Lessons learnt from dry January…


2014! We've made it! All that food, drink, and merriment has to come to an end.

Fear not though, there's still plenty to look forwards to. Every year we consider making New Year's resolutions, and every year we break them! It doesn't matter though, intentions are always a good start and, even if we stick at it for only a matter of weeks or months, that can be enough for a change for the better. 

Fast forward to the end of January because that opening paragraph was written three weeks ago and guess what, I failed with my New Year's resolution. I was going to have a totally dry January, but I didn't. I'm not normally a person who blames external factors, and I know I should take responsibility for my own actions, but I had an old school reunion that has been planned for nine months in Birmingham so:

A) I couldn't really back out of that and

B) It's not an occasion you want to be totally sober for! It ended up being a fairly raucous night and I got a parking ticket the same weekend 🙁

At the time of finishing this blog we are now near the end of January and I have only had alcoholic beverages on three occasions, which isn't really bad at all – less than one a week *pats self on back*. I'm not a big drinker anyway, but I didn't mind the process at all.

There's actually no point in denying ourselves of things we enjoy doing, as long as we aren't doing it in excess and causing ourselves or others harm. That goes for everything, not just alcohol. It's all about balance of work, rest, and play.

That aside, I did discover some really enjoyable non-alcoholic alternatives to have with dinner in a wine glass. That's actually a top tip if you are trying to avoid drinking: it feels like you are joining in with the party if you drink soft beverages in a nice wine glass, very civilised too. I found Ribena, Orangina and Coconut Water all very pleasant, especially over ice - much more hydrating.

After the attempted (and failed) dry January, I've concluded the best mantra to live by is 'a little of everything you like does you good!'




  1. Chris Page February 4, 2014 at 11:16 pm -  Reply

    Try Shloer grape juice drink – like wine, but without the headache!
    And I nearly didn’t recognise you with that short hairpiece on the other day. 😉
    Commiserations on the parking ticket – I’m afraid you can’t borrow my Blue Badge.
    Chris xx

  2. Beth February 5, 2014 at 1:17 pm -  Reply

    Hi Chloe,
    I totally agree with your comment of having a good balance of work, rest and play. For many years I was a workaholic and other things came a strong 2nd or third. Nowadays I mainly rest and play – not 100% down to choice but I feel better than I have done in years.
    I really think you are an asset at QVC as you’re a “younger” person who’s authoritative and has a cheeky sense of humour too!
    Glad you enjoyed the school reunion even if the parking ticket happened – sounds like the evening was worth it!
    Take care,
    Beth XX.

  3. Debs February 23, 2014 at 3:25 pm -  Reply

    I managed to do dry Jan without touching a drop, but come midnight on the 1st I had a glass! To be honest I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would!

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