Ladies night and Me time in Sheepwash


This week I had a rest after a hectic weekend house sitting and looking after my two feisty grand-spaniels.. it also gave rise to a funny blooper on air too – see below! But first, another great stay in Devon.

Ladies Night at Retreats for You


What a lovely welcome I recieved this week to Sheepwash, from Wendy, in the front of this pic, Deb and the ladies of the village, about two dozen of whom came along to my little get together in my new home town in Beaworthy, Devon this week. It was a lovely way to get to know them. Some of them had been to the village lunch that day too, so were more than ready for some nibbles and tipples! Hehe! It was a nice highlight to meet two of my facebook friends too, Elaine, Bev and Bev’s mum, Shirley, who remembers coming into The Court when it was a shop, decades ago. I’ve asked for some pics so that we might get some framed ready for when we launch the vintage tea rooms next summer. Lots of the girls said they thought it was a great idea, so I’m hoping it’ll go down well. The tea certainly will!


The labradors are certainly settling in well – faster than me, in fact! Here they are comfortable in front of the Rayburn, now it’s up and running keeping the kitchen nice and warm. Pal Alix who lives not far away now, is excited to teach me how to use it! If you do have any recipes, and techniques, do comment below!

Plus the walks are a dream – lots of sunshine, when it’s sunny anyway, rather than being in sleepy hollow like the old house – and the dogs get a little swim every day too. Ideal for them – and me, I’m doing over 10,000 steps easily most days. Am just needing to help fill the places in the retreat dates now, and am very happy to swap helping out for them letting me use the house when it’s not being a retreat! This week I’m designing a new printable voucher to email people who want to pay the deposit as a gift for a loved one. Get me! More info about retreats .


Blog newsletter on this week’s blog, links to the latest ‘vlogs’ – where I take you walking along the river on my dog walk in Devon – I did a ‘live’ one this week. Go here to see it and read all the news, (and ‘subscribe’ to get special email newsletters) plus links to the last-minute updates and early bird order links to upcoming QVC deals, that you can buy early! Don’t forget to follow me on all my social media – see bottom of this post. And if you feel like it, do ‘like’ the Facebook page here, as that’s where most of my QVC news goes before anywhere else.


Amazon Echo returns at a super price and EZ pays, so take advantage and explore it over Xmas – if it’s a present you’ve got it till 25th January to change your mind. What a great way to try new technology. Go here to get yours.


Are your old video tapes worth a fortune? Don’t throw them away if they are brand new, unopened, as just like vinyl is experiencing a resurgence, so, according to eBay, is VHS! Have a look at this picture gallery of some of the amounts they are going for before you chuck them all, and don’t do as I did – last year – and send them all to charity shops! Whatever next, will minidiscs be making a comeback?!

Good Food Gifts Don’t know what to get someone and running out of time? If it’s still before 18th, try Whittards gift sets – they are a brilliant option if you want luxury hot drinks parcels, and they can deliver direct too – just ask the operator for more info.


Book of the Week Over on my Read it Write it Sell it blog, I’ve posted the link for a fabulous vintage audiobook – free – read by Ralph Richardson from 1965. Also as promised the big COVER REVEAL for my latest and most revealing yet, Till the Fat Lady Slims book – with extra info I’ve never admitted before. It’s on pre-order now, too – all info on my RiWiSi blog here.


Lovely Lesley my Medical Detection Dogs sponsor dog – plus look who is supporting MDD! Thanks to Michele Hope for her fabulous visit – do check out her Facebook page for more info about how she intends to help raise funds for MDD too.


Blooper – she said ‘stinky what?!’ (NOT a man from spain, as my producer thought!)


Watch Looking forward to seeing this film soon – not sure how or when though – this week is so busy! Star Wars’ 8th outing stars the upcoming Brit actress who has recently made waves in The Theory of Everything, and Inferno as well as the last Star Wars film. Well done that girl!

This week on QVC –

Here are the weekend’s super bargains, Friday’s – buy it here – is the Links of London Maze necklace.


Then watch out for the super Gatineau 5 Pc Perfecting Collection (here) launching tonight (Fri 16th) at midnight with Jackie – it was going to be me but I have my kids’ Xmas supper which is our only get together for all of us, same night as Ali Keenan is having some QVC peeps over too – never rains but it pours eh! Well it did this week for sure! Anyway,  the set features a brand new PU cream which we’ve all been loving – one of the benefits the cream is that it is multifunctional and crosses into cosmetics, as well as being a very effective anti-ageing moisturiser it also gives an immediate smoothness, almost an invisible veil over the skin acting like a protective layer and a smoothing primer which reduces the appearance of pores and leaves the skin so smooth you can apply foundation straight away.

