Reply

    Really enjoyed reading the above Caroline, we do not realise all that goes in to presenting a TSV, you always come over very knowledgable, calm and relaxed. Thank you for sharing, I love my Liz Earle.
    Good luck! Xx

  2. Alison Packington May 17, 2017 at 10:17 pm -  Reply

    I have been using Liz Earle products for a few years not all of them but stick to the same ones normally only, recently started using Superskin serum and the nightime oil and find them really different but good different will use them time and time again xx

  3. Sylvia May 21, 2017 at 2:11 pm -  Reply

    Hi Caroline, Brilliant TSV. Always enjoy your shows you are so easy to listen to and I know you are very approachable as I saw you in the London store and you were so friendly. Keep up the good work. Liz Earle products are fabulous. X

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