Liz Earle is our beauty pick for June


Cleanse & Polish was designed by Liz and her business partner Kim to suit both of their very different skin types. Liz had dry, sensitive skin and suffered with eczema and allergies, whereas Kim was oily/combination and suffered from spots.

The product went on to gain the title over the years of our customer’s most popular cleanser, and most repeat purchase cleanser, so for those of you that love it – well done on discovering a true beauty hero.

I hope I can give you some extra tips on how to enjoy it further, and for those of you that haven’t discovered it, persuade you to give it a try.


Firstly, I think the success of this product is down to the simplicity and ease of application. Step one is the botanically-based cleanser which has a rich, but not oily, firm texture which means it softens and dissolves even the most stubborn make-up, and wipes away with the damp cloth leaving no film or grease on the skin at all.

I estimate that it has potentially helped millions of customers to fall back in love with cleansing. It certainly helps with problematic skin or with young skin; those starting aged 10/11 who may be scared of using moisturisers because of spots and breakouts. This product gives a thorough cleanse without unbalancing or drying out the skin, therefore not causing more spots to appear which can be a common problem if you use too harsh or drying a cleansing product.

The calming and plant-based ingredients are also superb on a sensitive skin and the texture feels very comforting, with no drag or irritation.

Did you know…?

  1.  A daily double cleanse (morning and evening) with Cleanse & Polish could improve your skin condition. Try doing this for a week when your skin is at its worst or you are tired
  2. Use in the morning – massage all over the face before you get in the shower or bath. This will act as a skin protection from the heat or steam (especially for broken capillaries or red-toned skin) and give you a little mini facial at the same time
  3. If you are suffering from any eye irritations, sensitivities or infections, then use Cleanse & Polish separately on the eye area and wipe each eye with its own dampened cotton wool pad to prevent infection on the cloth, before then going on to use Cleanse & Polish all over the face as normal
  4. You can cocktail with your favourite Cleanse & Polish by mixing in the Exfoliator and/or Superskin Concentrate Serum and/or Brightening Mask. This will customise your daily and weekly routines. If, for example, your skin is drier than normal, mix a few pumps of the Superskin Concentrate in to give a richer and more moisturising effect. If your skin is feeling sensitive but you need to exfoliate, or you like to do it more often than recommended, then mix Cleanse & Polish in with the Exfoliant and even mix the Brightening Mask in also if you want a morning wakeup call every day. On a weekly basis you could mix all four together, massage all over the face (avoiding the eyes) and leave on for 10/15 minutes as a skin treatment or whilst you are soaking in the bath for an easy, at home facial
  5. For spotty or infected skin, please use a clean cloth each time to prevent infection and bacteria being harboured within the fibres
  6. Remember, to prevent sensitivity on all skins, you should wash the cloths with your normal washing powder in the machine, which you know you are not allergic to, because your face lays on the pillows that are washed in this nightly. If you haven’t discovered a washing powder that doesn’t irritate (non-biological is often the best) then you can also wash in your shampoo or shower gel that you use, again a sensitive skin, non-SLS formula is best and you could certainly use your Liz Earle shower gels and shampoos for this
  7. Cleanse & Polish can be used on youngsters to remove face paints and it is great at kids parties as a one off
  8. Men can actually use it as a shaving medium, so it’s easy even for the teenage boys to use as their skin and hair growth is changing
  9. If you or anyone in your family has problems with spotty or rashy chest and backs, use Cleanse & Polish on a daily basis. It’s also perfect on a regular basis for anyone concerned with ageing. Use it down the neck and décolletage to keep the skin in optimum condition

Seen anything else on my shows you may want to try? You can shop all the products recommended on my Alison young Beauty Night In shows online.


  1. Emily Curtis June 2, 2015 at 12:26 pm -  Reply

    I love cleanse and polish I have been using it and the instant boost skin tonic with skin repair light and eyebright lotion since 1997 and wouldn’t be without the quad if I do run out of it or decide to stupidly try something else I’m ok for 2-3 days then it’s skin breakout city and boy are they big there the kind of spots that start as a red hard hot lump under the skin with no head on them then there’s all the blackheads that surround my nose and chin its a disaster and I always end up thinking why on earth did I do that never again but I do lol!! But seriously anyone thinking of trying cleanse and polish please do it in June whilst there’s no p&p so if after your 30 day money back guarantee your not hooked send it back but I keep a stash of at least three of the original four products Liz and Kim produced then when they introduced further products I brought them all and now the only products I use that are not Liz Earle are deodorant O.P.I nail envy original toothpaste and mouthwash and body oils for surgery scars even my perfumes are all 3 of luz Earle’s creations as is all my makeup and application brushes tweezers and pencil sharpener you could say I’m a Liz Earle addict and I am I buy from QVC alot as the 6-7 piece collections are at amazing prices when it comes to the makeup I visit the beautiful duke of York square shop in Chelsea near Sloane square tube station where the staff all know me and I get invited to wonderful evenings there where we get lovely hand massages goodie bag’s and champagne if your in London or near one of the other stores you must visit them they are beautiful boutique store’s with very kind and helpful staff which when your disabled like me is a godsend now I’m off to stock up on my c&p xx

  2. Hazel June 4, 2015 at 10:01 pm -  Reply

    I have sensitive skin and suffer from eczema particularly in my hair, I used to find the cleansers dried my skin especially on my forehead and then moisturisers would cause a breakout of spots it was a constant battle.
    Then I saw cleanse and polish, won’t try anything else, it cleans my skin including make up without causing any problems, i don’t use moisturiser all the time, it just does a fantastic job without upsetting the balance of my skin.

  3. Angie June 23, 2015 at 1:29 pm -  Reply

    I love the Liz Earle range – the cleanse and polish is simply the best EVER – and her superskin oil is wonderful. However, a question WHY doesn’t Liz attempt to do a show anymore? We have her “lookalike” ambassador for the company which is fine, bu, Liz, you could say, do the odd appearance – afterall we put you where you are!

  4. janet August 18, 2015 at 11:49 am -  Reply

    I m 64 yrs young..sadly have thyroid,diabetes,psoriasis.. very dry flaky face ! Am not allowed to use products ,make up etc. Pleae could you advise if liz Earle is suitable and which products should i use.a.llowing for the fact that i am on a minimum pension! Always had lovey perfect skin in my younger days and now I am so depressed at the state of my skin.

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