One of the Gatineau girls says they normally use 3 pumps of her liquid foundation for her face but since using my fave peel off gommage twice a week and PU cream every day she only needs 2 pumps.  “The immediate gratification of the cream is significant and makes it a very pleasurable experience.”Uneven skin texture is something we experience as we age due to the slowdown in cell renewal, pigmentation, lines etc. so this moisturiser is perfect for addressing this and thus giving a more youthful look to the skin, it is also very comforting and supporting which is needed at this time of year when our skin tends to be dryer and more fragile, older skins may find this all year round.

A small point but one we should mention is that the spatula has been specially designed for the jars too, it allows you to run the spatula under the inner rim of the jar to make sure you get all the cream out, everyone loves it! Don’t miss it tonight at midnight and through Saturday (17th).



Sunday brings us a new tech offering – the Linx 10” windows tablet with 32gb storage and accessories.


Monday will be an amazing Lulu Guinness rarity – a portable DAB radio and Bluetooth speaker – an Early Bird order link will go out by tomorrow (Saturday 17th) so do keep checking my Facebook page and QVC tab on my website for info!


Then on Tuesday it’s the new Kipling bag – none other than the Marie Francoise premium Ortoli set of two bags – again the Early Bird link will be out early as above.


We are live until Xmas Eve at 2pm, when Craigy will be presenting that day’s TSV from Dyson – a godsend in a house like mine in Devon – the hot and cool fan heater – one with a timer.


We are live again on Boxing Day at 9am. But you can still keep buying for Xmas delivery almost anything on air, right up until 11.59pm on Tuesday this week (20th) so do go explore for last-minute deals!

Sneaky Peek – Xmas Day’s big deal is Charlie Bears’ Isabelle Lee 28” collectable Last Bear of Christmas Mohair bear – very limited stocks too so don’t miss it.


Next week – a super SBC competition ahead of the TSV launch after Xmas. And what happened at our presenter’s xmas lunch! And the big xmas round up.

Have a great week!




Till the Fat Lady Slims 2017 version – ‘how I broke free from Food Prison forever’ Well a January date has been set and the new book is on its way to the printers, ready for the New Year New You bookshop frenzy (lol) and Choc Lit are aiming to get it in WHSmith Travel as they did last year with my first novel Take a Chance on Me. It will contain a revamped version of book 2.0 (the one that I did for QVC in hardback a year ago) plus much more extra material about my story, so far unseen. And a big ‘how-to’ section of course. Big cover reveal next week – Watch this space!


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PS don’t forget the cover reveal of my new TTFLs book is on my current website newsletter blog – go here to see it! And stand by for lots of inspirational messages on my Facebook groups too!


  1. Susan archer December 18, 2016 at 8:56 am -  Reply

    My son Stuart and myself love your blogs through rogue 1 film is just great we walked just under a hour both ways to see it great time we had, like the look of the lulu radio if it’s as good as it looks we might. Get it happy Christmas wish we lived near you so we could help in your new life best wishes xx

  2. Sara B December 18, 2016 at 11:15 pm -  Reply

    Wow,been doing a mega clearout and found a sealed blank video tape. Was going to give to charity shop but will rethink now I’ve read this. Thanks Debbie

  3. Mary Longden December 19, 2016 at 10:37 pm -  Reply

    Thank you for letting me read your blog I enjoyed it very much and Look forward to reading more in the future.
    I enjoy seeing you on screen as well you are very

  4. Debbie Flint December 21, 2016 at 2:33 am -  Reply

    Mary – thanks so much for your comment – so glad you enjoy the blogs! Happy xmas to you hon! x

  5. Debbie Flint December 21, 2016 at 2:34 am -  Reply

    Sara – oo exciting – I won’t say how many I ditched when i did last year’s huuuuuge clear out – pains me to remember! Let me know if it’s worth a mention! d x

  6. Debbie Flint December 21, 2016 at 2:35 am -  Reply

    Susan and Stuart – how kind of you! Well maybe one day you can come down to Retreats for You in Sheepwash to come on a little getaway! I got the red Lulu G DAB radio myself – for the kitchen in Devon! Big hugs for a very happy xmas! d x

  7. Dee T December 22, 2016 at 6:32 am -  Reply

    Dear Debbie, I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Christmas! I love reading about your adventures and watching you present. Please pass on my best wishes to the amazing QVC customer care team. x

  8. Denise Pilcher December 22, 2016 at 8:32 am -  Reply

    Lets see how much you can fit in next year! I love how much you squeeze into your life and thoroughly enjoy reading about it. Hope you have a shamazing Christmas in your beautiful new place in Devon and a spectacular New Year! X

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