How do you like your eggs in the morning?


Breakfast is brilliant!

I personally think it’s the best and most important meal of the day. Following on from my last blog ‘Sleep Happy’, if you get a great sleep, and then couple this with a breakfast for champions, you are on the way to a very good day indeed!

I wake up ravenous everyday, particularly if I have exercised the day before, so this means a filling brekkie is a must. Did you know you can actually make a great nutritionally balanced breakfast which doesn’t need to cost the earth? A quick, filling breakfast that you can make the night before which is suitable for the whole family is Bircher Museli – so tasty and good for us.

The ingredients are simple: rolled oats – or just packet porridge – with warm water or milk (I do a mix) and then you add in whatever you like or have lying around the store cupboard.

Fruits such as chopped apple or banana will naturally sweeten and, for those with an extra sweet tooth, you can add some honey too. You can also throw in any dried fruit; prunes, apricots, and figs all work well and are delicious. Bircher museli is power packed with fibre and B vitamins and you can add nuts or seeds for extra proteins.

The carbohydrates it has contain slow release energy to help you keep hunger at bay until lunch. For those foodies out there, you can get even fancier with some cinnamon sprinkled in and maybe even natural probiotic yogurt on top.

Okay that’s all super healthy and nobody should keep that up everyday, especially at the weekends, so I shall throw in my next top tip quick tasty filling fast breakfast – simply omelette. The beauty of omelettes is, like bircher muesli, you can customise it your way.

Eggs are an amazing superfood. At only 77 calories, eggs have it all: antioxidants, protein, vitamins, minerals, good fats, and several trace elements. Studies are suggesting that eggs also make us feel fuller for longer – good news all around. Go free range if you can because those chicks have the best diet and this has an impact on the overall nutrition of the egg.

You do need a cracking non stick pan – if you don’t already have one, try the multi purpose Flavorstone Deluxe (801753). It’s actually an awesome pan for everything and you never need any oil OR try Cook’s Essentials’ set of two non stick pans (801993) with a lifetime guarantee.


Top omlette tips

– Loosely whisk the eggs in a bowl and season well with salt and pepper, even throw in some garden herbs too for a fragrant twist

– The eggs are just the base of the omelette, then you can throw in anything left in the fridge, chop up some tomatoes, onion, ham, cheese and mushroom whatever floats your boat

– If you want to go a little leftfield try chorizo and red pepper to add a Spanish edge or smoked bacon and Stilton is a good (but stinky) option

– I particularly love goats cheese in an omelette, as long as you pop it in just near the end it doesn’t fully melt and has that wonderful double cream like consistency

– Leftover chicken and roast vegetables from a roast works really well, all super tasty and nutritious


So from now on rather than reaching for that sugary cereal in a box each morning try something different.

If you have any other quick nutritious breakfast tips, please share them right here by commenting below.




  1. Lorraine September 19, 2014 at 1:09 pm -  Reply

    Hi Chloe
    how is your little doggy? also how can I get into presenting please. I also work in a boarding school in Northampton and would love to get into presenting x

  2. Melissa Lane September 21, 2014 at 7:57 pm -  Reply

    I love porridge with blueberries and dried cranberries. I also love goats cheese in an omelette with mushrooms. Have you tried overnight oats, where you put oats, fruit and yoghurt in a jar and leave overnight until morning? Bloomin yummy.

    Love Melissa xxx

  3. Lindsey September 23, 2014 at 10:17 pm -  Reply

    Hi Chloe, I love natural greek youghurt with a variety of pumpkin & pine nut seeds (for textures) & I add in a variety of raisins and dried fruit. Some days I will add some almonds or pistachio nuts in. I do love omlettes, my fav is loads of spinach & tomatoes. Getting hungry now!!

    Take care Lindsey

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