Live yoga session on facebook with me plus sneaky peeks


This week we had a live Facebook chat which was all about your topics for health and wellbeing. We do a lot of Fitbits (see here) on QVC, all with the chance to try them for 30 days to see how they motivate you – and that topic came up. As did Bodyblade (of course!) (see here) But it was interesting some of the other tips that people gave – do go have a look at all the comments as you watch it back live here. And for health and wellbeing stuff on QVC – there’s a lot – here.

New Scents for Spring

Well kind of – the new Yankee Candle Scent of the year was one which has thrilled many of us, it is really spring-like, IMO, but not too sweet and floral though. Go here to see it. For me it’s a combination of some of the best classy spa fragrances but still unisex enough to give as a gift to a couple. It’s a bit more premium than usual Yankee prices, but for those who are curious, or like the best, try it. I love it – it goes really well in our guest dining room in Devon. (I put it next to a stem of an orchid I accidentally broke off when I was watering them! It’ll be soon time to start using Richard Jackson’s plant food again for sure! That always helps!)

Another lovely new scent is the latest Cleanse and Polish from Liz Earle (Juniper & Bergamot, which QVC were posting about last week, see more here online – it’s already garnering five star reviews.) It’s always nice to make a change from the usual Cleanse & Polish fragrance, although nothing betters the original, the new ones are often just as good, especially at removing eye make up if I’m wanting an overall rinse! I have a Liz show coming up soon where I’ll get to take my make-up off on air again – watch out for it! Remember you can always check up to three weeks ahead on our TV guide here. And the whole range is here.

This weekend’s highlights

Today’s Special Value – Today Friday 18th it’s all about the piiiiiies!! A meal which I cooked this week is utterly mouth-watering featuring  The Real Pie Company’s veggie pie with leeks and mushrooms, and along with a plate full of vegetables made a lovely lunch – see and buy it here.

Saturday (19th) – the Chief Mallinista is back with a big seven-piece Secrets of the Stars Mally collection, fab eh! Launches tonight (Friday) at midnight on advanced orders, to revamp your makeup bag.

Sunday (20th) – Samsung return with the most mahussive telly! Join me and Lee Hohbein in the midnight hour on Saturday night, ’til 9am, ultra HD 4K 55” TV!

And Sunday at midnight it’s the turn of Women with Control to bring us a new #TSV, the fab tummy control stretch denim trouser in different length choices, from lovely Renee Greenstein’s stable. I’m looking forward to launching that one too with funny guest Donna Couling, looking great with the jeans, and showing you all the colours. Watch out for a Fashion Night in as well, from 7 pm Monday night.

See below for next week’s offers and my weekly sneaky peeks!

Big deals ending Sunday…

Big Deals – here are the special one week offers, which end this Sunday 20th at midnight. Get fit with the FITT Cube Compact Multi Gym featuring a durable steel cube design that allows you to do over 100 different exercises. Wake Up you skin with the Radiant Skinlongevity three-piece Collection from Bareminerals or why not get out and about in the Emu waterproof Kan leather and sheepskin lace-up boots?  Go here to see them all and buy now.


Spring is not far!

Look – the bulbs are coming through! I will be very happy to see what they are when they bloom – Nicola my lovely helper and I planted tons last autumn, but I lost my list of what was where! Lol. It always makes me happy to see the flowers arriving, as it means lighter nights and warmer weather will not be far away. What is more, look out for other flower offers from Richard Jackson’s new category of products – go here to see all manner of plants and garden items, including his brilliant compost which I’ve stocked up on ready for the new baskets and seedlings. I also have been telling people about his bird food with no P&P here – Lolly my daughter who loves birds, even asked me to order her some more as she’d run out and she wouldn’t ask if it didn’t bring in some lovely feathered friends.

Deb’s top dish

This week lovely Alison Cork asked me for a recipe for her website, where she’s mentioning various telly people’s top grub. This one I must admit is my favourite and always makes my body happy when I serve it to our lovely guests down in Devon. Having begun eating more healthily lately, this one is gastronomic music to my tummy! The drive to tone up in time for my February hol is going well – the knee is definitely stronger this week for sure.

