La La Land astounds! And old pals, new memories!


I can’t believe I just typed 2017 at the front of the file name for my new blog for this week – it’s just hit me that it’s only three years till 2020. This week I caught up with an old flame, my childhood sweetheart Martin – if we’d stayed together it would have been 40 years next year! Eeek! More below.

Also had some nice family time with my kids at a Sunday lunch, and of course I had a lovely week down in Devon with some super ladies at the latest writing retreat at Retreats for You. My book of the week review also has a super little competition to win an anthology by award-winning author Adrienne Vaughan – her new book is ‘Fur Coat and No Knickers’ – go here to read it! Plus a free short story for you as my Valentine’s pressie!

But the thing that really stayed with me this week was the superb new film La La Land – a true throwback to the era of big budget Hollywood song and dance based movies. And I loved it.

Watch – LaLa Land

Firstly, Ryan Gosling is a superstar in this – and has won my heart that’s for sure, with his superb singing voice – soooooo good! And Emma Stone is stunning as ever. I do hope you get a chance to see it – it’s just brilliant and I already want to go again. In fact, it’s so good, I’ve given it a huuuuge 9.5 out of ten – the highest I’ve ever given I think! So here’s a little teaser and do try to get along to it yourself if you can and let me know what you think – but if you loved the kind of Debbie Reynolds, Fred Astaire type films, this will be right up your Hollywood Boulevard! And it made me really yearn to be back in LA. After all, I used to say when I’m a grown up I will live in LA and write movies! Movies like this – it’s smashing. I came straight out and ordered the soundtrack and I know I will be playing it over and over and over. Gorgeous love letter to LA in cinematic terms too. Fabulous film and really lifted me this week.

And OMG he actually played the piano himself too! And they dance. And did I mention that they sing? Do go, if you like what I like…



Catching up with old flames You know there’s always something very reassuring about being in the company of those who know you well. And Martin was my childhood sweetheart for four years, so we have history that can never be replaced – after all, you can’t make ‘old memories.’ More about that meeting, the perfect man, and a Valentine’s day tale on my website newsletter here.


Deep Waters in Devon Wow you should have seen how high the waters were this week in Sheepwash when the snow was coming in around the country! Go here to my official Facebook page, (and press ‘like’ to see all the clips) and watch the little ‘vlog’ I did showing how high the waters got! Eeek! I held on to those doggies that’s for sure!

Retreating for some R&R What a lovely week it was, on the latest writing retreat. I’m doing some Bodyblade shows on 6th and 20th Feb – do come join us if you like? More here on my home news. These lovely ladies are all writers and enjoyed the hot water bottles, home cooked meals and nurturing on their four-day stay in peaceful Sheepwash in Devon.


Bruce is Back! Been practising my bodyblading a lot lately – here in the TV room at Retreats for You, cos Bruce is back this week! Join him on air across several slots, 17th – 20th, culminating in a full one hour show with me on Friday at 6pm with a new offer, perfect for the new year!

Bruce is back


Nieces Going Away Had several family get togethers again this week – firstly, happy birthday to my lovely sis-in-law Boki, 40 this week – her birthday celebration is where the top pic is from. And then it was a big farewell party to niece Chloe and her man Gareth, who are off travelling the globe for a year, as were my brother Del’s daughter number three, Hannah and her guy Sean. Lucky kids. I tell you what, if I could do it, I would! Missed that era in my life, sadly, but maybe in another decade or two…


DNA Chart Had this fab analysis finally come through this week – it’s an estimate of my heritage – very interesting isn’t it! 99% European – and nothing Brexit can do about that! Lol.

DNA chart

TTFLS box of books Was very excited when this arrived this week from publisher Choc Lit – always nice to have a little bundle for giveaways and comps and also to help raise funds for Medical Detection Dogs. It went up to about number 34 in the weight loss chart on Kindle for a few days so that was nice. Even nicer is that it can be ordered in any bookshop. Cool! More here about it.


Facebook Funny  love this! Hehe!

FBK funny

This week on QVC –

Big Laura Geller Today’s special Value on Saturday – click here to get yours now and join me on Saturday night at midnight for the most amazing Lakeland Heated Airer, which can act as a little heat pod to help dry your clothes faster and for a lower cost.

And here are some sneaky peeks of next week’s offer from Nina Leonard (Monday), LAB pro (tooth whitener – Tuesday), Mr Max trousers (Wed) and the Nutri Ninja blender on Thursday. Friday’s is the Kipling Stelma Crossbody which will have an early bird order link – check out my web page blog on the QVC tab of  for links to get it early if you miss it elsewhere.

Have a great week!

And don’t forget to check out my free short story for Valentine’s Day here.



PS have started having some super testimonials added to the latest TTFLS – here’s one from Penni! More about it all here.

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  1. martin forbes January 20, 2017 at 9:29 am -  Reply

    happy new year debbs hope you and familyn had good xmas and new year. i had quiet one with family.glad to get back to normal one thing i will say about january it such along month to pass february 28 days that will ggo quick.
    then end of the year agin thanks for xma scard hope you gopt mine.
    next wmontyh iam taking 2weeks holiday from work being lazy not doin g anything at all in february where i work at mcdonalds in aberdeen ps i dont eat the food not abad place to work for.all the best for 2017.hope you have settled in your place in devon

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