Thoughtful brother

How happy I was to arrive back to my bedroom in my brother Glenn’s house, where I live when I’m up from Devon to be on QVC, late one night after my TSV launch last week. No, Oreo the cat had not decided to make himself comfortable on my bed. As I pulled back the duvet to find my hot water bottle, guess what was already there? Not only had Glennie changed the bedding for me, but the bed was already warm. Am so lucky to have such a lovely family. This week I hope to plant some bulbs into pots with the girls, Lara and Izzy, if I get time on Sunday. Or cut up old Christmas cards to make tags for next year. I like looking after my nieces as payback to my bro and sis in law. And the girls say they love me being there! Fun times.

Petrol pump hint

Ever wonder what side of the car your fuel tank is, till you get used to it? Well Jules and I were both dumbfounded to learn it was in front of our eyes all these years! Look at the little arrow – it tells you which side the petrol cap is, therefore park with the petrol pump that side! Who knew…?!

Vlog of the week

Over on Facebook I was out and about this week most days, doing a video diary ‘vlog’. The most popular one was talking about old habits on holidays, cos of the caravan we used to stay in as kids with no running water or loo – some of the comments were hilarious! Go here to read them, and the one above it, which I did the day after, talking about kids sweets from bygone years! And do follow the social media (all listed below) to get up to date before everyone else!

Book of the Week

This week I was delighted that one of our former guests sent their finished book to us for our bookshelves – and it’s a corker! Claire Dyer is a talented writer and she’s visited us several times to tuck herself away and get lots of words written. It’s satisfying to see the finished works and this one looks great – Julie Cohen says it’s a tender, beautifully written book about marriage, love, grief and fear: how all can be lost in a moment, and how hope survives. I like the Vita bits, painting portraits of the pets she dislikes, and the pathos is rewarding. More on my website. #debbieflintsbookoftheweek

Watch – another enormously appealing line up of top movies to watch at the cinema. This week I’m determined to go see Stan and Ollie. Steve Coogan’s impression of Stan is outstanding, I think, even though he’s a bit ‘curate’s egg’ for me (good in parts). This is the tale of how their wives got in the way of their successful partnership and how they tried to relaunch themselves. They are a part of our history, let’s face it, so how could I not watch it! BTW I always think that one day we’ll see Steve Coogan’s alter-ego Alan Partridge turn up in a new series where his next job is as a telly shopping presenter! That’d be disastrous, but funny, don’t you think? Who else do you think would make a good shopping channel host?

The Next Seven Days on QVC

Monday – fab stretch denim trousers from Attitudes by Renee, as above – join me for launch Sunday midnight! And repeat ’til 9am.

Tuesday – an unusual one, just in time for spring cleaning. A new sonic hard floor cleaner that does carpets as well, the Protectrix 2 in 1., look out for it especially considering we give you a 30 day money back guarantee – how many floors could you clean in that time? You will want to keep it though, when you realise how good it is.

Wednesday – Perricone bring us the five-piece Prep, Firm and Illuminate Skincare Collection

Thursday – the brilliant boutique fashion brand of Joules is here with the Seaham textured Breton stripe jumper.

Friday – premium bag brand Ashwood which brought us a sell out last time, offer us their new Leather flap-over cross-body bag

Next week on the blog – it’s Blake’s first birthday this weekend! Can’t wait! And a goodbye send-off for my right-hand girl Nicola down in Devon – boo, I will miss her, especially the cakes she made for the tea rooms

Best wishes



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  1. Helen Dovidio January 20, 2019 at 8:57 pm -  Reply

    Never knew that about the fuel tank!So simple now you have pointed it out so thank you!

  2. debs f February 15, 2019 at 10:27 pm -  Reply

    Helen –
    my pleasure – you’d think a grown up would have told us! lol x

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